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1,581 Possible Causes for Cranial, Irradiation, Prophylactic

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    Once identified, immediate prophylactic multisystem support was emphasized.[] Growth hormone deficiency (n 10) was associated with previous cranial irradiation (P 0.005) and conditioning total body irradiation (P 0.001).[] Even among subjects with cranial radiation, 65.4% had either never seen an endocrinologist or had not seen one in the past 5 years.[]

  • Propranolol

    To evaluate the role of prophylactic propranolol in the prevention of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in infants 32 weeks of gestational age and their visual outcome at 1[] Therefore, aggressive treatments such as laser irradiation and corticosteroid have been used; however, recently, the effect of propranolol has been widely noticed.[] However, cranial involvement of such lesions is rare.[]

  • Surgical Procedure

    Debridement was thoroughly performed using a combination of curettage with a Gracey-type curette and ErL irradiation at a panel setting of 70 mJ/pulse and 20 Hz with sterile[] Preoperatively, an epoxy-resin model is built by stereolithography on three-dimensional (3D) cranial computed tomographic (CT) scan data of the patient affected by the cranial[] Lymphadenectomy should be performed in patients with ovarian cancer diagnosed at the time of prophylactic surgery.[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    Nevertheless, symptoms of OAB such as urgent episodes, incontinence, pollakiuria, and nocturia, which are consequences of irradiation, led us to test the effectiveness of[] 15 Cranial Nerve Neoplasms 44 73 Cranial Nerve Neoplasm 12 15 Malignant Neoplasm of Cranial Nerves 12 Malignant Tumor of the Cranial Nerve 12 Malignant Neoplasm of Cranial[] The prophylactic cranial irradiation and the total body irradiation during autologous bone marrow transplantation may have induced the development of their patient's olfactory[]

  • Urokinase

    We report a patient with an astrocytoma managed by partial resection and external beam irradiation to maximal tolerable doses.[] The diagnosis of isolated thrombosis of the straight sinus and of the deep cerebral venous system was established using cranial computerized tomography, magnetic resonance[] Restricting the use of prophylactic thrombolytic agents to patients with a history of thrombotic TCC malfunction could be more cost effective.[]

  • Anticonvulsant

    She had been receiving prophylactic diphenylhydantoin treatment 100 mg three times daily during radiation therapy.[] We present a 62-year-old man who received cranial irradiation following craniotomy for glioblastoma multiforme.[] We report a case of anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome developing toxic epidermal necrolysis with fatal outcome in a patient receiving cranial irradiation and aromatic[]

  • Factor IX

    Naive irradiated BALB/c mice which had received lymphocytes from donors immunised with hFIX developed anti-hFIX antibodies upon immune challenge.[] This case of cranial hemophilic pseudotumor in a patient with moderate factor IX deficiency suggests that cranial pseudotumor should be considered in the differential diagnosis[] A newly developed recombinant factor IX (BAX326(1) ) was investigated for prophylactic use in paediatric patients aged 12 years with severe (FIX level 1%) or moderately severe[]

  • Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma

    Since 2007, our patients have been using valproic acid as prophylactic anticonvulsant.[] A routine MRI scan finally depicted disease progression 5.7 months after the start of irradiation. The patient died 1.9 months later.[] A 4-year-old male presented with rapid-onset cranial nerve palsy and ataxia.[]

  • Fibromyalgia

    Phototherapy irradiation was performed at 11 locations in their bodies, employing a cluster with nine diodes (one super-pulsed infrared 905 nm, four light-emitting diodes[] […] symptoms, such as bladder and bowel dysfunction, result from compression of the sacral nerve root fibers, and facial pain and paresthesia result from compression of the cranial[] […] article, we report the case of a young woman suffering from bipolar II disorder with associated fibromyalgia, in whom memantine showed an acute antimanic and a long-term prophylactic[]

  • Curcumin

    A prophylactic vaccine was recently introduced, but there is still no commercially available treatment that targets active infections.[] HDFs were treated with 0‑10 µM Cur for 2 h and subsequently exposed to various intensities of UVA irradiation.[] Notably, in one patient, a large cranial plexiform neurofibroma exhibited a reduction in volume (28%) confirmed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging.[]