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401 Possible Causes for Cheese, cottage

  • Osteoporosis

    […] calcium, 6 oz. 200–260 (varies) Salmon, canned, with edible bones, 3 oz. 181 Pudding, instant (chocolate, banana, etc.) made with 2% milk, ½ cup 153 Baked beans, 1 cup 142 Cottage[] 125 g (4½ oz) low-fat yogurt 205 30 g (1 oz) hard cheese 190 0.2 litre (⅓ pint) calcium-enriched soya milk 180 125 g (4½ oz) calcium-enriched soya yogurt 150 115 g (4 oz) cottage[] Selected calcium-rich foods Food Calcium (mg) Fortified oatmeal, 1 packet 350 Sardines, canned in oil, with edible bones, 3 oz. 324 Cheddar cheese, 1½ oz. shredded 306 Milk[]

  • High Calcium Diet

    Ice cream: soft serve, 1 cup (274 mg) • Cheese: Muenster, 1 oz (203 mg); Cheddar, 1 oz (204 mg); Ricotta, part skim, 1 cup (167 mg); Mozzarella, part skim, 1 oz (207 mg); Cottage[] […] such as: • Cottage cheese • Mozzarella Avoid: • Sausages and luncheon meats • Fatty cheeses such as cream cheese Milk Exchange List: 6 servings per day Recommended: • Skim[] Mozzarella, part skim (1 ounce) 222 Muenster (1 ounce) 203 Parmesan, grated (1 ounce) 314 Pasteurized American (1 ounce) 156 Provolone (1 ounce) 214 Swiss (1 ounce) 224 Cottage[]

  • Lactose Intolerance

    Here’s a general guide, ranked from most to least in lactose content: skim milk lowfat milk whole milk yogurt ice cream cheese cottage cheese cream cheese butter (none or[] Aged cheeses contain almost no lactose - only 0.4-1 gram of lactose per ounce. Processed cheeses contain about 0.5-4 grams per ounce.[] Cream ( 2 tbsp ) 1 Sour cream ( 2 tbsp ) 1 Condensed milk, whole ( 2 tbsp ) 4 Evaporated milk ( 2 tbsp ) 3 Butter, margarine ( 1 tbsp ) Trace Yogurt, low-fat ( 1 cup ) 5 Cottage[]

  • Vaginitis 

    ; Itchiness; Pain may be present or not; A burning sensation when you pee may be a frequent complaint; Thick white discharge (often described as having the appearance of cottage[] […] or foamy discharge White or grey discharge Yeast Infection Specific Symptoms A smell like baking bread Pain, itching, burning, or redness around the vagina Thick, white ‘cottage[] Some women also have a thick, white discharge that has no odor and looks a little like cottage cheese. Can Vaginal Yeast Infections be prevented?[]

  • Low Sodium Diet

    […] crackers matzo melba toast graham crackers rice pasta hot cereals cold cereals like shredded wheat puffed rice Dairy: eggs or egg substitutes low sodium cheeses no salt added cottage[] Swiss, cheddar, and Monterey Jack Low-sodium cheeses—including ricotta, cream cheese, and mozzarella Ice cream Foods to avoid: Processed cheese, cottage cheese, cheese spreads[] […] canned vegetables or vegetable juices Low-sodium tomato paste and sauce Fresh, canned, or frozen fruit and juices Milk Cream Sour cream Non-dairy creamer Yogurt Low-sodium cottage[]

  • Geotrichum Candidum

    Cloth and Plyban Cheese Ripening Mats Spruce Bark Strips Cheese Recipe Books Cheese Wax, Wrappers & Coating CSK Cheese Coating Cheese Wax Cheese Wrappers Thermometers/pH[] Trend to reduce the thickness of cheese rind is to increase the dosage of GEO 17 to the detriment of Penicillium Candidum dosage.[] 236 74 Flavour enhancement in nonconventional cheeses 238 744 Lowfat cheese 240 75 Economic aspects 242 77 References 244 The chemical and biochemical basis of cheese and[]

  • Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor

    No cheese (except cottage, farmer or cream cheese), sour cream, homemade yogurt, red wine, vermouth, liquors, beer, ale, sherry, cognac, Bovril or Marmite yeast extracts ([] Some cheeses, particularly aged cheeses, contain high levels of tyramine. (Interestingly, some such as cottage cheese have little tyramine.)[] Here’s a quick and dirty list of foods you need to remember to avoid: Cheese (cream cheese and cottage cheese are the only okay cheeses![]

  • Tuberculosis

    Edward Livingston Trudeau (who had TB disease himself) opened the second, Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium, in Saranac, New York in 1884.[] The centers of these nodules have the consistency of soft, crumbly cheese.[] Caseation (caseum cheese) is the “solid” necrosis of the exudative initial alveolar lesion and of the lung tissue surrounding the lesion.[]

  • Soy Allergy

    Carbonated drinks Cocoa mixes (check label to see if soy free) Coffee Fruit juice and other fruit drinks Gatorade Tea Milk and dairy: Cheese Whole, low-fat and skim milk Cottage[] […] substitutes that contain soy: tofu/bean curd, natto, miso Textured vegetable protein (TVP) Milk & milk products Milk, cheese, cottage cheese, or yogurt without soy products[] […] soy is used as a meat extender Meat or cheese substitutes that contain soy: tofu/bean curd, natto, miso Textured vegetable protein (TVP) Milk & milk products Milk, cheese, cottage[]

  • High Protein Diet

    Eat cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit. Care Agreement You have the right to help plan your care.[] Here's how many grams of protein are in these foods: 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese: 14g 3 ounces tofu, firm: 9g 1/2 cup cooked lentils: 9g 2 tablespoons natural-style peanut[] GRAPES, CHEESE, AND HAM 1 1/2 c seedless grapes 2 slices fat-free American cheese singles 4 oz Healthy Choice ham slices 352 calories, 28 g protein, 51 g carbohydrates, 4[]

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