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  • Thoracic Surgery

    Mitral valve repair or replacement where surgeons may use an artificial (mechanical) valve or biological valve.[] Sometimes maintaining adequate gas exchange and minimizing acute lung injury may be opposing processes.[] Computed tomograhy showed a nodule in the right upper lobe. Bronchoscopy showed a polypoid endobronchial nodule obstructing most of the orifice of B2a.[] Therefore, the main treatment is surgical excision, even for patients with asymptomatic PS.[] The right recurrent laryngeal nerve was found to be hooked around the right aortic arch.[] […] in the practice of congenital heart surgery, or in the practice of adult cardiac or thoracic surgery must have a requisite understanding of such anatomic variants, their diagnostic[] BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to explore the significance of upper mediastinal lymph node dissection performed by video-assisted thoracic surgery in the treatment of middle[] PRESENTATION: Between March 2011 and September 2012, two patients with left central bronchogenic carcinoma invading the carina underwent single-stage bilateral thoracic surgery via[] CONCLUSIONS: Patients undergoing RVATS spent less time in hospital than patients treated by open surgery (sternotomy).[] CONCLUSION: Robotic surgery in some areas receives insurance reimbursement for its "supportive" use for endoscopic surgery as for RALP and RAPN.[]

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  • Acquired Hemophilia A

    We previously demonstrated in nonhuman primates that a single IV dose of ACE910 exerted hemostatic activity against hemophilic bleeds artificially induced in muscles and subcutis[] We herein report the first case of AH associated with IgG4-related lung disease that developed in a patient with AIP.[] Eight hours following the procedure, the patient's status acutely declined with demonstration of a reoccurrence of the cerebellar hemorrhage and new right frontal lobe hemorrhage[] She presented with severe spontaneous bleeding in the right forearm and distal part of the right leg.[] Diagnostic cut-offs were determined by receiver-operator curve analysis.[] […] year-old man, who had a history of surgical clipping of an anterior communicating artery aneurysm 30 years ago, experienced subarachnoid hemorrhage because of a ruptured middle[] Author information 1 Servizio di Immunoematologia e Trasfusione, Centro Emostasi e Trombosi, AO Ospedale San Carlo Borromeo, Via Pio II, 3, 20153, Milan, Italy. vincenzo.toschi1[] CONCLUSIONS: Representing the largest collection of consecutive AHA cases to date, EACH2 facilitates the analysis of a variety of open questions in AHA. 2012 International[] KEYWORDS: Acquired hemophilia A; Endoscopic therapy; Factor VIII inhibitor; Immunosuppression; Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy[] On admission, she had easy bruising and prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time, but during hospitalization she had severe hemorrhage into the right gluteal and femoral[]

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  • Imperforate Anus

    Our case illustrates for the first time the original concept of artificial anal artificial sphincter implantation around a pulled-through colon, which constitutes a different[] ) Mediastinal masses Myasthenia gravis in children Patent ductus arteriosis Pectus carinatum Pectus excavatum Pulmonary sequestration Slipping rib syndrome Thoracoscopic lung[] This case represents a novel variant of an already rare entity with an unusually high right upper lobe bronchus and no evidence of associated tracheobronchial stenosis.[] Abstract We report a surgical technique that we developed to facilitate complete excision of rectourethral fistula (RUF)in male patients with imperforate anus (IA).[] At 9 months of age, a 1-stage ileoendorectal pull-through with a right colon onlay patch was performed.[] diagnostic performance between the suprapubic and perineal approaches.[] Most cases of imperforate anus are sporadic in nature.[] […] appendix, colon duplication, duplex uterus (continuing with tuba and ovaries on both sides), duplex rectum, malrotation of the intestines, with the cecum located in the middle[] A total of 35 patients were socially continent, of whom 30 catheterized via a continent abdominal stoma and 5 voided/catheterized via the urethra.[] MRI-assisted LAARP (MRI-LAARP) guides the neorectum precisely through the middle of the entire sphincter complex along its trajectory.[]

