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2,002 Possible Causes for Borrelia, afzeliusii

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  • Influenza

    ), who had not received treatment for Lyme disease.[] Co-infections in Persons with Early Lyme Disease, New York, USA. Emerging Infectious Diseases , 25 (4), 748-752. .[] Email this Article Co-infections in Persons with Early Lyme Disease, New York, USA PDF Version [PDF - 422 KB - 5 pages] G. P. Wormser et al.[]

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  • Insect Bite

    Ticks may transmit diseases like bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi which causes Lyme disease.[] One type of tick carries a germ called Borrelia burgdorferi which causes Lyme disease. See the separate leaflet called Lyme Disease for more details .[]

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  • Skin Infection

    disease.[] disease , due to Borrelia burgdorferi Relapsing fever , due to Babesia microti Tularaemia , due to Francisella tularensis Rickettsial diseases (some of these also transmitted[] disease, due to Borrelia burgdorferi Relapsing fever, due to Babesia microti Tularaemia, due to Francisella tularensis Rickettsial diseases (some of these also transmitted[]

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  • Sinusitis

    Lyme disease, or borreliosis, is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected blacklegged deer tick.[]

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  • Sunburn

    disease to the curb is a free video website featuring thousands of videos on holistic health, nutrition, fitness, recipes, natural remedies and much more[] […] vaccine industry don't want you to know EBT card food stamp recipients ransack Wal-Mart stores, stealing carts full of food during federal computer glitch Cannabis kicks Lyme[]

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  • Dementia

    Lyme disease-a tick-borne spirochetosis?[] The following medical conditions can also lead to dementia: Huntington disease Brain injury Multiple sclerosis Infections such as HIV/ AIDS , syphilis , and Lyme disease Parkinson[] Another spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi (B. burgorferi) , the causative agent of Lyme disease transmitted by infected tick bites to human ( Burgdorfer et al., 1982 ), was[]

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  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    These include, but are not limited to, infections in the immunocompromised host, AIDS, Lyme disease, osteomyelitis, endocarditis and chronic fatigue syndrome.[] Lyme disease. N Engl J Med . 1989 Aug 31. 321(9):586-96. [Medline] . Straus SE. Acute progressive Epstein-Barr virus infections. Annu Rev Med . 1992. 43:437-49.[]

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  • Meningitis

    Thus, aseptic meningitis can be caused by Viruses Noninfectious conditions (eg, drugs, disorders) Occasionally, other organisms (eg, Borrelia burgdorferi in Lyme disease,[] Borrelia burgdorferi , a tick-borne spirochete, is the agent of Lyme disease, the most common vector-borne disease in the United States.[] Lyme disease meningitis is typically associated with a facial palsy that can sometimes be bilateral.[]

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  • Relapsing Fever

    , including those in the two major clades: the relapsing fever group of species and the Lyme disease group of species.[] Gene organization of the intergenic spacer between the 16S rRNA and the 23S rRNA was similar to that of other TBRF Borrelia species and different from the Lyme disease Borrelia[] B. miyamotoi infection may cause relapsing fever and Lyme disease-like symptoms throughout the Holarctic region of the world because of the widespread prevalence of this pathogen[]

    Missing: afzeliusii
  • Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis

    Lyme disease immunoblots were reactive for IgG (but not IgM), a result indicative of prior exposure to the Lyme disease spirochete.[] Abstract Lyme disease and human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (HGE) are tick-borne illnesses caused by Borrelia burgdorferi and the agent of HGE, respectively.[] Three genomospecies were identified, namely Borrelia afzelii, Borrelia garinii, and Borrelia valaisiana, in samples found positive for B. burgdorferi s. l.[]

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