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  • Laryngectomy

    Thus, an artificial larynx system that can replace the laryngeal functions would significantly improve the quality of life for the afflicted patients.[] This case study describes the generation of a synthetic voice resembling that of an individual before she underwent a laryngectomy.[] This study aimed to analyse vocal performance and to investigate the nature of the neoglottal sound source in patients who had undergone supracricoid laryngectomy with cricohyoidoepiglottopexy[] […] laryngectomy with permanent stoma placement are at increased risk of wound infection, mediastinitis, and tracheal injury when undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) via[] We document a rare and not-yet-reported condition after supracricoid partial laryngectomy: the development of descending mediastinitis with mediastinal abscess.[] No fatal adverse events were observed among the 204 patients who received a salivary bypass tube.[] The choice between endoscopic and open partial laryngectomy is based on the extension and characteristics of the tumor.[] Where possible and appropriate, personalized speech synthesis should be offered as an option to "traditional" voice substitutions.[] Closure of pharyngo-cutaneous and tracheo-esophageal fistulas is feasible with esophageal removable stents.[] The purpose of this study was to evaluate the results of endoscopic repair of postlaryngectomy PCF.[]

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  • Honey

    Artificial honey at 50% (w/v) failed to kill any of the pathogens.[] The evolution of therapeutic management within the pharmaceutical and skin care industry often uses synthetic processing of products with less of a focus on the natural ingredients[] The stingless bee is a natural type of bee that exists in almost every continent. The honey produced by this bee has been widely used across time and space.[] Three case studies of patients with leg ulceration are used to illustrate the effectiveness of Medihoney antibacterial wound gel (Medical honey) in wound healing via wound[] Stent was implanted to the 99% stenosis lesion in the mid-portion of left anterior descending coronary artery.[] Neonates are often left susceptible to the forces of their environment, leaving them open to infection when skin injury occurs.[] Non-nasal MRSA colonization was significantly associated with persistent nasal colonization (odds ratio: 5.186; 95% CI: 1.736-5.489; P 0.003).[] The aim of this study was to know whether honey could be a possible substitute for formalin and olive oil could be a possible substitute for xylene.[] Cutaneous infection with or without skin breakdown is a common delayed complication after cochlear implantation.[] Outcomes were 22-item Sino-Nasal Outcome Test (SNOT-22) change score (primary), culture negativity, and Lund-Kennedy endoscopic change score.[]

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  • Aging

    While stored in artificial saliva, acid and ethanol the CA decreased especially for the low- and medium-filled composites.[] Four different types of material have been used: absorbable synthetic braided (Vicryl) in five patients, semiabsorbable synthetic braided and monofilament (Vypro) in one patient[] Observations about the natural history of aging in Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) are made, based on 49 patients from a multidisciplinary clinic for adolescents and adults[] The engulfment of PLTs assisted in delaying the aging of endothelial cells via girdin and p‑girdin, in which the AKT signal was involved.[] Three aging failing hemodialysis polytetrafluoroethylene bypass shunts, average age 44 months, previously percutaneously revised with balloon angioplasty, presented with pseudoaneurysms[] Access Journals (DOAJ) OAIster : The Open Access Initiative Related journals you may also be interested in:[] We report the case of a 68-year-old man with colonic Crohn's disease who was found to have aggressive metastatic colon cancer.[] You can use this as a substitute for butter. It’s healthier than some other oils. Yogurt . Bone loss gets worse as you get older.[] Combined procedures included endoscopic face lift and short-scar cervicofacial rhytidoplasty which contained upper and mid endoscopically assisted lift and inferior face and[] Senescence-associated-β-galactosidase (SA-β-Gal) activity was assessed as a marker of natural senescence.[]