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  • Alveolar Echinococcosis

    This technique requires no organ donor, allogeneic, or artificial vessel implantation, postoperative immunosuppressive therapy, or long-term postoperative anticoagulant treatment[] We report on a 31-year-old female patient suffering from AE with liver, lung, and diaphragm involvement.[] PATIENT CONCERNS: We present a 41-year-old Tibetan alveolar echinococcosis (AE) patient with AE lesions invading the right liver lobe and retrohepatic inferior vena cava ([] Abstract Patients with alveolar echinococcosis of the liver (AEL) can be cured by complete excision of the lesions; however, it is not always completely resectable in advanced[] All of these occurred exclusively in the right adrenal gland.[] Hepatic alveolar echinococcosis: a diagnostic challenge. Journal of the Belgian Society of Radiology. 2011;94(1):21–3. DOI: Published on 06 Jan 2011.[] Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain revealed the cystic nature of the cerebral lesions and the patient had a highly positive serology for AE.[] Abstract Alveolar echinococcosis (AE) of human being caused by Echinococcus multilocularis is a rare but important zoonosis especially in tempered zones of middle Europe and[] […] lymphatic vessels or via portocaval anastomoses and the vascular passage in a retrograde fashion.[] The patient underwent an explorative laparoscopy with frozen sections that did not provide further diagnosis, and an open left bisegmentectomy was performed during the same[]

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  • Chronic Inflammation

    Highly-processed foods Processed foods contain refined ingredients and artificial additives that are not generally good for our bodies, like high fructose corn syrup, artificial[] MEF2D might be a potential biomarker during chronic inflammation-lung cancer transition, predicting the risk of lung cancer among patients with chronic respiratory diseases[] KEYWORDS: Chronic inflammation; Hippocampal sclerosis; Temporal lobe epilepsy[] Surgical treatment was performed, and the compressing process completely excised.[] The right foods can however help reduce the amount of inflammation in the body and improve overall health. Boost consumption of fruits and vegetables.[] The role of hepcidin-ferroportin axis in the pathophysiology of ACI is stimulating the development of new diagnostics and targeted therapies.[] How to Reverse Chronic Inflammation Naturally Inflammation is a normal, natural and complex series of chemical and cellular activities performed by the body in response to[] CONCLUSIONS: Levels of habitual PA are lower in middle-aged and older adults with higher levels of chronic inflammation and greater self-reported fatigue.[] Further, the change in motor NCV and M-wave amplitude were not shown to be associated with the change in inflammatory mediators as assessed via a backwards elimination multiple[] Latest Research and Reviews Reviews 29 January 2019 Research 29 January 2019 open Xuezhen Xu , Ok-Kyoung Kwon , In-Sik Shin , Jyotirling R. Mali , Dipesh S.[]

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  • Mucocele

    Os artificial (bio-os) 0,5g 1.130 Lei I. 8. Membrana artificiala 680 Lei I. 9. Membrana PRF (factori de crestere) 450 Lei I. 10.[] Abstract We reported a large radioiodine accumulative lung lesion on I therapeutic whole-body scan performed in a 50-year-old woman for thyroid cancer ablation therapy.[] The mucocele had protruded both into the right orbit and intracranially, causing mass effect on the frontal lobe, which led to frontal lobe syndrome.[] However, if the presence of atypia at excision of benign MLL will change clinical management, then benign MLL at core needle biopsy warrants surgical excision in some cases[] Initial diagnostic work-up including ultrasonography and abdominal magnetic resonance imaging showed a large tubular mass at the base of the appendix with indirect signs of[] The aggressive nature of the pseudocyst is attributed to the progressive secretion of proteolytic enzymes that assist its expansive nature.[] Middle turbinate primary mucocele in a child masquerading as a nasal tumour.[] Here, we describe the first case of frontoethmoid mucocele with underlying craniofacial FD, which was successfully treated by wide marsupialization via the transnasal endoscopic[] […] with stapler, one by open approach and one by a minimally invasive approach.[] In our patient, resolution of symptoms was achieved by endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy, endoscopic frontal sinusotomy, and drainage of the mucocele under image guidance.[]

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  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

