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6,453 Possible Causes for Brompheniramine, Extended, Release, Tablet

  • Oxymorphone

    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the bioequivalence of oxymorphone extended-release (Oxy-ER) and a crush-resistant formulation of oxymorphone extended-release (Oxy-CRF[] Alvimopan Amisulpride Amitriptyline Amobarbital Amoxapine Anileridine Aripiprazole Asenapine Atropine Baclofen Belladonna Benperidol Benztropine Biperiden Bromazepam Bromopride Brompheniramine[] In vitro dissolution rates were measured for oxymorphone ER 40-mg and oxymorphone CRF 40-mg tablets in aqueous solutions of 0 to 40% ethanol.[] OBJECTIVE: To compare cognitive and psychomotor effects of oxymorphone extended release (OM-ER) versus oxycodone controlled release (OC-CR).[]

  • Felodipine

    Patients (N 1092) were randomized to one of 16 treatment groups: extended-release (ER) metoprolol succinate (25, 100, or 400 mg), ER felodipine (2.5, 10, or 20 mg), ER felodipine[] Brompheniramine; Carbetapentane; Phenylephrine: (Moderate) Phenylephrine's cardiovascular effects may reduce the antihypertensive effects of calcium-channel blockers.[] Combination tablets help to reduce the total number of tablets you need to take each day.[] In the generic products, felodipine release was controlled just for 12 or 18 hours and in this respect did not show similarity with the original brand.[]

  • Tolterodine

    Compared with the immediate-release (IR) drug, once-daily tolterodine extended-release (ER) releases the drug in a steady but constant manner lowering peak and trough drug[] […] antispasmodic medicines, eg hyoscine, atropine, propantheline codeine disopyramide MAOI antidepressants, eg phenelzine, tranylcypromine nefopam sedating antihistamines, eg brompheniramine[] What do I need to tell my doctor BEFORE I take Tolterodine Tablets? If you have an allergy to tolterodine or any other part of this medicine (tolterodine tablets).[] Solifenacin was dominant relative to fesoterodine, tolterodine extended-release (ER) and tolterodine immediate-release (IR), and cost-effective relative to propiverine ER[]

  • Hydrocodone

    Abstract Hysingla ER, the second single-ingredient extended-release hydrocodone product to become available in the US, is formulated for once-daily use.[] Amoxapine Amphetamine Amprenavir Anileridine Aprepitant Aripiprazole Armodafinil Asenapine Atazanavir Baclofen Benperidol Benzphetamine Boceprevir Bosentan Bromazepam Bromopride Brompheniramine[] […] prototypes (low-, intermediate-, or high-level coating) or an intact, oral tablet of hydrocodone IR/acetaminophen (APAP) 10/325 mg every 6 h until four tablets were administered[] This study compared positive, subjective drug effects of single, equal doses of biphasic immediate release (IR)/extended release (ER) hydrocodone bitartrate (HB)/acetaminophen[]

  • Brompheniramine

    Abstract A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, multicenter study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of an extended-release formulation of[] brompheniramine (English) 1 reference BROMPHENIRAMINE (English) 1 reference BROMPHENIRAMINE (English) 1 reference BROMPHENIRAMINE (English) 1 reference BROMPHENIRAMINE (English[] ) tablet, and a liquid to be taken by mouth.[] A system giving linear release of the drug can reduce the early post-dosage performance decrement associated with a non-linear release system.[]

  • Cyclobenzaprine

    This review focuses on the pharmacokinetic profile of a new formulation, cyclobenzaprine extended-release (CER), which delivers a sustained plasma cyclobenzaprine concentration[] Brompheniramine: (Moderate) Cyclobenzaprine possesses antimuscarinic properties, which can cause dry mouth, urinary difficulties and slowing of gastrointestinal motility.[] Tablets were administered to 23 healthy subjects after an overnight fasting and blood samples were collected up to 240 hours after drug administration.[] AMRIX( ), Cephalon, Inc., Frazer, PA, USA), cyclobenzaprine immediate release (CIR; Flexeril( ), Pliva, Pomona, NY, USA), or placebo administration.[]

  • Hydromorphone

    Dose selection of a once-daily, osmotic-controlled extended-release (ER) hydromorphone assumes that this drug and immediate-release (IR) hydromorphone are dose equivalent.[] MAO inhibitors (including procarbazine ), first-generation antihistamines ( brompheniramine , promethazine , diphenhydramine , chlorpheniramine ), beta-blockers and alcohol[] Hydromorphone tablets or oxycodone hydrochloride powder was orally administered four times daily for 5 days.[] The depressant effect of hydromorphone may also be enhanced by monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO inhibitors) (including procarbazine), first-generation antihistamines (brompheniramine[]

  • Oxybutynin

    OBJECTIVE: Assess effects of once-daily, extended-release oxybutynin chloride on frequency and severity of vasomotor symptoms in healthy, postmenopausal symptomatic women.[] […] anticholinergic medicines for urinary incontinence, eg tolterodine, solifenacin, propiverine MAOI antidepressants, eg phenelzine, tranylcypromine sedating antihistamines, eg brompheniramine[] Product description What it looks like Oxybutynin Sandoz 5mg tablets - light blue, round, single scored tablets, blank on both sides.[] OBJECTIVE: To describe a case of clozapine-induced sialorrhea alleviated by immediate-release oxybutynin.[]

  • Guaifenesin

    […] dm/guaifenesin/phenylephrine 2 Mg-5 Mg-50 Mg-5 Mg/5 Ml Oral Liquid Brompheniramine/dm/guaifenesin/ppa 2 Mg-5 Mg-50 Mg-12.5 Mg/5 Ml Oral Syrup Brompheniramine/dm/guaifenesin[] We compared the efficacy of extended-release guaifenesin with placebo for treatment of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection using subjective efficacy assessments[] Guaifenesin is an expectorant available for oral administration as: Tablets — each containing 200 mg guaifenesin, USP.[] The bioavailability of an experimental controlled release tablet containing pseudoephedrine was compared with a marketed controlled release pseudoephedrine capsule in a three-way[]

  • Bupropion

    Atropine Azatadine Azelastine Azlocillin Bacampicillin Belladonna Alkaloids Benperidol Benzphetamine Bepotastine Betamethasone Brexpiprazole Bromodiphenhydramine Bromperidol Brompheniramine[] Impax has requested that the Agency withdraw approval of budeprion XL 300 mg extended-release tablets.[] 150mg Tablets ( 12 H ) - Wellbutrin 75 Mg To Bupropion sr 100mg tablets , bupropion sr 150mg tablets ( 12 h ), bupropion hcl sr discount pharmacy viagra 150 mg tablet er,[] Relationship between drug exposure and the efficacy and safety of bupropion sustained-release for smoking cessation.[]