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  • Amblyopia

    The ODM consists of a modified occlusion patch and a miniature battery driven datalogger which periodically monitors patch skin contact.[] PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of corneal vesicles in patients with posterior corneal vesicles (PCV) on corneal endothelial cell (CEC) density and the acquisition of amblyopia[] A general property of nervous system development is that correlated activity is used to organize topographic projections.[] Abstract The potential amblyogenic effect to the sound eye of atropine combined with optical penalization is powerful, and frequent patient monitoring is necessary when using[]

  • Keratoconus

    The battery… I just visited Dr. Holland again for a checkup. I had a topography taken and the staff found that I was correctable to 20/15… yes… 15. Dr.[] Two 400 μm intrastromal corneal ring segments (ICRS) (Intacs) were implanted on the 140-degree meridian at a depth of 400 μm in the left eye using the suction-guided manual[] These topographical alterations were evident not only during pregnancy, but also in the postpartum period, with stabilization of corneal topography several months after delivery[] The total refractive corneal power values were the smallest among all of the corneal refractive powers in all 4 eyes.[]

  • Posterior Cortical Atrophy

    Both patients failed almost all the VOSP subtests, and the battery did not permit confirmation of the integrity of the ventral pathway.[] This study describes the disease course of a patient whose diagnosis of Fuchs' Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy served to delay an additional diagnosis of PCA, illustrating the[] Cognitive testing showed visual-perceptual impairment, apperceptive visual and landmark agnosia, topographical disorientation with way-finding deficits, impaired map learning[] She asked her husband to be her power of attorney and health care proxy so as to simplify management of their affairs and to make health care decisions in the event that she[]

  • Tourette Syndrome

    Following clinical assessment, each participant completed a battery of tests from the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III, the Italian Battery for ADHD, the Tower[] Slit lamp biomicroscopy of the right eye showed a central stromal scar due to corneal hydrops. Clinical examination and corneal topography of the left eye were normal.[] PARTICIPANTS: Three patients with TS who presented with clinical and topographic findings suggestive of asymmetric or unilateral keratoconus.[] Tics can be temporarily suppressed, but this leads to a powerful re-emergence. The performance of tics results in immediate but transient relief.[]

  • Childhood Absence Epilepsy

    In this study, we investigated several components of attention in children with CAE using a unique computerized test battery for attention performance.[] We studied the association between the topography of absence onset and the ictal automatisms, and the topographic correlation between FSWDs and GSWDs and their respective[] We compared the spectral power of this slow-wave component in three brain regions (frontocentral, centroparietal, and parieto-occipital) and contrasted the spectral power[] Thirty-seven childhood absence epilepsy patients and 37 age- and gender-matched healthy control subjects were recruited and assessed using a computerized neuropsychological test battery[]

    Missing: CORNEAL
  • Persistent Vegetative State

    Cossa FM, Fabiani M, Farinato A et al (1999) The preliminary neuropsychological battery. An instrument to grade the cognitive level of minimally responsive patients.[] The brain stem reflexes, such as light reflexes of the pupils and corneal reflexes, were present.[] Three-dimensional computer reconstructions helped visualize the topographic features of the lesions.[] Its power was modulated in association with eye movements only in less severely affected patients, with minimum power prior to, and maximum power during the eye movement.[]

  • Achromatopsia

    A comprehensive eye examination and a battery of tests including SD-OCT, fundus photography, electroretinogram (ERG) and Farnsworth D-15 were completed.[] […] light-adapted conditions, CNGA3-ACHM patients showed significantly reduced maximal amplitudes compared with the control group when using a 1-second high intensity (28-lux corneal[] He does, however, exhibit minor losses in the upper visual field, mild prosopagnosia and topographical agnosia, all conditions commonly associated with cerebral achromatopsia[] As gene replacement would not be expected to add cones, reflectivity could be a more powerful AO-metric for monitoring the cellular response to treatment and could provide[]

  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia due to 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency

    The battery included tests known to elicit sex differences and control measures.[] In the course of a 15-month follow-up period, a progression of the corneal disease was observed.[] Among the subclinical measures, Left Ventricular Mass (LVM) assessed by 2D, M-mode echocardiography has been recognized as an important and powerful predictor of cardiovascular[] Also useful as part of a battery of tests to evaluate females with hirsutism or infertility, which can result from adult-onset CAH.[]

  • Deafness

    Scores in both test batteries (CAP-II and SIR) were comparable between patients who received full or partial electrode insertion (P   0.05).[] We offer this case as an example of how we can improve visual acuity (VA) and quality of life even in advanced cases of corneal neovascularization.[] It was not possible to establish a topographical correlation between deafness and brainstem lesions.[] CONCLUSIONS: MPS is powerful tool for the identification of rare causative deafness gene mutations, such as MYO6.[]

  • Herpes Zoster Oticus

    METHODS: A total of 20 patients with HZO underwent a test battery of CNs VII and VIII.[] Complications, such as corneal irritation or secondary bacterial infection of the vesicles, should be managed with routine therapies.[] Topographic analysis, in which functions of facial nerve branches are assessed, helps establish the level of facial nerve involvement.[] Corticosteroids, with their powerful anti-inflammatory effect, have a potential role to play in the reduction or minimisation of nerve damage when administered together with[]