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565 Possible Causes for Campanula, drabifolia, subsp

  • Aquilegia

    CENTAUREA drabifolia 647. CENTAUREA drabifolia ssp detonsa 648. CENTAUREA karabaghensis ( Psephellus) 649. CENTAUREA montana alba 650. CENTAUREA parilica 651.[] Surprisingly, the two don't cross despite of their belonging to one species if the former is A. pyrenaica subsp. pyrenaica and the latter A. pyrenaica subsp. discolor . «[] Companions: Columbines are lovely with other denizens of light shade such as Ferns, Tiarella, Campanula, Alchemilla, Phlox divaricata, and Pulmonaria, and truly enliven woodland[]

  • Codonopsis

    Uses Images Distribution Synonyms Common Names Other Data Codonopsis pilosula subsp. tangshen (Oliv.)[] Exine structure of pantoporate Campanula (Campanulaceae) species. Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 79: 65_80. Punt, W., S. Blackmore, S. Nilsson, and A. LeThomas. 1994.[]

    Missing: drabifolia
  • Pulsatilla Vulgaris

    It is replaced by subsp. grandis (Wenderoth) Zamels in eastern Europe. For further information on this species, see Wells & Barling (1971). T. C. E.[] […] sites where P. vulgaris is common, the grassland is characteristically rich in species, with a high proportion of dicotyledons including, most commonly, Asperula cynanchica, Campanula[] P. vulgaris subsp. vulgaris is widely distributed across north-west Europe on calcareous and sandy soils, but diminishing as habitat destruction continues (Jalas & Suominen[]

    Missing: drabifolia
  • Lobelia

    Lobelia graminea, Lobelia splendens, Lobelia phyllostachacya,subsp. graminea var. pseudosplendens, Dormannia splendens, look at Systematic botany (Apr-Jun 1997) Phenetic analysis[] Well known species include bellflowers ( Campanula species) and balloon flower ( Platycodon grandiflorus ). About 415 species of Lobelia are known.[] The genus is distinguished from Campanula by the irregular corolla and completely united anthers and by the excessive acridity of the milky juice.[]

    Missing: drabifolia
  • Sambucus

    Video Transcript Elderberry – Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis Elderberry is in the Honeysuckle family. Elderberry is very poisonous.[] Brandt K, Kondo T, Aoki T, Goto T (1993) Structure and biosynthesis of anthocyanins in flowers of Campanula. Phytochemistry 33: 209–212. Google Scholar 14.[] . caerulea Jepson Manual eFlora (JM2) treatment of Sambucus cerulea subsp. caerulea [ permanent dead link ][]

    Missing: drabifolia
  • Juniperus Sabina

    Juniperus officinalis Garcke Juniperus sabina subsp. tamariscifolia (Aiton) A.E.Murray Juniperus sabina subsp. tamariscifolia Aiton Juniperus sabina var. humilis Endl.[] The thermophilic characteristics of these communities is emphasized by the species belonging to order Quercetalia pubescentis : Brachypodium pinnatum , Campanula persicifolia[] Son características Deschampsia flexuosa subsp. ibérica, Cytisus oromediterraneus , Juniperus communis subsp. nana y Juniperus sabina .[]

    Missing: drabifolia
  • Inula Helenium

    – I. h . subsp. orgyalis – I. h . subsp. pseudohelenium – I. h . subsp. turcoracemosa – I. h . subsp. vanensis Name [ edit ] Inula helenium L.[] Coleosporium inulae @ BPI (14) Erysiphaceae Erysiphe cichoracearum @ BPI (14) Halictidae Agapostemon virescens @ CUIC_ENT (1) Augochlora pura @ CUIC_ENT (23) Megachilidae Megachile campanulae[] Taxonavigation [ edit ] Familia: Asteraceae Subfamilia: Asteroideae Tribus: Inuleae Subtribus: Inulinae Genus: Inula Species: Inula helenium Subspecies: I. h . subsp. helenium[]

    Missing: drabifolia
  • Ficus Benjamina

    Kurz Ficus benjamina subsp . comosa (Roxb.) Panigrahi & Murti Ficus benjamina var . comosa King Ficus benjamina var. haematocarpa (Blume ex Decne.) Miq.[] Campanula glomerata ) may coagulate within less than two seconds [11] . Figure 1. Laticifer types of plant species used in this study.[] Fresh, uncoagulated latex of Campanula glomerata could not be measured, as it coagulates irreversibly before or while stirring in the dispersion unit.[]

    Missing: drabifolia
  • Euphorbia

    Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii Common Name: spurge Type: Herbaceous perennial Family: Euphorbiaceae Native Range: Balkans, European Turkey Zone: 6 to 8 Height: 2.00 to[] ‘Around the feet of these plants grow small euphorbias, lungwort and ground cover campanulas, while on the wall behind the rich flowers of clematis Star of India are beginning[] Euphorbia characias subsp. characias 'Burrow Silver' (v) spurge 'Burrow Silver' 'Burrow Silver' is an evergreen perennial with narrow, cream-edged, green leaves and large,[]

    Missing: drabifolia
  • Orobanche

    Pl. 633 (1753) O. ramosa subsp. mutelii (F.W. Schultz) Cout., Fl. Portugal 566 (1913) O. ramosa subsp. nana (Reut.) Cout., Fl.[] It has been reported as killing ornamental species including Pelargonium x hortorum and Campanula portenschlagiana in Ireland ( Murphy, 1972 ).[] Orobanche rapum-genistae Thuill. subsp. rapum-genistae Orobanche rapum-genistae Thuill. subsp. rapum-genistae Orobanche rapum-genistae Thuill. subsp. rapum-genistae Orobanche[]

    Missing: drabifolia