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  • Irrigation

    OBJECTIVE: To investigate the safety and efficacy of percutaneous endoscopic debridement and irrigation for thoracic infections and to make an appropriate choice according[] No patient required repeat aspiration or surgical excision.[] A possibilistic approach, based on fuzzy set theory, was used to propagate the uncertain input values through the QRA model to estimate the possible range of hazard concentrations[] BACKGROUND: The D3 right colectomy for cancer requires dissection in the vicinity of the superior mesenteric vessels, which requires preoperative 3D imaging in these patients[] She underwent hip arthroscopy for intra-articular adhesiolysis after previous surgical dislocation of the hip for the treatment of femoroacetabular impingement.[] BACKGROUND: Endoscopy can observe the anatomical components in a deeply located and/or hidden area during neurosurgical procedures under the operating microscope.[] Abstract When tendons, bones or joints are exposed in infected digits, functional and cosmetic sequelae are frequent.[] We describe herein our approach to managing pyogenic flexor tenosynovitis.[] State-of-the-art diagnostic tests for EOC include transvaginal ultrasonography and serum cancer antigen (CA-125) measurements; the specificity of these diagnostic tools however[]

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  • Laceration

    Abstract Valve complications following coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary interventions are rare.[] A complete excision was achieved in 100% of the cases, and the procedure was well tolerated by all the patients.[] The objective of this review was to provide an evidence-based, systematic, operative and nonoperative approach to the management of isolated and complex forearm lacerations[] Furthermore, we identified a 10 cm laceration in the right-side pleuropericardium and a communication existing between the pericardial space and the right pleural space.[] Certainly in these cases aggressive diagnostic evaluation is necessary. Copyright 2013 North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology.[] Abstract A 78-year-old woman was admitted for a revision total hip replacement following a failed dynamic hip screw placed emergently 4 months earlier.[] Abstract Endoscopic variceal obturation of gastric varices with tissue glue is considered the first choice for management of gastric varices, and is usually safe and effective[] Clinical examination showed exceptional laceration of 2(nd) and 3(rd) flexor digitorum tendons from musculo-tendinous junction, without any lesion in their palmar section.[] It is critical for clinicians in the Emergency Department to be aware of this entity to avoid diagnostic error.[]

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  • Synovial Cyst

    Lumbar symptomatic cases are treated by percutaneous cyst aspiration with or without corticoid injection or by surgical resection, but synovial cysts at the C1-C2 level are[] This fact could be explained by the technical difficulties of surgical excision related to anatomical location.[] An intradural cyst resection without fusion was performed via the anterolateral approach. The diagnosis of a synovial cyst was histologically confirmed.[] MRI revealed a space occupying intraspinal lesion that was close to the right-sided L4-L5 facet joint and an extraspinal lesion posterior to the right-sided L5 lamina.[] The medical history revealed a recent diagnostic cardiac catheterization at the same site and rheumatoid arthritis under oral treatment.[] MRI and arthrography indicated a cystic lesion that communicated with the hip joint. The rheumatoid synovial cyst was removed during total hip arthroplasty.[] Herein, a novel technique in which we used an endoscopic transfacet approach to treat a patient with symptomatic lumbar synovial cyst is presented.[] We present a case of patient on immunosuppressive therapy due to myositis, in whom we diagnosed musculoskeletal tuberculosis in form of involvement of tendon sheath and formation[] Flexor tendon sheath ganglion cyst.[]

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  • Eikenella Corrodens

    Therefore echo-guided percutaneous drainage with pigtail catheter was installed. Fever subsided 5 days later.[] Rabbit antibodies raised to this antigen excised from the gel (anti-s140K serum) detected larger antigens in addition to s140K.[] An exchangeable working dependence structure was employed in the GEE approach.[] The patient was diagnosed with right Achilles tendonitis/cellulitis and was discharged on a one-week course of clindamycin.[] He was treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics and underwent a diagnostic laparoscopy as well as a wide debridement of all necrotic tissue.[] To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of an E corrodens septic hip arthritis.[] Guidewire fracture during endoscopic sphincterotomy. Endoscopy. 1993; 25:251–252. Matsubayashi H, Sawai H, Tanaka M, Hotta K, et al.[] The PCR method developed turned out to be a simple, rapid and reliable diagnostic tool for the detection of the target microorganisms in clinical samples.[] The patient was successfully managed with subtotal vitrectomy and percutaneous drainage of the liver abscess.[]

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  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Percutaneous drainage of abscess was performed. The pus smear showed Gram-positive cocci and the culture contained methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.[] During reconstruction after segmental excision of the mandible, a titanium plate was selected based on several risk factors.[] Traditional conservative approaches include digital massage, administration of systemic vasodilators and diuretics, and lowering of intraocular pressure.[] Complete blood count (CBC) is a routine diagnostic procedure for patients and a part of routine health inspection for healthy individuals.[] MRI of the hips 10 weeks after onset of HBO therapy showed normal signal intensity on T2-weighted images.[] We review the literature regarding this unusual complication of endoscopy and discuss the need for prompt identification and referral for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.[] Overall, the studies suggest that after radiation treatments for malignant cancer, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can enhance tendon and ligament repair in damaged parts of the[] CONCLUSIONS With an early and aggressive multifaceted approach using antibiotics, surgery, and hyperbaric oxygen it may be possible to preserve eye structure and function.[] Prestudy diagnostic evaluations and criteria were not available to the study authors. All subjects underwent brain MRI in the military prior to treatment.[]

