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  • Pulmonary Alveolar Microlithiasis

    Inactivating mutations in SLC34A2, which encodes the NPT2b sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporter, has been proposed as a cause of PAM.[] Thus, we recommend that (18)F-sodium fluoride PET/CT should be the investigation of choice in PAM.[] […] have been reported from Iraq. 9 This disorder is of unknown etiology characterized by the appearance of tiny intra-alveolar concentrations of calcium salts 10 (mainly of tribasic[] […] typically only recommended as a last resort when quality of life is significantly impaired.Etidronate is a bisphosphonate and can reduce the formation of calcium hydroxyapatite crystals[]

  • Hypophosphatemia

    Phosphate depletion has been corrected using potassium-phosphate infusion, a treatment that can restore consciousness.[] sodium gradient.[] […] pwdr tribasic sodium phosphate[] In the process of mineralization, osteoblasts deposit hydroxyapatite crystals on collagen layers to produce lamellar bone [ 1 , 2 ].[]

  • Calcium Carbonate

    Because of concerns about aluminum-related disease in patients receiving aluminum hydroxide phosphate binders, calcium carbonate is being used more frequently to manage phosphate[] Processors heat these materials to derive sodium carbonate. Manufacturers can also derive sodium carbonate from calcium carbonate and sodium chloride.[] […] phosphates 342 Magnesium phosphate, dibasic 343 Magnesium phosphate, monobasic 343 Magnesium phosphate, tribasic 343 Ammonium malate 349 Sodium hydrogen malate 350 Sodium[] ; # Washington, DC schema:about ; # Crystal growth schema:about ; # Crystal growth schema:about ; # Crystallization schema:about ; # Crystals schema:about ; # Crystals schema[]

  • Nephrocalcinosis

    In vitro studies showed that the p.Arg495His mutation resulted in decreased phosphate uptake when compared to wild-type SLC34A1.[] The major finding was that, in addition to a causal role in initiating renal crystal retention, the tubular epithelium also is involved in an active crystal clearing mechanism[] RESULTS: Serum sodium (Na) on day 1, serum creatinine and fractional excretion of calcium (FeCa) at 1 and 2 weeks, and serum calcium (Ca), fractional excretion of sodium ([] In this study, we wanted to elucidate whether the histopathological appearance of calcium phosphate deposits provides information about possible etiology.[]

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  • Tumor Lysis Syndrome

    The serum phosphate reduced to normal levels within 24-48 hrs of initiation of sevelamer hydrochloride.[] After spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome, she had acute renal insufficiency, which was treated with hemodialysis and successively with rasburicase, Kayexalate (sodium polystyrene[] Deposition of uric acid and calcium phosphate crystals in the renal tubules may lead to acute renal failure, which is often exacerbated by concomitant intravascular volume[] He was treated aggressively with fluid resuscitation and sodium bicarbonate, but he continued to be oliguric and the deterioration of his renal function also continued.[]

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  • Hereditary Hypophosphatemic Rickets with Hypercalciuria

    […] cotransporter NaPi-IIc in maintaining phosphate homeostasis .”[] Such crystals, on migration to the papilla get precipitated as stones. [6] Complications An outstanding feature of familial hypophosphatemic rickets is short stature. [6,[] The candidate region contained a sodium-phosphate cotransporter gene, SLC34A3, which has been shown to be expressed in proximal tubulus cells.[] […] levels of inorganic phosphate impair, bone matrix ossification because the formation of mature bone involves the precipitation of hydroxyapatite [calcium phosphate salt] crystals[]

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  • Familial Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition

    Reginato AJ, Knowlton RG, Jimenez SA, et al. : Calcium pyro-phosphate disease in the Chiloe islanders.[] Gout is caused by sodium urate crystals, and pseudogout is caused by crystals of calcium salts — calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate, or CPPD.[] […] pantothenate, which is a mixture of the dextrorotatory and levorotatory isomeric forms. calcium phosphate a salt containing calcium and the phosphate radical; dibasic and tribasic[] Gout and Other Crystal Arthropathies, by Dr.[]

  • Crystalluria

    Calcium phosphate crystal concentrations were clearly related to urine pH but unrelated to urine osmolality.[] In 793, the combined approach identified "typical" crystals, while in 14 FTIRM was needed to identify "atypical" crystals.[] Peak plasma concentrations of felbamate and sodium valproate were 200 microg/mL and 470 microg/mL, respectively.[] Abstract Crystal sizes (scanning electron microscopy) and distributions (Coulter Counter) as well as 24-h urinary sodium (Na) and calcium (Ca) excretions (flame atomic absorption[]

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  • Calcium Pyrophosphate Arthropathy

    McCarty D et al . (1983) Crystal populations in human synovial fluid: identification of apatite, octacalcium phosphate, and tricalcium phosphate .[] Gout and Other Crystal Arthropathies, by Dr.[] Gout crystals are of sodium urate and are needle-shaped and have negative birefringence.[] […] pantothenate, which is a mixture of the dextrorotatory and levorotatory isomeric forms. calcium phosphate a salt containing calcium and the phosphate radical; dibasic and tribasic[]

  • Calciphylaxis

    We report on a 21-month-old girl with end-stage renal disease with severe calcium-phosphate imbalance.[] The crystals were hyperautofluorescent.[] Recently, intravenous infusions of sodium thiosulfate (STS) have shown efficacy.[] (8.2 versus 5.7 mg/dl; p 0.001), calcium phosphate product (81.5 versus 52.9; p 0.0004), parathyroid hormone (1496 versus 138 pg/ml; p 0.0001), and alkaline phosphatase levels[]

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