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10,653 Possible Causes for Body, Fluid

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Gross body movements were also increased.[] Interleukin (IL)-1 beta, IL-8, IL-6, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) were markedly elevated in nasal lavage fluid during acute URI compared to baseline, and all[] Sore throat Drink plenty of fluids to keep throat moist. Use hard candy such as Halls to keep throat moist.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Urethra connects the bladder to the outside of the body.[] There is a need for more research to qualify our oft-given advise to drink more fluids.[] Cerebrospinal fluid examination and brain single-photon emission computed tomography showed no abnormalities.[]

  • Dementia

    He was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia and started on 3 mg rivastigmine a day, which made a marked clinical improvement.[] We included two studies that examined modification to fluids.[] Case 2 additionally showed NFT predominance in the superficial layers of the cortex, hypothalamus and brainstem, diffuse Lewy bodies in the cortex, amygdala and brainstem,[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    In this condition, elevated ketone bodies and stimuli initiated by gut mucosa damage produced by the enteral pathogen likely underlay nausea and vomiting.[] Volumes and rates of fluid replacement varied from 20 to 60 ml/kg given over 1-2 h (fast) versus 2-4 h (slow).[] Reduced ingestion of water, decrease of urine output and body weight indicate an advanced state of dehydration.[]

  • Influenza

    The sole risk factor for influenza was a body mass index   30 kg/m2. After a month of hospitalisation, the patient was discharged in good health.[] Diagnosis is guided by cerebrospinal fluid profile and nasopharyngeal PCR.[] If you get the flu, your health care provider may prescribe medicine to help your body fight the infection and lessen symptoms.[]

  • Insect Bite

    This may include surgery to remove infected tissue, antibiotics and supportive treatment such as treatment to control your blood pressure, fluid levels and organ functions[] Features supporting primary disease are a history of cutaneous inoculation, and solitary superficial lesions on uncovered parts of the body.[] […] in ear ( T16 ) effects of foreign body in larynx ( T17.3 ) effects of foreign body in mouth NOS ( T18.0 ) effects of foreign body in nose ( T17.0- T17.1 ) effects of foreign[]

  • Zomepirac

    […] rapid determination of 5-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-1,4-dimethyl-1H-pyrrole-2-acetic acid sodium salt dihydrate (zomepirac sodium, Zomax) in human plasma and urine by a continuous body[] The RPS is the professional membership body for pharmacists and pharmacy in Great Britain and an internationally renowned publisher of medicines information.[] For the determination of trace quantities of Zomepirac and/or other metabolites in human urine, blood or oral fluid.[]

  • Sunburn

    "My generation, I had the deal in my head that if you burned enough to peel twice, full body, you were safe for the summer," he told the LA Times in 2013.[] Fluid management has typically been guided by the Parkland formula, whereas some experts now question this.[] Replenish Your Fluids Burns draw fluid to the skin’s surface and away from the rest of the body, so you may become dehydrated, explains Dr. Brackeen.[]

  • Pneumonia

    Infectious agents that cause pneumonia can be transmitted from person to person or spread from certain parts of someone’s body (like the nose) to the lungs.[] Fluid accumulation around the lungs (pleural effusion).[] Examination of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid revealed significant eosinophilia. She was diagnosed with acute eosinophilic pneumonia.[]

  • Sinusitis

    Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection was significantly associated with misplaced foreign bodies (root filling, augmentative dental material e.g. p 0.05).[] Peripheral mucosal thickening, air-fluid level, gas bubbles within the fluid and obstruction of the ostiomeatal complexes are recognised findings.[] Apical periodontitis, periodontal disease and iatrogenic extrusion of foreign bodies into the sinus are the main causes of OS.[]

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