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  • Malocclusion

    CASE REPORT: Authors describe the case of a 13 year old female cleft patient presented with class III malocclusion RESULT: The patient underwent comprehensive surgical secondary[] […] crossbite or overbite, there are several different orthodontic appliances available, such as: Fixed multibracket braces – This type of dental braces consists of brackets cemented[] The densest area on the upper jaw is alveolar process between central incisors, which increases with age from 1045,14 59,81 to 1318 69,28.[] All rights reserved.[] BACKGROUND: The extraction of an upper lateral incisor for orthodontic purposes is rare and must be adequately justified.[] Objectives: To evaluate the tooth size discrepancy and Bolton's ratios between male and female subjects with a Class I malocclusion.[] Crowns were cemented using RelyX luting cement (Figure 8).[] Secondary outcome measures will be the changes in the mandible, maxilla, lower and upper molars at the end of treatment assessed by tomography superimposition and the young[]

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  • Supernumerary Teeth

    After secondary dentition was completed, the lower odontoma type supernumerary tooth was removed surgically, and also the maxillary and mandibular first premolars were extracted[] As the second step, early removal of teeth 53 and 63 and cementation of a space maintenance appliance (Nance's arch) were performed.[] Seven factors of tooth size for the upper central incisors and eight factors for the upper lateral incisors were extracted.[] CASE REPORT: The present case report describes the clinical management of two impacted supernumerary teeth, which impeded the eruption of the maxillary right central incisor[] BACKGROUND: Few researchers have investigated the relationship between supernumerary teeth (ST) and impacted incisors.[] The treatment of a supernumerary tooth is removal. Then, it is determined if orthodontic treatment is needed to help the impacted tooth to erupt.[] Supernumerary, or extra, teeth may or may not result in secondary problems.[] […] region, and the mandibular right premolar region.[]

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  • Hypodontia

    In 51% of units, the majority of patients assessed on the interdisciplinary clinic undergo their restorative care at the same secondary care unit.[] The metal-ceramic crowns were cemented with glass-ionomer cement (Relay X Luting 2; 3M ESPE).[] An additional five teeth (upper canines, upper lateral incisors and upper left first premolar) were missing in one of the triplets.[] Abnormalities found were: severely malformed pinna of the right ear, right malar hypoplasia and unilateral mandibular hypoplasia.[] In seven, the upper permanent lateral incisors were also missing and in five the deciduous upper lateral incisors as well.[] […] of formation of deciduous or permanent lateral incisors.[] Statistically significant relations were found between detected variations and tooth sizes.[] The most commonly missing teeth were upper lateral incisors and canines, followed by lower and upper second premolars. Asymmetrical hypodontia was more prevalent.[]

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  • Microdontia

    The image to the right illustrates an enamel spur on a secondary (permanent) maxillary first molar.[] Ceromer crowns were fabricated and cemented with light-curing dual resin from Ivoclarbrand and occlusal adjustments were made.[] […] contrasting character, microdontia of maxillary permanent lateral and mandibular primary central incisors and bilateral absence of maxillary first premolars and missing of the right[] Six months later the maxillary lateral incisors were restored in the similar fashion.[] A case of ogee permanent upper incisor teeth associated with microdontia, oligodontia, and tooth mobility is described.[] [1] Tan SPK, Van Wijk AJ, Prahl-Anderson B (2011) Severehypodontia: Identifying patterns of human tooth agenesis.[] Over 50% of patients with ARS develop secondary glaucoma, which raises the threat of vision loss and blindness.[] Dysplastic ear changes were asymmetrical and more pronounced in the upper half. Her both external auditory meatuses were patent with no stenosis.[]

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  • Premature Loss of Teeth

    The two charts at the end of this blog post provide the average times for the eruption and shedding of baby (or primary or milk) teeth and the eruption of adult (or secondary[] It can be either cemented or removable from a child’s mouth.[] For instance, a posterior crossbite occurs when the upper teeth and lower teeth do not lineup in a proper bite.[] As a general rule when a primary tooth is lost prematurely, the following consequences usually occur: The teeth both on the right and the left to the extracted tooth move[] incisors ( Fig 16-2a ).[] That’s why it’s important to fight tooth decay in primary teeth.[] They are caused by a failure of elements of primary and/or secondary palate to develop normally.[] […] to disease [ edit ] Tooth loss can occur secondary or concomitantly to many diseases.[]

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  • Single Central Maxillary Incisor

