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297 Possible Causes for Bacteriophage, T4, protein,, wac

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  • Influenza

    RNA ligation RNA was circularized overnight at 4  C with T4 RNA ligase (Epicentre).[] Nevertheless, there is a clear central tendency for lytic RNA viruses (bacteriophage Q beta, poliomyelitis, vesicular stomatitis, and influenza A) to display rates of spontaneous[] Like hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, the M2 protein is an integral membrane protein of the influenza A virus 4 , 5 .[] The growth of bacteriophages. J. Gen. Physiol. 22 : 365 -384. Fitch, W. M., J. M. Leiter, X. Q. Li, and P. Palese. 1991 .[]

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  • Tuberculosis

    Abstract Direct anterior approach to the cervicothoracic spine (C7-T4) poses a technical challenge in neurosurgery, due to the presence of important neurovascular structures[] […] summary required within 21 days ( WAC 246-101 ).[] Bacteriophage-based assays for the rapid detection of rifampicin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a meta-analysis. J Infect 2005 ;51: 175 –187. 29.[] In the present study, mice fed a 2% protein diet and developing protein calorie malnutrition, in contrast to well-nourished controls receiving a 20% protein diet, rapidly[]

  • LIG4 Syndrome

    Mutational analysis of bacteriophage T4 RNA ligase 1.[] SCAPER, ADRA2B, KRBOX4, CCNA2, KDM6B, MEIS2, PGAP3, PECR, CKAP2L, CASP2, FRMD4A, GEMIN4, INPP4A, ZCCHC8, HIKESHI, SLC25A16, RABL6, TMEM135, GPT2, ASCC3, HIST3H3, CNKSR1, WAC[] Crystal structure of an ATP-dependent DNA ligase from bacteriophage T7. Cell 1996; 85:607–615. CrossRef PubMed Google Scholar 18.[] Tandem BRCT domains of LigIV mediate a unique mode of protein-protein interaction.[]

  • Triiodothyronine

    Triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) are important thyroid hormones essential for normal cellular differentiation and growth.[] Bacteriophage P1 site-specific recombination. Purification and properties of the Cre recombinase protein. J Biol Chem. 1984;259(3):1509–1514. Hoess RH, Abremski K.[] Product Name Triiodothyronine, Protein Popular Item Also Known As Triiodothyronine-BSA Product Synonym Names T3 protein; Triiodothyronine-BSA hapten; Triiodothyronine-BSA[] The results also indicate that protein A column chromatography is useful as a screening method for gross qualitative analyses of thyroid hormone autoantibodies.[]

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  • Xeroderma Pigmentosum Complementation Group F

    Effect o f T4 endonuclease V on UV-induced UDS As shown in Fig. 5, T4 endonuclease V was effective for restoring UDS of XP3OS (group A), in agreement with the results by Tanaka[] SCAPER, ADRA2B, KRBOX4, CCNA2, KDM6B, MEIS2, PGAP3, PECR, CKAP2L, CASP2, FRMD4A, GEMIN4, INPP4A, ZCCHC8, HIKESHI, SLC25A16, RABL6, TMEM135, GPT2, ASCC3, HIST3H3, CNKSR1, WAC[] Restoration of ultraviolet-induced unscheduled DNA synthesis of xeroderma pigmentosum cells by the concomitant treatment with bacteriophage T4 endonuclease V and HVJ (Sendai[] Endonuclease Catalytic Subunit 2 3 5 Excision Repair Cross-Complementing Rodent Repair Deficiency, Complementation Group 4 2 3 Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group F-Complementing Protein[]

  • Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

    Thyroid function tests in the first twin revealed the following results: free thyroxine (T4) 8.4 pg/mL, thyrotropin (TSH) 4.62 mIU/L, thyroglobulin (TG) 213.24 ng/mL and a[] SATB2, SCN1A, SCN2A, SCN8A, SETBP1, SETD5, SHANK3, SLC6A1, SLC6A8, SLC9A6, SMARCA2, SMARCA4, SMC1A, SOS1, STXBP1, SYNGAP1, TBL1XR1, TCF4, TRIO, TSC1, TSC2, UBE3A, USP9X, WAC[] […] level of DNA is known as molecular genetics, in 1972, Walter Fiers and his team at the University of Ghent were the first to determine the sequence of a gene, the gene for Bacteriophage[] Analyses of the entire CBP gene by the protein truncation test showed 4/37 truncating mutations.[]

  • Meningitis

    Ten years earlier, she had had a symptomatic T4 vertebral hemangioma operated successfully, and had made a full recovery.[] Rapid sensitivity testing using bacteriophages considers this problem. 118 119 Specific M tuberculosis phages carrying the firefly luciferase gene are able to infect viable[] CSF protein and glucose measurements are therefore essential in management but may be neglected in clinical practice.[] […] after infection Ferric binding protein (FbpA) Iron binding Lactoferrin binding protein (LbpA) Lactoferrin binding Neiserrial surface protein A (NspA) Immunogenic surface[]

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  • Alzheimer Disease

    […] concomitant medication. 22 – 24 Hypothyroidism caused by bexarotene use was associated with marked reductions in serum concentrations of thyroid-stimulating hormone and thyroxine[] METHODS The Women’s Antioxidant Cardiovascular Study (WACS) began in 1995 – 1996.[] In recent years, a technique called multiple displacement of amplification (MDA) has been developed that amplifies very small amounts of RNA using bacteriophage DNA polymerase[] Recently, evidence was reported that γ-secretase activating protein (GSAP, 16 kDa), derived from a larger precursor protein (98 kDa), plays a role in Aβ metabolism through[]

  • Acanthamoeba

    Genotype T4 is responsible for approximately 90% of encephalitis and keratitis cases.[] KEYWORDS: Acanthamoeba castellanii; ELISA; calreticulin; immunodiagnostic; recombinant protein[] Nucleotide sequences from bacterial viruses (bacteriophages), viruses of viruses (virophages), archaeal viruses, or eukaryotic viruses can possibly be transferred inside their[] Isolation of Acanthamoeba -specific antibodies from a bacteriophage display library. J. Clin. Microbiol. 38 : 2374 -2377. 216. Khan, N. A., E. L. Jarroll, and T. A.[]

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  • Pseudomonas

    Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the head of bacteriophage T4. Nature. 1970 Aug 15; 227 (5259):680–685. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] LENNOX ES.[] Cover date: 01/02/2006 Abstract Fulltext Figs (2) References (22) Cited By (47) Supplementary Material (31) Metrics Related Content The structural proteome of ϕ KMV, a lytic bacteriophage[] KEYWORDS: DING protein; HPBP; P-binding proteins; PARPSso; PfluDING; Sulfolobus solfataricus[] Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the head of bacteriophage T4. Nature 227 : 680 -685. Lukins, H. B., and J. W. Foster. 1963 .[]

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