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4,814 Possible Causes for Cirrhosis,, Hepatic

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  • Skin Infection

    RESULTS: Alcoholism was the predominant etiology for cirrhosis. (50%) Most of them were of Child B cirrhosis.[] Complications such as hepatitis, encephalitis, and pneumonitis are more likely in individuals with disseminated varicella zoster virus infection.A 63-year-old woman being[] […] decrease the ability of white blood cells to fight infections People who are older People who have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), AIDS or other immune disorders, or hepatitis[]

  • Dementia

    cirrhosis Endocrine disorders such as Addison’s disease or Cushing’s disease STROKE AND DEMENTIA Dementia may also stem from strokes and other conditions that damage blood[] Abdominal computed tomography revealed a large portosystemic shunt between the medial branch of the portal vein and middle hepatic vein.[] […] possible causes include: Multiple sclerosis HIV, leukemia, meningitis, and other diseases that compromise the immune system Thyroid disease Diabetes -related hypoglycemia Liver[]

  • Tuberculosis

    CASE PRESENTATION: A 48-year-old man, with a history of decompensated alcoholic liver cirrhosis, was presented with stupor.[] CT-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy of the hepatic lesion was carried out and the cytological examination revealed hepatic tuberculosis.[] Alcohol-related problems included measurements of alcohol use disorders, as well as physical health conditions related to chronic excessive alcohol consumption ( e.g. alcoholic cirrhosis[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    Abstract Over a period of two years, 72 adult males with liver cirrhosis of different aetiologies were studied in terms of clinical and biochemical evidence of endocrine dysfunctions[] Hepatitis C virus infection of a thyroid cell line: Implications for pathogenesis of hepatitis C virus and thyroiditis. Thyroid 2013;23:863-70. 16.[] The metabolic consequences of excess thyroid hormone are due to accelerated catabolism with increased breakdown of protein and fat, and increased hepatic glucose production[]

  • Osteoporosis

    […] with liver cirrhosis due to chronic virus infection and alcoholic abuse were enrolled.[] Her hepatic enzyme levels returned to nearly normal range 9 days post-infusion.[] Kidney Disease Oral and Dental Health Respiratory and Allergies Allergies and Hay Fever Asthma Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Infectious/Immune AIDS and HIV Viral Hepatitis[]

  • Hepatic Encephalopathy

    Abstract Infections are common among patients with liver cirrhosis.[] Hepatic encephalopathy Synonyms Portosystemic encephalopathy, hepatic coma, [1] coma hepaticum Micrograph of Alzheimer type II astrocytes , as may be seen in hepatic encephalopathy[] BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Overt hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a major cause of significant morbidity and mortality in patients with liver cirrhosis.[]

  • Ascites

    Abstract Liver cirrhosis is a health problem worldwide, and ascites is its principal symptom.[] Patients with chronic hepatitis B infection who have negative hepatitis B e antigen are not always by definition “healthy carriers.”[] AIMS: The study aimed to evaluate the effects of tolvaptan treatment on survival of patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis with refractory ascites.[]

  • Hepatitis

    Patient with chronic hepatitis are more prone to serious complications like liver cirrhosis or liver failure.[] Liver transplant For some people with advanced 'scarring' of the liver (cirrhosis), liver transplantation may be an option.[] Abstract World Hepatitis Day is commemorated each year on July 28 with the goal of promoting awareness and inspiring action to prevent and treat viral hepatitis.[]

  • Kidney Failure

    Abstract Hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) is a unique type of kidney failure that occurs in advanced cirrhosis.[] We present a case of brucellosis with hepatitis, pancytopenia, peripheral arthritis, and kidney failure.[] He presented with hepatic and renal failure in relation to this syndrome demonstrated by renal biopsy.[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Cirrhosis of the liver following infectious mononucleosis. Am. J. Med. 8 :675, 1950. Google Scholar 4. Hsia, D. Y. , and Gellis, S. S.[] […] concomitantly infected with hepatitis A.[] Abstract We describe a case of infectious mononucleosis (IM) hepatitis occurring in an elderly thespian, who had recently played the role of 'Father Christmas'.[]

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