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  • Irrigation

    LAI and PUI showed less residual CH than the other protocols from artificial grooves.[] The major ions (F, HCO3) and trace element (As) in the shallow groundwater represented the natural origin, while the nitrate and sulfate concentrations were related to the[] Time to placement was recorded and patency was assessed via nasal endoscopy.[] Bacterial reductions in the treatment groups were presented in a descending order of Er:YAG NaOCl (98.8%), US NaOCl (98.6%) NaOCl (94.0%) Er:YAG NS (91.9%) US NS (78.1%) NS[] A total of nine patients with groin infections were identified, with two aortobifemoral bypasses, two axillofemoral bypasses, three femoral-femoral bypasses, one femoral artery[] The Fluid Lavage in Open Fracture Wounds (FLOW) trial was a multicentre, blinded, randomized controlled trial that used a 2 3 factorial design to evaluate the effect of irrigation[] Colonic lavage, also known as colonic irrigation, is a procedure that uses water to cleanse the colon or large intestine.[] The duration of treatment was 15 days in the first group, with 7 device's substitutions, while in the second group it was about 10 days with 4 substitutions At the end of[] It is concluded that in adult patients with cutaneous abscesses routine irrigation during incision and drainage does not improve clinical outcomes.[] Endoscopy can observe the anatomical components in a deeply located and/or hidden area during neurosurgical procedures under the operating microscope.[]

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  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    : a case of fracture of the atlas and axis, and forward dislocation of the occiput on the spinal column, life being maintained for thirty-four hours and forty minutes by artificial[] She initially received a test injection with a temporary gel of synthetic polymers (Radiesse Voice Gel) with benefit lasting several months; she subsequently underwent a longer[] Some patients simply have a naturally patulous Eustachian tube.[] This study aims to explore the eardrum thickening approach via cartilage myringoplasty for the cessation of symptoms of patulous Eustachian tube (PET), including autophony[] In 26 ears, the Prototype Plugs were found to have descended toward the nasopharynx. Conversely, this did not happen with the New Plug.[] The patient had noticed these symptoms after she had undergone a laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery to aid weight loss.[] Nine ears yielded normal sonotubometric results during the average follow-up time of two years, while two tubes opened on swallowing, remained open for some time, and closed[] Because it is inert, it does not require frequent removal and substitution.[] Subsequently, she underwent further silicone elastomer suspension implant placement via a trans-cutaneous, computed tomography guided approach.[] Patients were evaluated postoperatively with nasal endoscopy and a symptom questionnaire.[]

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  • Nifedipine

    This highlights the need for better bioequivalence criteria for comparing differing delivery technologies that artificially retard absorption of the drug.[] […] noun mass noun Medicine A synthetic compound which acts as a calcium antagonist and is used as a coronary vasodilator in the treatment of cardiac and circulatory disorders[] The nature and magnitude of this interaction has not been studied in black Africans.[] B‑endothelial constitutive nitric oxide synthase‑nitric oxide axis, and on MDA‑MB‑231 cells via activation of the extracellular signal‑regulated kinase pathway.[] A 65-year-old woman who had undergone a gastric bypass surgical procedure 26 years earlier was hospitalized because of severe postprandial hypoglycemia.[] This single-center, single-arm, open-label, prospective, Phase IV study recruited patients with mild hypertension and increased PWV from December 2013 to December 2014 (N[] We report a patient with hereditary non-polyposis coli and metastatic colon cancer who had a complete response after treatment with a high dose of nifedipine, a calcium channel[] […] also describes the challenges faced by the oral health practitioner to develop an appropriate regimen of treatment for a patient in whom neither withdrawal of the drug nor substituting[] Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus (SCLE) has been reported to be associated with the use of several drugs, including thiazides, terbinafine, and, rarely, calcium channel[] Clinicians who encounter drug overdoses should be aware of the possibility of drug bezoar formation and should consider endoscopic removal as a potential treatment option.[]

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  • Meningioma

    Abbreviations FLAIR fluid-attenuated inversion recovery Cyproterone acetate is a synthetic progestin with a powerful antiandrogen property, which is indicated for the treatment[] We achieved to total resection because of the giant and solitary nature of our case. The prognosis of PCNSL is general very poor when the patient is immunocompromised.[] The tumor was totally removed in 2 sessions via anterior transpetrosal and retrosigmoid approaches, respectively.[] Echocardiography revealed myocardial hypokinesia in the territory of the right coronary artery and of the left descending artery, while coronarography showed insignificant[] The following subtotal resection of medial sphenoid ridge meningioma and left extracranial-intracranial bypass were carried out.[] From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Jump to navigation Jump to search Epidemiology [ edit ] Most common benign brain tumor Approximately 95% Represents 20% of primary[] Only two prior cases of benign dendritic melanocytes colonizing a meningioma have been reported.[] Rarely, meningiomas can exhibit malignant potential and present as extracranial soft-tissue masses through extension or as primary extracranial cutaneous neoplasms.[] An extended endoscopic endonasal transtuberculum approach was utilized for gross-total resection, including microdissection of tumor from the optic chiasm and infundibulum[] We were able to get a Simpson grade 1 resection that included all the involved bone and dura and then reconstructed the dura and calvarial defects with synthetic materials[]

