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94 Possible Causes for Bitter, Kola

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  • Andrographis

    Andrographis – The King of Bitter Herbs Dr.[] These were garlic, Andrographis paniculata (King of bitters); Chilli pepper seeds; lemongrass; Datura stramonium (Thornapple); Bitter kola seeds; tobacco plant; Ocimum gratissimum[] […] neoandrographolide, isoandrographolide, andrograpanin, 14-deoxy-11,12-didehydroandrographolide, 7-O-methylwogonin and skullcapflavone-I) isolated from Andrographis paniculata (King of bitters[]

  • Picrorhiza

    Action : Bitters / Kutkin: 1.[] Other herbs such as Gingko Baloba, Coleus Forskohlii and Gota Kola are the next herbs I will take time to review. all rights reserved 2013, b-specific, inc[] —Picrorhiza is a bitter, and is best administered in combination with aromatics.[]

  • Quinine

    Abstract Bitter taste is one of the five basic taste sensations which is mediated by 25 bitter taste receptors (T2Rs) in humans.[] KEYWORDS: 3-hydroxyquinine; Garcinia kola; drug-herb interactions; pharmacokinetics; quinine[] The goal of this study was to investigate the binding of bitterants (quinine and caffeine) by whey protein isolate (WPI) and the effect on perceived bitterness.[]

  • Calamus Root

    It is well known for it's bitter taste, spiciness and it's aromatic smell. Its aroma makes calamus essential oil valued in the perfume industry.[] For attention deficit disorders, vacha combines well with gotu kola, jatamamsi, shankpushpi, and licorice.[] It is still used in bitters. In Lithuania Ajeras (Sweet flag) is added to their home baked black bread.[]

  • Caffeine

    Panelists rated both the sweetened coffee itself and subsequent sucrose solutions as less sweet in the caffeine condition, despite the treatment having no effect on bitter[] It is naturally found in coffee beans, cacao beans, kola nuts, guarana berries, and tea leaves including yerba mate.[] It is naturally present in beans, leaves, seeds, and fruits of more than 60 plants and the most common sources are cocoa beans, coffee beans, tea leaves, kola nuts, and guarana[]

  • Acanthopanacis

    The Effect of Cortex Acanthopanacis Property Pungent, bitter and sweet, warm; liver and kidney meridians entered.[] Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) Monograph. American Journal of Natural Medicine . Volume 3, No. 6 Jul/Aug:22-26. 1996[] Property and Flavor: Warm; pungent and bitter. Meridian tropism: Liver and kidney meridians.[]

  • Evodia Rutaecarpa

    […] is bitter, bitter stomachic effect, the content of volatile oil and aromatic stomachic. 4, the role of uterine smooth muscle Sympathomimetic constituents from Fructus evodiae[] Evodia Rutaecarpa) Acacia Rigidula Yohimbe Synephrine Cassia Nomame White Willow Bark Gugglesterones Taurine (L-Taurine) Green Tea Extract Geranium Folic Acid Acai Berry Kola[] Evodia fruit, which has a strong bitter taste, is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.[]

  • Ephedra

    ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Mahuang decoction, Ephedra combined with Cassia twig, Bitter apricot kernel and Prepared licorice, has been widely used as a multi-herb prescription[] Herbs known to contain caffeine include green tea, kola nut, guarana and yerba mate, while bitter orange is a stimulant.[] Herbs known to contain caffeine include green tea, kola nut, guarana and yerba mate, while bitter orange is a stimulant. Thanks for your feedback![]

  • Costus Root Oil

    It is considered to have an acrid, sweet bitter taste with a neutral potency. It is also used for difficulty in swallowing.[] Returns From India Organic Burdock Root Oil - No. 1 Hair Loss Treatment Restore Weak Damaged Hair C 12.01 Buy It Now C 8.02 shipping From Lithuania Dehydrated/Dri ed Gotu Kola[]

  • Rehmannia Root

    But in Chinese medicine, black is usually associated with bitter. What is this?[] Combine with Gotu Kola Complex tablets to provide antioxidant activity.[] Properties and Taste: Sweet, bitter and cold Meridian: Heart, liver and kidney Functions: To clear heat and cool blood To nourish yin and promote the production of body fluids[]

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