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1,479 Possible Causes for CT, Spleen, WO, contr

  • Paroxetine

    […] expressed as mean specimen/blood ratio, was 1.67 1.16 urine (n 4), 0.08 0.04 vitreous humor (n 6), 5.77 1.37 liver (n 8), 9.66 2.58 lung (n 9), 1.44 0.57 kidney (n 8), 3.80 0.69 spleen[] […] or what the benefits of the allegedly new product were in comparison with that already known. 2) With 1995 GB priority, Beecham requested protection through application WO[] METHODS: A total of 102 patients were randomly assigned to paroxetine, CT, the combination of CT and paroxetine, or pill placebo.[] CT, USA.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    The appropriate diagnosis was reached with the aid of pelvic and abdominal sonography, liver-spleen scan and culdocentesis.[] Brunham reports holding pending patents (WO/2013/044398; US 0027793, and PCT WO/2010/085896, CAN, US, EU, AU) related to chlamydia-specific proteins that may compose a Chlamydia[] Outcomes included demographics, presenting symptoms and signs and CT, and CT and/or gonococcal (GC) (CT/GC) positivity.[] Contr 2 relays 48x48 mm 81202HC220 N1200-HC USB RS485 Heat/Cool controller 3 relays 48x48 mm[]

  • Hypersplenism

    Abstract Wandering spleen is a rare condition characterized by a normal spleen with extreme mobility associated with an elongated pedicle.[] Wo finde ich Infos über...?[] […] length is more than 10cm on conventional CT scans.[] , France. 3 Service de radiologie interventionnelle, centre de lutte contre le cancer Léon-Bérard, 28, promenade Léa-et-Napoléon-Bullukian, 69008 Lyon, France.[]

  • Ferrous Sulfate

    OBJECTIVE: The objectives of the study were to evaluate the absorption of iron from extrinsically labeled, purified ferritin (horse spleen) reconstituted with either high-phosphate[] ., “Ferrates of Alkali or Alkaline Earth Metals, Their Preparation and Their Industrial Applications” (International Patent WO 91/07352, 1991). Google Scholar 7. N.[] A CT pulmonary angiogram was negative for pulmonary embolism.[] The majority of stored iron is in the form of ferritin, found in the liver, bone marrow, spleen and, and the muscles [ 24 ] .[]

  • Mycobacterium Leprae

    Wild leprosy in the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is characterized by the presence of multiple bacilli in internal organs such as lymph nodes, spleen and liver[] […] leprae-specific serologic responses at diagnosis in the cohort of patients enrolled at the Clinical Trial for Uniform Multidrug Therapy Regimen for Leprosy Patients in Brazil/U-MDT/CT-BR[] […] la Maladie, Bamako, Mali. 19 Programme National de Lutte contre la Lèpre, Ministry of Public Health, Niamey, Niger. 20 Tropical Medicine Centre, University of Brasília, Fiocruz[] Armadillo spleen did not decarboxylate the amino acid. The K m value of the enzyme in the organisms was similar to that in Escherichia coli .[]

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  • Mycoplasma Fermentans

    […] immunocompetent male who lacked evidence of HIV infection developed fever, malaise, progressive weight loss, and diarrhea and had extensive tissue necrosis involving liver and spleen[] 1994007996 A1 WO1994007996 A1 WO 1994007996A1 FR 9300948 W FR9300948 W FR 9300948W WO 9407996 A1 WO9407996 A1 WO 9407996A1 Authority WO Grant status Application Patent type[] Both, CT and CP, stimulated PGE(2) production of HPBM in vitro. Equivalent numbers of CT per host cell induced a higher PGE(2)-response compared to CP.[] Antigen was present in the macrophages of the patient's spleen, liver, and bone marrow but was not associated with areas of necrosis.[]

  • Zoledronic Acid

    Extramedullar hematopoiesis was searched for in spleen tissue.[] A8 WO 2003093282A8 IB 0204941 W IB0204941 W IB 0204941W WO 2003093282 A8 WO2003093282 A8 WO 2003093282A8 Authority WO Grant status Application Patent type Prior art keywords[] CT data were obtained at baseline and at 12 and 24months later and analyzed under blinded conditions.[] A3 WO2005044831 A3 WO 2005044831A3 IN 2004000238 W IN2004000238 W IN 2004000238W WO 2005044831 A3 WO2005044831 A3 WO 2005044831A3 Authority WO Grant status Application Patent[]

  • Leprosy

    The M. leprae-specific antigen, phenolic glycolipid I (PGL-I) was detected in spleen sections using a rabbit polyclonal antibody specific for PGL-I.[] We present the case of a 24-year-old man with leprosy neuritis who underwent FDG PET/CT.[] […] la Maladie, Bamako, Mali. 19 Programme National de Lutte contre la Lèpre, Ministry of Public Health, Niamey, Niger. 20 Tropical Medicine Centre, University of Brasília, Fiocruz[] OBJECTIVE: Describe adverse effects due to MDT in U-MDT/CT-BR, comparing the uniform regimen (U-MDT) to the current WHO regimen (R-MDT).[]

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  • Meningitis

    […] either meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine or meningococcal conjugate vaccine if you: Are a college freshman living in a dormitory Are a military recruit Have a damaged spleen[] Il grafico mostra l'andamento del dato citazionale di SCOPUS/WOS.[] F-FDG PET/CT was done to delineate the extent of the disease.[] We discuss the features of CT and their value in relation to a case of tuberculous meningitis in Djibouti, as well as the role of CT in managing this disease.[]

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  • Parasite

    Isolates of the organisms that infected the recipient and the donor, both of whom were spleen-intact residents of Washington State, were obtained by hamster inoculation.[] The PET-CT imaging revealed FDG accumulation in the left upper lung lesion.[] Author information 1 Laboratoire de Recherche sur le Paludisme, Organisation de Coordination pour la lutte contre les Endémies en Afrique Centrale, BP288, Yaoundé, Cameroon[] Abstract BACKGROUND: The spleen plays a pivotal role in the rapid clearance of parasitized red blood cells in patients with falciparum malaria after artemisinin treatment.[]

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