    1 Department of Urology, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Southport, UK. [email protected] Abstract We describe a very rare complication of migration of Artificial[] Metastatic spine tumors are most commonly from the prostate or lung in males and from the lung and breast in females.[] : Expressive aphasia Aboulia parietal lobe : Receptive aphasia Hemispatial neglect Gerstmann syndrome Astereognosis occipital lobe : Bálint's syndrome Cortical blindness[] Surgical excision of the cyst is the definite treatment of choice. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: N/A.[] All rights reserved.[] Diagnostic MRI was obtained following delivery and the patient was treated by microdiscectomy.[] The natural progression of tetanus can be complex, with a mixed picture ranging from spasms plus increased tone and reflexes to reduced tone and reflexes as presynaptic nerve[] We present a case of Susac syndrome in a middle-aged male with symptoms of cauda equina syndrome, and spinal MRI showing diffuse enhancement of the nerve roots of the cauda[] Recruitment was via two National Health Service spinal services in the South East of England and an online CES charity.[] The methods vary from traditional open discectomy to minimally invasive techniques.[]

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  • Atelectasis

    Atelectasis pulmonary shunt respiration artificial positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) alveolar recruitment tomography x-ray computed This is a preview of subscription[] Chest X-ray and Chest CT showed complete left lung collapse.[] To our knowledge, this presentation (with right upper lobe atelectasis) has never before been reported.[] All rights reserved.[] Diagnostic accuracy was assessed by measuring the agreement between the index test and the reference standard CT scan images.[] […] propose abandoning the term SSS and recommend universal adoption of the CMA staging system, which uses nomenclature that more accurately portrays the pathophysiology and natural[] CONCLUSIONS: CPAP is a safe, well-tolerated way of applying positive pressure to the middle ear for patients with middle ear atelectasis.[] All patients received BL via a tracheal intubation injection of lavage fluid.[] BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Atelectasis is the most common pulmonary complication after open heart surgery.[] Little is known about atelectasis following endoscopic procedures under deep sedation.[]

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  • Middle Lobe Syndrome

    Work-up of a lung adenocarcinoma originating from the right middle lobe disclosed bone metastasis to the illium.[] […] middle lobe bronchus.[] Treatment includes antituberculosis chemotherapy, administration of corticosteroids, and surgical excision.[] […] age, and eventually underwent right middle lobectomy.[] Diagnostic studies included chest roentgenogram, bronchoscopy, and bronchography. Sixty-five patients had full recovery following intensive medical therapy.[] Endobronchial biopsies showed homogeneous, acellular amorphous deposit in the subepithelial region, which was congophilic in nature.[] Abstract Middle lobe syndrome is defined as recurrent or chronic collapse of the middle lobe of the right lung.[] Vascular access for haemodialysis: 6th edition [PDF] Ideal vascular access should provide safe and effective therapy by enabling the removal and return of blood via an extracorporeal[] Early View Past issues For authors Instructions for authors Submit a manuscript Author FAQs Alerts Podcasts Subscriptions ERS Publications European Respiratory Journal ERJ Open[] If the middle lobe fails to re-expand, or recurrent atelectasis is observed, or when bronchiectasis is documented, surgical excision of the right middle lobe is indicated.[]

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  • Exophthalmos

    […] alleviate these include: Quit smoking (smoking can make eye problems worse) Sleep with your head raised to relieve puffiness Wear sunglasses to decrease sensitivity to light Use artificial[] Abstract Small cell lung cancer is characterized by rapid growth and early metastases.[] […] first in English of a patient with exophthalmos and ectopic hyperplastic thyroid tissue occurring at the base of the tongue, in the subhyoid area and in the lateral thyroid lobe[] Hypertonic saline was injected and the cyst was excised.[] […] side, extension into the right orbit, and involvement of the right optic nerve.[] High-resolution coronal view computed tomography (CT) scanning with bone density window images, and high intensity cystic lesions visible on T2-weighted coronal MR images were diagnostic[] SUMMARY: For many years the nature of the disease remained unclear and it was appreciated as either a cardiac or neurological disease.[] The history was that at about the middle of 1958, his friends noticed that his left eye used to bulge forwards slightly when he was crawling on the ground for police exercises[] Surgery was performed via a combined approach. After review of the histology slides, the final diagnosis was that of osteoblastoma.[] Compared with traditional open approaches, the endoscopic technique provides enhanced visualization and avoids the morbidity of incisions within the facial skin, oral cavity[]

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