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224 Possible Causes for CEMENT,, Hydroxyapatite

  • Stapedectomy

    OBJECTIVE: To examine hearing results in revision stapedectomy using hydroxyapatite bone cement for incus necrosis. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case series.[] OBJECTIVE: Review audiological outcomes after revision stapedectomy using hydroxyapatite cement. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case review.[] […] on the cement itself.[]

  • Antibiotic

    […] added at alternative phases of cement preparation.[] METHODS: This surgical technique incorporates a calcium sulfate and hydroxyapatite (calcium phosphate) bone void filler acting as a carrier vehicle with either an antibiotic[] Osteomyelitis, unstable owing to a bone deficit or fracture, was treated with an antibiotic cement-coated (tobramycin and vancomycin) plate.[]

  • Spondylolisthesis

    L-5 cement augmentation was performed through cannulated and fenestrated screws to enhance resistance to screw pull-out secondary to reduction maneuvers.[] Because our screw contains hydroxyapatite, it is osteoconductive. This may increase the fusion rate and induce substitution with new bone.[] RESULTS: We performed laminoplasty of C3 to C7 and TAS fixation of C4/C5 using a bioabsorptive poly-L-lactide screw that contained hydroxyapatite.[]

  • Bone Tumor

    The radiolucent line score quantified around the cemented stem was lower in the HA Collar Group when compared with the Noncollar Group (p 0.001).[] The review examines in detail different bionanomaterials (hydroxyapatite nanocrystals and nanometals, nanoscale conjugated copolymer , selenium and liposome) that have been[] In two cases of benign bone tumor, we performed complete removal of the tumor and immediate filling of the metacarpal bone with injectable calcium-phosphate cement Arexbone[]

  • Gentamycin

    Calcium phosphate cement is an effective local antibiotic delivery system and a biocompatible material for filling the debrided space to facilitate bone formation.[] HA biomaterial comprises of a single-phased hydroxyapatite scaffold with interconnected pore structure.[] These results raise questions as to the feasibility of using antiseptics in bone cement for the treatment of total arthroplasty infections.[]

  • Laryngectomy

    Abstract Hydroxyapatite cement is a calcium phosphate putty, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, that solidifies in 20 minutes and gains bone-like stability after[] Hydroxyapatite was injected in 4 patients to address glottic incompetence after partial laryngectomy.[] This is the first report of use of injectable hydroxyapatite to rebuild soft and hard tissue defects of the larynx after partial laryngeal surgery.[]

  • Fluoride

    BACKGROUND: Many investigators reported the amount of fluoride release from glass ionomer cement.[] BACKGROUND: Glass ionomer cements (GICs) are widely used in dentistry because of their remineralizing and cariostatic potential induced by fluoride.[] Calcium silicate cements (CSC) are used to seal the root canal system and to stimulate periapical regeneration in immature open apex teeth (apexification).[]

  • Isosorbide

    […] alternative cements.[] On the ground of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observations and energy X-ray dispersive analysis (EDX) it was found that hydroxyapatite (HA) formation at the scaffolds[] […] dianhydro-sorbitol and ISETDMA - dimethacrylate of ethoxylated isosorbide were synthesized and used to prepare a series of low-viscosity compositions comprising bioactive nano-sized hydroxyapatite[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis

    Authors modified the implant of articular head by bone cement for surgical treatment of TMJ ankylosis (five cases).[] A preshaped hydroxyapatite/collagen condyle with platelet-rich plasma improves both aesthetics and function.[] Fixed functional appliance with the aid of cement luting agent on the primary molars bands for more secure retention ( Figure 6 -a).[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    (in case of cemented prosthesis) should be checked after the exclusion of other reasons like infection.[] PURPOSE: This double blind randomized clinical trial was conducted with the purpose of evaluating the effects of Nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste as compared to 8% Arginine[] ., sodium hydroxide and wet cement).[]

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