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3 Possible Causes for Ascobolus, Masc2, immersus, protein

Did you mean: Ascobolus, Masc2, immersus, proteus

  • Methanobacterium Extroquens

    Pezizomycetes Pezizales Ascobolus immersus P12917 met2/met no not selected HAT Goyon et al., 1988 Sordariomycetes Hypocreales Gibberella zeae I1RNS1?[] B510 pfpI - Protease I Azotobacter vinelandii pfpI - Cysteine peptidase PfpI protein Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus pfpI - ThiJ/PfpI family protein Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA110[] Fiocruz L1-130 45656724 LIC10833 WP_000079225.1 hypothetical protein 1 RBB Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 3519-10 255535122 FIC_00980 WP_041252957.1 hypothetical protein RBB[] […] glnH putative glutamine binding protein gene: "MLCB1450.20c"; product: "putative TREMBLNEW:MLCB1450_20 rv0413 03 501017 500349 mutT3 MutT homologue MutT protein - Proteus[]

    Missing: Masc2
  • Rhi Chinensis

    Microsporus Cyathus Microsporus Gymnopus Microsporus Hydropus Microsporus Inonotus Microsporus Myxosoma Microsporus Panellus Microsporus Paxillus Microsporus Artomyces Microsporus Ascobolus[] Peptide bond hydrolysis % After incubation for A B Specific Milk- activity clotting, (unitsjmg ††actIVIty BfAProtease protein) (unitsjmg at protein) optimal at pH pH 5.6[] High levels of omega 3, antioxidants and vitamins nourish the hair fibres and provide a film around them to reduce protein loss.[] Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 81:1470–1474 Google Scholar Youngblom J, Schloss JA, Silflow CD (1984) The two β-tubulin genes of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii code for identical proteins[]

    Missing: Masc2 immersus
  • Rubus Fruticosus

    […] asci (18 30-01-2019 20:55 Lothar Krieglsteiner ... only 1 ascoma, found at 2.6.2014 in Thuringia, 05-01-2019 01:22 Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier Hola todos/asAdjunto unos ascobolus[] Microencapsulation of astaxanthin with blends of milk protein and fiber by spray drying. J Food Eng [Internet]. 2014;123:165–171. DOI:.[] Storage stability of phenolic compounds in powdered BRS Violeta grape juice microencapsulated with protein and maltodextrin blends. Food Chem. 2017;214:308–318.[]

    Missing: Masc2 immersus