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4 Possible Causes for Buergersiochloa, bambusoides

  • Bambusae

    […] and Phyllostachys bambusoides: All the leaves are antipyretic.[] Ph. bambusoides: Rhizome & fruit, anti "wind-heat", cough, dyspnea, rheumatism, muscle ache.[] Other bamboos used for traditional medicine in Bali: Ph. edulis; Ph. bambusoides; Ph. nigra var. henonis; Pleioblastus amarus; Bambusa beechyana; B. omeiensis; B. tuldoides[]

    Missing: Buergersiochloa
  • Acoraceae

    […] above the first node of the monocot branch were notably small, although Acoraceae hardly differ from other monocots in this feature; of course, palms and to a lesser extent bambusoid[]

    Missing: Buergersiochloa
  • Bidens

    Phyllostachys bambusoides ) Banal'ia: named for Antoine Guillaume Banal (1738-1812), French gardener and botanist at the Montpellier Botanical Garden, author of Catalogue[]

    Missing: Buergersiochloa
  • Aristolochia Petersiana

    Phyllospadix serrulatus Phyllospadix torreyi Phyllostachys angusta Phyllostachys arcana Phyllostachys atrovaginata Phyllostachys aurea Phyllostachys aureosulcata Phyllostachys bambusoides[]

    Missing: Buergersiochloa

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