    It was considered that the ill-fitting facing metal crown included deep secondary caries reaching the subgingival region in the right central incisor.[] Other clinicians use water or glycerin when trying in a restoration; these do not produce the same visual effect as resin or cement that is used for final cementation, when[] On the 3D CT image of each subject, the middle pyriform aperture width (MPAW), upper 1/4 PA width (UPAW), and middle internasal process width (MINPW) were measured.[] Abstract A holoprosencephalic child was born to a mother with a single central maxillary incisor.[] Lateral thinking: the management of missing upper lateral incisors. Br Dent J 1995; 79(3):99-106. 9. Bishara SE. Impacted maxillary canines: a review.[] Abstract Two children with nasal pyriform aperture stenosis had the diagnosis of single central maxillary incisor made with CT scanning prior to tooth eruption and the clinical[] , CNPAS, nasopharyngeal encephalocele and congenital nasal tumors were thought of and computed tomography (CT) scan was planned to evaluate upper airway.[] To accurately describe the characteristic tooth present in this syndrome, it is necessary to specify: • Solitary: the tooth present exists as the only central incisor tooth[]

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  • Premature Tooth Eruption

    All individuals with TDO syndrome have dental abnormalities that affect both the primary (deciduous) and secondary (permanent) teeth but the range of severity is extremely[] It can be either cemented or removable from a child’s mouth.[] Lower teeth usually erupt before opposing upper teeth in both sexes.[] It may seem strange that a child's deciduous teeth are anchored so firmly for so long and then, right on schedule, just seem to fall out.[] Prematurely erupted natal and neonatal teeth are generally normal deciduous incisors.[] PTE occurred significantly later in children with BW 1000 g (t 3.4, P 0.01) or or 30 weeks (t 2.41, P 0.05). Factors related to nutrition appeared to be important.[] 6011000124106 MAPPRIORITY 1 6011000124106 MAPRULE OTHERWISE TRUE 447562003 MAPTARGET K00.6 6011000124106 MAPADVICE IF STEATOCYSTOMA MULTIPLEX WITH NATAL TOOTH SYNDROME CHOOSE[] Lateral incisors typically begin erupting between the ages of 7-9.[]

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  • Enamel Hypoplasia

    Abstract The clinical features of a 7-year-old girl with enamel hypoplasia secondary to autoimmune hypoparathyroidism and chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis are detailed.[] […] enamel hypoplasia a defect in which the enamel of the teeth is hard but thin and deficient in amount as a result of defective enamel matrix formation with a shortage of the cementing[] Dentine protrudes above the occlusal enamel of upper central incisors, both upper canines, the lower left canine, lower right central incisor, and all four first molars.[] right permanent central incisor was affected.[] After clinical and radiographic examination the lost deciduous incisor was found in the bone buccally to the permanent incisor.[] An unusual hypoplastic defect of the maxillary lateral incisors in great apes. [Abstract].[] The defects of enamel hypoplasia can be related to the layered structure of enamel which represents the sequence of development in tooth crowns.[] Abstract We report on a 12-year-old girl who presented with generalized enamel hypoplasia, cataracts, and enlargement of the cerebral ventricles secondary to aqueductal stenosis[]

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  • Abnormalities of Size and Form of Teeth

    Anomalies of tooth number, structure, and morphology can occur within human dentition secondary to genetic and epigenetic influences.[] Inlay: Indirect restoration consisting of either gold, porcelain, composite resin, that is cemented into the tooth where the cavity was removed.[] The following morphological features of the teeth were assessed: upper incisor shovelling and crown form, the presence of Carabelli's tubercle on the upper molars, molar cusp[] { finds all that have a word that starts with "tubercul" and than has either lung OR larynx in it Search Results After the search the results are displayed at the lower right[] Exaggerated cingulum of tooth • Exaggerated cusp of tooth • Fusion of crown of teeth • Fusion of teeth • Gemination of teeth • Generalized macrodontia • Hypertaurodontism • Lateral[] Discuss local and systemic causes of delayed tooth emergence. List treatment modalities available for management of delayed tooth emergence.[] Abrasion Pathological loss of tooth structure or restoration secondary to the mechanical action of an external agent Common causes are Hard tooth brush with abrasive tooth[] Prosthesis - A cemented or removable replacement for missing teeth.[]

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  • Anodontia

    RESULTS: Intra-oral and panoramic radiographs revealed that the female proband had anodontia denoted by the complete absence of teeth in both the primary and secondary dentitions[] […] teeth Define dental caries dental treatment dentition disease effective eruption ESSAYS Q.1 factors fissure sealants fluoride follows formocresol gingival glass ionomer cement[] Upper and lower complete dentures were fabricated for a 7 year old patient with anodontia.[] (B) The gingival contour of the right central and lateral incisors was modified to be more in harmony with the same opposing teeth and the right lateral incisor was rebuilt[] Abstract The relationship between maxillary lateral incisor anodontia and the palatal displacement of unerupted maxillary canines cannot be considered as a multiple tooth[] Abstract Coexistent partial anodontia and supernumerary tooth in the lower jaw is a very uncommon condition.[] A case of 8-year-old male child with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with complete anodontia of primary as well as secondary dentitions is presented.[] In the present case restoration of 75 and 85 was done with glass ionomer cement and fused primary teeth were retained as such as they were free from caries.[]

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