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  • Furosemide

    In 18 patients, the half-clearance times of the normal kidney were artificially prolonged because urine had drained before the administration of the diuretic.[] […] furosemide ( British frusemide ) noun Medicine A synthetic compound with a strong diuretic action, used especially in the treatment of edema.[] Given its widespread use, the potentially life-threatening nature of DRESS syndrome and the commonly delayed time course in establishing the diagnosis, it is important to[] The authors conducted a 2-center chart review for patients who presented via a single Emergency Medical Service (EMS) from June 5, 2009 through May 17, 2013.[] An 85 year old female presented with symptoms of a "brown curtain" descending over the left eye which was temporally related to recent discontinuation of oral furosemide.[] We analyzed 568 infants who underwent cardiopulmonary bypass.[] Randomized, open-label, blinded-endpoint, crossover, and single-dose Phase I clinical trial with three experimental periods.[] Aldosterone also promotes Mg 2 and Ca 2 excretion at target tissues that include kidney and colon ( 9,10 ).[] After electrolyte substitution, laboratory abnormalities regressed and no cardiac arrests were observed. Psychiatric investigation diagnosed an adjustment disorder.[] AGEP is a possible cutaneous side effect of furosemide.[]

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  • Blister

    However, the materials used are most often artificial.[] Try synthetic skin: "Use products like 2nd Skin and Compeed ," he says.[] Because of their rarity, the natural history and pathophysiology of such aneurysms are not fully understood.[] After construction of a high-flow bypass, the BBA was accessed via the standard pterional approach to end only in proximal clipping.[] Thematically, Rapture, Blister, Burn is a clear descendant of Wendy Wasserstein’s Pulitzer-winning 1988 play The Heidi Chronicles .[] EC-IC bypass can safely provide definitive aneurysm securement and should be considered as a first-line therapy for BAs at high-volume bypass centers.[] We describe a patient with a BBLA in the right ICA treated successful by a two-stage embolization procedure first with coils and an open cell stent (Neuroform 3) and later[] The overall incidence of colonization with microorganisms in each group was not significant (15% vs 40%).[] It is not a substitute for professional care or advice. If you have or suspect a health problem, you should consult your doctor.[] Cutaneous antigen-recall models allow for studies of human memory responses in vivo.[]

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  • Indomethacin

    Principal xenobiotics include: drugs, carcinogens and various compounds that have been introduced into the environment by artificial means. analgesic An agent capable of relieving[] Source Synthetic Research areas This product has been referenced in: Yasuda M et al.[] We report a patient with Sjögren's syndrome and chronic natural killer lymphocytosis, who developed severe neutropenia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, and immune thrombocytopenia[] This data suggests that indomethacin compromises the gastric epithelial barrier via p38 MAPK inducing occludin alterations in the TJs.[] The presence of the DA structure - which connects the pulmonary artery, particularly the left one, to the descending aorta - thus allows the blood flow to avoid traveling[] Do not use indomethacin just before or after heart bypass surgery (coronary artery bypass graft, or CABG).[] This was an open-label, randomized, active-comparator study in patients with AGA.[] After three days, a colonic perforation developed. Indomethacin-induced colon perforation is uncommon in antenatal Bartter's syndrome.[] A bilayer, dermal substitute and silicone sheet was placed between the radius and ulna in the interosseous space to prevent recurrence of the heterotopic ossification.[] Recurrent cutaneous necrotizing eosinophilic vasculitis (RCNEV) is a rare disease characterized by clinical features of pruritic purpuric papules and angioedema.[]

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