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10,839 Possible Causes for CIRP, bullfrog, protein

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  • Cantharidin

    Its cytotoxicity is believed to be mediated by the inhibition of serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A.[] Experientia (in press) Google Scholar Korschgen LJ, Moyle DL (1955) Food habits of the bullfrog in central Missouri farm ponds.[] It is conceivable that rational design of the protein phosphatase inhibitors based on cantharidin analogues can be facilitated by studies of mechanism of the protein-inhibitor[]

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  • Brucella

    protein components determined by circular dichroism.[] Novel isolates and a subset of Brucella isolates previously cultured from African bullfrogs were characterized by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight[] (TIR) domain-containing adaptor protein.[]

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  • Albinism

    Anita Zimmerman, professor of medical science who works down the hall at Brown University, tipped them off that bullfrogs happen to have especially large melanosomes in their[] RESULTS: Specific antibodies to the P and MATP proteins were generated that work well for Western blotting and immunohistochemistry.[] Many G protein-coupled receptors require association with other proteins to function.[]

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  • Sparganosis

    She also had a history of eating raw seafood and a preference for raw bullfrogs.[] The sensitivity and specificity of ELISA using rSepCp-1 protein were 95.0% (19/20) and 99.1% (111/112), respectively.[] We sought antigenic proteins for serodiagnosis of positive sera by immunoproteomic approaches.[]

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  • Influenza

    Sequence based analysis demonstrated substantial changes in the HA protein over the last decade.[] Binary interactions i Protein-protein interaction databases Chemistry databases Structure i Secondary structure 1 716 Show more details 3D structure databases Miscellaneous[] […] these H1 proteins via the neighbor-joining method using MEGA 5.0 software.[]

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  • Phimosis

    Complementary protein expression and inflammatory infiltrates were assessed by immunohistochemical analysis.[] (Note: CIRP does not endorse or promote any product or commercial site.)[] […] available To view this video download Flash Player About the product Helps treat phimosis naturally Quickly soothe inflammation after foreskin stretches Helps cleanse debris and protein[]

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  • Malignant Mesothelioma

    protein processing in the endoplasmic reticulum.[] Neither homozygous deletion of p16 nor BAP-1 protein loss was observed. Loss of INI1/BAF47 protein, an indicator of malignant rhabdoid tumor, was observed.[] RESULTS: MM cell lines more abundantly secreted exosome-associated proteins than mesothelial cells.[]

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  • Poisoning

    CONTEXT: Sulfur mustard (SM), a bifunctional alkylating agent, can react with a variety of biochemical molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins and other cell components) to cause a[] Nor do you have to put a BullFrog-slathered toe into the ocean to be part of that destruction.[] RATIONALE: Abrin is a highly toxic protein obtained from the seeds of Abrus precatorius, but poisoning due to ingestion of A precatorius is extremely rare in China.[]

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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    */genetics Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled*/immunology Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled*/metabolism Rhinitis*/genetics Rhinitis*/immunology Rhinitis*/metabolism Rhinitis*/microbiology[] RECENT FINDINGS: Recent research has demonstrated that at least one airway T2R receptor, taste receptor family 2 isoform 38 protein (T2R38) is activated by secreted bacterial[] Analysis showed there was a significant (p 0.05) group time interaction in total protein (TP) for collections 1 and 4 and a significant (p 0.05) group time interaction in[]

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  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    The result showed that the sample was positive only for enterovirus, and EV-D68 clade B3 was identified by sequence analysis of the viral protein 1 gene.[] Immunosuppression and a C-reactive protein (CRP) below 50 mg/l (0-8 mg/l) were associated with rotavirus.[] Patients with Salmonella infection frequently presented with fever, lethargy, bloody stool, and elevated serum level of C-reactive protein (CRP); norovirus and rotavirus infection[]

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