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  • Nasal Obstruction

    BACKGROUND: The dentigerous cyst is defined as a cyst that originates by the separation of the follicle from around the crown of an unerupted tooth.[] However, new-onset CSA has been described with use of other treatments for OSA, including tracheostomy, maxillofacial surgery, and mandibular advancement device.[] Abstract Thorough evaluation of a patient presenting with nasal obstruction, including nasal endoscopy and a CT scan when indicated, is recommended to guide proper diagnosis[] Dental practitioners might be the first clinicians to come across such tumours, during investigation of missing or non-erupted maxillary teeth, ie canines, and they should[] These deformities, which are more common in older children and adolescents, can be reconstructed through nose surgery with minimally invasive techniques that restore proper[] Our professionals will carefully evaluate these and make the proper treatment plan to deliver relief you need.[] Symptoms range from congestion, cough, headaches, to mouth-breathing, tooth decay, and sleep apnea.[]

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  • Esophageal Atresia

    Finally, a fixed prosthesis was positioned in the upper arch, and cemented through orthodontic bands adapted to both crowned second molars.[] CONCLUSION: Current evidence on short- and long-term outcomes of ER in LGEA patients was limited, and proper prospective comparative studies were lacking.[] Abstract The management of neonates with esophageal atresia (EA) associated with right-sided aortic arch (RAA) is often difficult technically.[] After proper pre-operative preparation and stabilization, 27 cases were treated by oesophago-oesophageal anastomosis using single layer of interrupted 5/0 polyglactin suture[] All rights reserved.[] EA/TEF repair is performed to correct these defects, ensuring the survival of affected infants and their proper breathing and digestion.[] The patient was placed in a modified prone position and three 5-mm ports were inserted into the right thorax.[]

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  • Supernumerary Teeth

    Tooth crown size of the upper central incisor was affected more than that of the upper lateral incisor, supporting a local field effect.[] CONCLUSION: Four supernumerary teeth in the maxillary and mandibular canine-premolar region is a rare finding.[] A sequential approach of surgical removal of the supernumerary teeth with 2 stages of surgical exposure and orthodontic traction of the impacted teeth resulted in proper incisor[] CASE REPORT: The present case report describes the clinical management of two impacted supernumerary teeth, which impeded the eruption of the maxillary right central incisor[] The treatment of a supernumerary tooth is removal. Then, it is determined if orthodontic treatment is needed to help the impacted tooth to erupt.[] The management of this case with a proper treatment plan enabled us to solve the problem without complex procedures.[] Measurements on CBCT images were significantly larger than the actual measurements on tooth length and crown width.[]

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  • Hypodontia

    This study aimed to compare mesiodistal crown dimension and arch widths between subjects with hypodontia and subjects without hypodontia (control group).[] Evaluating results of the subgroups, differences in the means of SNA, SNB and overjet between the groups were observed.Analysis of the mandibular growth pattern revealed,[] Proper radiographs should be used periodically to check for the possibility of delayed tooth development to reduce the potential of misdiagnosis and improper treatment.[] Hypodontia of all primary canines in a healthy individual is exceptionally rare and has not been previously reported in the dental literature.[] Abnormalities found were: severely malformed pinna of the right ear, right malar hypoplasia and unilateral mandibular hypoplasia.[] Statistically significant relations were found between detected variations and tooth sizes.[] Abstract Agenesis of mandibular permanent canines is uncommon.[]

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  • Fracture

    For the maxillary right central incisor, the trauma was considered a complicated crown-root fracture.[] After 1 year of follow-up, the patient is without complaints, with satisfactory dental occlusion, adequate contour, and mandibular alignment.[] Accurate diagnosis and proper treatment will help achieve favorable outcomes in these patients.[] […] fracture managed successfully with open reduction and internal fixation using a miniplate and a consequent cessation of root growth and eruption failure of a mandibular canine[] On routine follow-up visits, the angulation of the right femur in the fetus gradually improved.[] METHODS: Tooth fragments were examined clinically, stereoscopically, and by scanning electron microscopy.[] LESSONS: A high index of suspicion and careful evaluation of entire cervical spine should be considered as the key to the proper diagnosis and treatment of traumatic C1-2[]

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  • Benzocaine

    "The crown say Mr King was well aware of the use these chemicals were being put to, the crown say he had next to no legitimate customers.[] They were instructed to apply benzocaine and placebo patches randomly for right or left first permanent molars of maxillary/mandibular arches for 20 min and repeat this procedure[] Proper Use Drug information provided by: Micromedex Use this medicine exactly as directed by your doctor.[] METHODS: Topical agents were applied to the maxillary canine buccal mucosa of 73 adult volunteers.[] All rights reserved.[] Before self-applying 20% benzocaine gel or placebo, patients read a label containing new dosing directions, including a picture of how much product to apply to their tooth[] This medicine is available without a prescription; however, your doctor may have special instructions on the proper use and dose for your medical condition.[]

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  • Autoimmune Polyendocrinopathy

    […] developed method, the authors evaluated quantitatively the amount of defect in each tooth by measuring the width of the hypoplastic lesions and dividing the value by the crown[] If your body has too much or too little of a certain hormone, the feedback system signals the proper gland or glands to correct the problem.[] All rights reserved.[] The last visual acuity of the first patient was finger counting of the right eye and 0.3 of the left eye and of the second patient 0.08 of both eyes.[] Tooth impaction occurred in three patients.[] Tooth enamel and nails may also be affected. The third major component is adrenocortical failure (Addison's disease).[] Canines were the most severely affected among maxillary and mandibular teeth, but all tooth types were involved.[]

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  • Cyclopia

    […] the 6.5-mm-crown-rump length (C-RL) human embryo with a single nasal placode localized in front of two eye cups.[] […] agnathia-microstomia-synotia syndrome) is a rare lethal congenital malformation of the first branchial arch characterised by the association of agnathia (agenesis of mandible) or mandibular[] With the informed consent of the patient, the pregnancy was terminated by prostaglandin induction after proper counseling.[] In addition porencephaly, a double canine tooth, and a lateral branchial cyst were also present on the left side.[] All rights reserved.[] The maxilla and mandible were present, but there was no evidence of tooth formation.[] As far as cyclopia is concerned, special attention should be paid to proper diagnosis of this pathology at an earliest possible stage of fetal life.[]

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  • Apert Syndrome

    Crown Copyright 2012. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.[] Multilevel statistical techniques were used to describe mandibular asymmetry changes over time.[] Ideally, treatment of Apert begins at birth with the proper diagnosis, identification of the child's individual needs, and the proper facilities to administer what is needed[] Clinical examination revealed that primary centrals, canines and first molars erupted; however, primary second molars and laterals had not erupted.[] […] overaction (IOOA) and manifested right dissociated vertical deviation (DVD).[] CONCLUSIONS: Tooth agenesis is more prevalent in patients with Crouzon or Apert syndrome than in control subjects.[] The Annual Apert Conference is usually held each year in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at the Crown Reef Resort.[]

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  • Raloxifene

    Crown Copyright 2013. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.[] Large november quently was marked employ on per purpose over the hot growth and proper vessels, with well of the subsequent iron and supplementary medicine.[] Using a novel experimental approach, machined bone beams, both from mature male canine and human male donors, were depleted of living cells and then exposed to raloxifene[] In this paper, the authors present a clinical report of a 64-year-old woman who presented with a necrosis foci in the right alveolar ridge of the mandible, associated with[] OBJECTIVE: Periodontitis is characterized by local inflammation leading to tooth loss and severe destruction of alveolar bone.[] Crown Copyright  2016. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.[] All rights reserved.[]

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