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329 Possible Causes for CRP, Gallus, gallus, protein

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  • Campylobacter Jejuni

    Laboratory tests showed elevated CRP and hsTnT but the ECG and TTE were normal.[] The host cell binding domain of FliD was mapped to the central region of the protein.[] A decrease in breath sounds in the right lung field, leukocytosis, elevated CRP level, and a right massive pleural effusion were observed.[] Mutants in the fibronectin binding proteins CadF and FlpA still displayed an increased invasion after treatment with novobiocin suggesting these proteins were not essential[]

  • Calcitonin

    KEYWORDS: CGRP; CRPS; Microdialysis; Neuropeptide; Protein extravasation; Substance P; Vasodilation[] CONCLUSION: CTs from Monodelphis domestica, Gallus gallus, Ornithorhynchus anatinus, and Carassius auratus had high activities.[] (CLR) and one of three receptor activity-modifying proteins (RAMPs).[] Cortisol-Tagesprofil Cotinin Coxiella Coxsackie-Virus- Antikörper C-Peptid cPSA Creatinin Creatinin-Clearance Creatinkinase Creutzfeldt-Jakob- Krankheit Criggler-Najjar- Syndrom CRP[]

  • Throat Cancer

    Clinical, analytical, inflammatory (CRP and IL-6), and oxidative variables (TAC, GPx, GST, and SOD) were evaluated.[] Jan 25 1965;191(4):283-286. 2 Pelucchi C, Gallus S, Garavello W, Bosetti C, La Vecchia C.[] Additional protein is necessary for your body to repair tissues and maintain a healthy immune system.[] Targeted drug therapy: A drug agent like cetuximab can be used to alter the protein synthesis of a certain protein that is more pronounced in the throat cancer cells to control[]

  • Estradiol

    Linear regression analysis was performed to determine the predictors of hs-CRP.[] All Human Mouse Rat Cavia Rabbit Simian Caprine Ovine Equine Bovine Porcine Gallus Canine Others Multi-species Pan-species Test Method Competitive Inhibition Assay Length[] Abstract Protein maps of in vitro hormone-modulated adenocarcinoma cells from an endometrial tumor are described.[] These alternative protein products are often functional and can have widely divergent actions from the canonical protein.[]

  • Malnutrition

    There is significant inverse and independent correlation between CRP and albumin.[] gallus.[] […] by a high rate of protein turnover and, consequently, a high rate of protein renewal and cellular proliferation.[] CRP was above the reference limit of 5 mg/L in 53% of patients.[]

  • Interferon Alpha

    Laboratory data revealed: mild leukopenia, anemia, thrombocytopenia (which didn't need reduction of interferon or ribavirin doses), minor biological inflammatory syndrome (CRP[] gallus ).[] Product name Protein length Protein fragment Nature Recombinant Source Escherichia coli Amino Acid Sequence Species Human Sequence MCDLPETHSL DNRRTLMLLA QMSRISPSSC LMDRHDFGFP[] In contrast, anti–double-stranded DNA antibodies and C-reactive protein (CRP) activity showed no differences between the subgroups (Table S9). Figure 4.[]

  • Clonorchis Sinensis

    The putative 3D structure of Cs-α-NAGAL was built using SWISS-MODEL with a Gallus gallus α-NAGAL template (PDB code 1ktb chain A); this model demonstrated the superimposition[] We identified antigenic proteins from adult C. sinensis liver flukes using immunoproteomic analysis.[] The complete coding sequence was 564 bp and encoded a protein of 188 amino acids.[] The cDNA sequence is 573 bp in length which encoded a protein of 190 amino acids. DNA sequence of Cs myophilin-like consists of four extrons and three introns.[]

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  • Linezolid

    Before linezolid treatment, the CRP levels of the hyponatremia group were significantly higher than those of the no-hyponatremia group (p[] Gallus S, Lugo A, Murisic B, Bosetti C, Boffetta P, La Vecchia C. Overweight and obesity in 16 European countries. Eur J Nutr. 2015;54(5):679–89. CrossRef PubMed 4.[] Biological description Protein synthesis inhibitor.[] As shown in Table 4 , the logistic regression analysis in the present study gave an odds ratio for CRP levels that was not large (1.081).[]

  • Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 10

    , gallus; Pan , Pan troglodytes; Equus, Equus caballus .[] (version 88.38) Entrez gene 79738 UniProt Q8TAM1 (UniProt - Evidence at protein level) neXtProt NX_Q8TAM1 Antibodypedia BBS10 antibodies PROTEIN BROWSER i BBS10-001 PROTEIN[] The protein encoded by this gene forms a multiprotein BBSome complex with seven other BBS proteins.[] Additional Disease Information for BBS10 No data available for Genatlas for BBS10 Gene BBS10 encodes a vertebrate-specific chaperonin-like protein and is a major BBS locus[]

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  • Protein C Deficiency

    gallus .[] Type I protein C deficiency is characterized by reduced synthesis of protein C by the body which leads to abnormally low levels of protein C in the blood.[] There are two main types of protein C mutations that lead to protein C deficiency: [2] Type I : Quantitative defects of protein C (low production or short protein half life[] LITERATURE REVIEW: Several studies have reported the use of protein C concentrate in severe sepsis-associated purpura fulminans in patients with severe congenital protein[]

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