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  • Osteoid Osteoma

    PURPOSE: To evaluate the technical feasibility and efficacy of percutaneous cryoablation for the treatment of osteoid osteoma (OO) in adults.[] OBJECTIVE: To describe a microendoscopic posterior approach for excision of an osteoid osteoma of C2.[] A small safety and feasibility clinical trial by Yarmolenko et al found that this approach appeared to be both feasible and safe in children with painful osteoid osteoma.[] All rights reserved.[] Osteoid osteoma may be a diagnostic and therapeutic problem. 2.[] […] misdiagnosed by MRI: An unusual cause of unexplained hip pain J.[] PURPOSE: The Authors illustrate the feasibility of an open biopsy and complete excision of Osteoid Osteoma involving the C2 vertebral body performed via endoscopic anterior[] Atypical symptoms were hip referring pain, tenosynovitis of foot extensors and achilles' tendon atrophy. Complete cure and no recurrencies were noted.[] A section on soft-tissue pathology discusses meniscal injuries, bursa, ligaments, and tendons.[]

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  • Fibroma

    […] approach 015G4ZZ Destruction of tibial nerve, percutaneous endoscopic approach ICD-10 Diagnosis M72.2 Plantar fascial fibromatosis (plantar fasciitis) Peer Reviewed Publications[] We report a case of successful surgical excision of a large cardiac fibroma in an asymptomatic child.[] Surgical approach specifically to the ossifying fibroma located in the midface includes the Le Fort I approach, Caldwell-Luc access, lateral rhinotomy with medial or total[] We report a case of right atrial fibroma in a 40-year-old male who presented with dyspnea and atrial fibrillation.[] These morphologic features can lead to diagnostic confusion, including atypical lipomatous tumor as one consideration.[] Physical examination showed a limitation when the right hip was flexed and a percussion pain on the hip region.[] All tumors were completely resected via endoscopic surgery. Intra-operative cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks (four cases) were repaired endoscopically.[] USP6 rearrangements were detected in 6/9 cellular fibromas of tendon sheath.[] It is typically treated with surgical excision. A few cases using adjuvant radiotherapy have been reported in the literature.[]

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  • Tendon Rupture

    Abstract Clinical Scenario: There are 2 approaches available for surgical repair of the Achilles tendon: open or percutaneous.[] At first, after local control of the infection, scar excision and placement of a silicone tube was performed.[] Achilles tendon rupture: An international evidence-based approach to treatment and rehabilitation Surgical or non-surgical treatment?[] Findings of ultrasonography confirming the diagnosis of partial avulsion of the right harmstrings.[] Current diagnostic imaging of rupture of the biceps tendon has reverted to magnetic resonance imaging; however, in the recent years, sonography has been widely used in musculoskeletal[] Magnetic resonance imaging of the hip confirmed the diagnosis.[] This was managed by endoscopic adhesiolysis of both tendons. The endoscopic approach allows early postoperative mobilisation which can relieve the tendon adhesion.[] Additional side effects for patients taking fluoroquinolones could include tendinitis, tendon rupture , and joint swelling.[] The first option is excision with direct repair and possible proximal lengthening. The second option is excision and tendon transfer.[]

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  • Fracture

    He was treated with emergent percutaneous fixation of the fracture segment without interbody or posterolateral fusion.[] Femoral head fractures were treated with internal fixation or excision based on the size of the fracture fragments, whereas acetabular fractures were fixed with a reconstruction[] To avoid iatrogenic neurovascular injuries, we changed the approach to the classic Henry's approach.[] On routine follow-up visits, the angulation of the right femur in the fetus gradually improved.[] There was perfect interobserver concordance in terms of diagnostic acceptability (kappa   0.931, 0.905).The use of an appropriate low-dose CT scanning technique is satisfactory[] PATIENTS AND METHODS: Patient aged 60 years undergoing surgery for a hip fracture were identified in the 2016 National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) Hip Fracture[] Despite being a high-risk population, timely endoscopic evaluation can be safely undertaken to optimise patient outcome.[] KEYWORDS: MRI; injury; open reduction-internal fixation; talus; tendon interposition[] Conclusion: Histology can be used in a bimodal fashion as a diagnostic test for FRI.[]

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  • Abducens Nerve Palsy

    AIMS: The main purpose of this study is to underline the factors which are likely to increase the risk of a sixth nerve injury after percutaneous balloon compression of the[] Surgical excision resulted in near complete resolution of the bilateral 6th nerve palsy.[] The tumor was partially removed via the subtemporal approach.[] Eight-prism diopter right esotropia in the primary position and a remarkable limitation in abduction in his right eye were observed.[] Strict diagnostic criteria were used to assess the presence of diabetes or hypertension.[] […] joint (1 point) Ultrasound: inflammatory changes in both shoulders (including subdeltoid bursitis) (1 point) Ultrasound: inflammatory changes in at least one shoulder and hip[] Diplopia during endoscopic sinus surgery is caused by surgical trauma or local anesthetics.[] BACKGROUND: Horizontal strabismus due to a weak rectus muscle can be treated with an augmented Hummelsheim procedure, in which both vertical rectus muscle tendons are split[] Numerous approaches have been developed and studied in an attempt to reduce the morbidity associated with the procedure; however, we still encounter cases that develop serious[]

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