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519 Possible Causes for CONGEN, Deformity, FOOT

  • Ethanol

    Congener analysis of the gastric contents and the femoral blood indicated the uptake of a fruit distillate or its foreshot.[] Eight months later a repeated inpatient admission was necessary due to considerable pain relapse and decreased load-bearing capacity of his right foot.[] Both the aroma of an alcoholic beverage and the smell noted on the breath of a person who has consumed it are due in part to the presence of congeners formed during brewing[]

  • Carbamazepine

    As internal standards deuterated analyte congeners were applied.[] […] cramps nosebleeds or other unusual bleeding or bruising numbness, tingling, pain, or weakness in the hands and feet pain, tenderness, swelling, or bluish color in the leg or foot[]

  • Vinblastine

    We recently showed that vinblastine can dramatically sensitize several leukemia cell lines to ABT-737 (the experimental congener of ABT-263).[] A 34-year-old white man with the human immunodeficiency virus infection had a large Kaposi sarcoma lesion of his foot.[] Hand-foot syndrome occurred more frequently in the TX group than in the NX group (47% vs 16.7%; P .0001), but the frequencies of other minor adverse effects were similar in[]

  • Menarche

    We developed a PBPK model of BDE-47, a major congener of PBDE, to perform Monte Carlo (MC) simulation of plasma BDE-47 levels in a hypothetical target population aged 2 to[] There is minimal evidence regarding vulvar involvement and subsequent management of the associated cosmetic deformity in this anatomic location.[] H/week of dance practice is a main factor contributing to improved hip ER, ankle-foot en-pointe and ER/IR ratio.[]

  • Meckel-Gruber Syndrome

    Conversely, a second fully congenic group (F 10) had less variable features pathognomonic for JBTS (including cerebellar hypoplasia), and retention of abnormal bulbous cilia[] Because most patients with this syndrome die before and shortly after delivery, those who survive to some age might have less severe deformities.[] Both upper limbs and right foot showed postaxial polydactyly with right side club foot [Figure 1] b and d].[]

  • Pes Planus

    Congenital bilat flat foot Congenital bilateral pes planus Congenital left flat foot Congenital left pes planus Congenital right flat foot Congenital right pes planus Pes planus, congen[] The three-dimensional relationships of the bones in the foot in a flatfoot deformity are difficult to assess with standard radiographs.[] Twenty-eight subjects with pes planus were randomly assigned to the foot orthosis (FO) group or the combined foot orthosis and short-foot exercise (FOSF) group for an 8-week[]

  • Phenytoin

    Classification: Hydantoin Phenytoin (Dilantin) Fosphenytoin (Cerebyx) Phenytoin congeners (limited use) Mephenytoin Ethotoin Phenacemide III.[] The bed is merely smaller in cheapest generic amoxiclin than few, and there are in its deformity even considerable poor private hours, the largest especially exceeding a tubercle[] This can aid in identifying patients at high risk of diabetic foot ulceration.[]

  • Disulfiram

    DISULFIRAM SHOULD BE USED WITH CAUTION IN THOSE PATIENTS RECEIVING PHENYTOIN AND ITS CONGENERS, SINCE THE CONCOMITANT ADMINISTRATION OF THESE TWO DRUGS CAN LEAD TO PHENYTOIN[] He had unsteady gait with bilateral steppage and foot drop, absence of ankle jerks and overall sensation impairment below the knee.[] […] of the lower limbs associated with burning dysesthesias, numbness and pain in the soles of the feet and the legs below the knees; bilateral walking steppage, reduction in foot[]

  • Anticonvulsant

    It is anticipated that if potent congeners of acetazoleamide are developed which can reach higher concentrations in the brain, they will exhibit more marked anticonvulsant[] Anticonvulsant drugs taken during pregnancy put the baby at risk of major birth defects -- growth retardation, microcephaly (a small head) and deformities of the face and[] […] drugs, the major malformations identified most often in anticonvulsant exposed children are those which also occur in unexposed children: heart defects, hypospadias, club foot[]

  • Mentha Pulegium

    […] anthranoid dimers, the mixture of alterporriols G and H (4/5) exhibited considerable cytotoxicity against L5178Y cells with an EC(50) value of 2.7 microg/mL, whereas the other congeners[] It is also useful as a ground cover, or between stepping stones, where it will tolerate light foot traffic Vigor Enthusiastic self-sower, spreading eagerly where happy Diseases[] Pleistocene refugium en-demic exhibit greater allozymic diversity than widespread congeners in the genus Polygonella (Polygonaceae).[]

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