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1,554 Possible Causes for CROWN, first, maxillary, molar, of, proper, right, tooth

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  • Irrigation

    Then, the crowns were sectioned to obtain palatal roots 15 mm in length. The root canals were prepared with the ProTaper Universal System and irrigated with 5% NaOCl.[] However, the access window in the lateral wall of the maxillary sinus cavity is not replaced by a bony wall when sinus grafting is not performed.[] […] case presented - with a rare and complicated vascular situs - illustrates particularly well that multimodal post-processing of the CT dataset for volume rendering allows proper[] […] died in the first group, and 7 (26%) in the second.[] A follow-up clinical and radiographic examination at 5 years after treatment showed an asymptomatic tooth with excellent osseous healing.[] An OW EDTA regimen showed antibacterial effect in the primary molar root canals but it was significantly less effective than NaOCl EDTA.[] BACKGROUND: The working hypothesis of the present study was that, by proper simultaneous control of irrigation (hydroSOStainable products) and crop load (thinning), it is[] CONCLUSION: Even in experienced individuals who are proper trained, TAI can cause rectal perforation, which always have to be born in mind.[]

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  • Non-Compliance

    A smaller amount of distal movement and a greater amount of crown tipping can be noted at second molars.[] The findings suggest that there is a need to provide community-level mental health education and proper counseling to psychiatry patients.[] All rights reserved.[] The RSV-related hospitalizations prior to the first dose of palivizumab suggest some dosing was started too late.[] Abstract Tooth Size Arch-length Discrepancy (TSALD) is a common problem in orthodontics. Its clinical signs are tooth crowding, impaction and incisor proclination.[] Effects of Noncompliance Diabetics who are noncompliant do not realize or accept that proper self-care will have a positive effect in the long-term.[] The Immigration Act 2016 has made illegal working a new criminal offence in its own right and widened the nature of the criminal offence of employing an illegal worker.[] Proper use of gloves slows down work process 8. Ineffective education 9. Inadequate safety culture that doesn't stress the need for everyone to perform hand hygiene 10.[]

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  • Fracture

    For the maxillary right central incisor, the trauma was considered a complicated crown-root fracture.[] Accurate diagnosis and proper treatment will help achieve favorable outcomes in these patients.[] On routine follow-up visits, the angulation of the right femur in the fetus gradually improved.[] If the injury is not treated properly, chronic pain or persistent impairment for inversion and plantar-flexion of the first ray may occur.[] METHODS: Tooth fragments were examined clinically, stereoscopically, and by scanning electron microscopy.[] LESSONS: A high index of suspicion and careful evaluation of entire cervical spine should be considered as the key to the proper diagnosis and treatment of traumatic C1-2[] A 7-year-old patient with a coronal fracture in a maxillary central incisor was treated with an apexification technique using calcium hydroxide.[] In most cases a rigid cast is used to immobilize the bones for several weeks and achieve the proper union.[]

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  • Lidocaine

    Crown copyright 2017.[] DEX or DEX lidocaine was injected into the labial gingiva corresponding to the root apex of the maxillary left central incisor and into the buccal gingiva corresponding to[] Proper Use Drug information provided by: Micromedex Use this medicine exactly as directed by your doctor.[] All rights reserved. No commercial use is permitted unless otherwise expressly granted.[] The success rate for articaine supplemental BI in first molars was 61% versus 63% for second molars (P .05).[] In both groups, tooth sectioning was the most painful event (p .0001). No influence of gender (p .85) or age (p .96) was observed in pain response.[] Knowledge of proper lidocaine dosage can prevent LAST. LAST may be effectively treated with lipid emulsion therapy.[] All rights reserved.[]

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  • Chronic Inflammation

    RESULTS: An uneventful healing was noted after 6 months of osseointegration; two porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns were fabricated.[] Therefore, one of my aims when treating patients is to restore proper joint function. I do this by properly aligning misaligned bones.[] The right foods can however help reduce the amount of inflammation in the body and improve overall health. Boost consumption of fruits and vegetables.[] To our knowledge, this is the first report on familial myeloma from Turkey.[] Both offer nutrients that crown them with a health halo of inflammation-calming characteristics.[] But problems can occur when inflammation begins to run rampant without a proper controlling influence to oppose it, leading to chronic inflammation.[] Meaning a continuous flow of pro-inflammatory cytokines, ongoing fluid build-up in tissues, and an overall loss of proper function.[] A right radical orchidectomy was performed. Histopathology and immunohistochemistry revealed primary leiomyosarcoma of the right testis.[]

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  • Ketamine

    Crown Copyright 2016. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.[] A 50-year-old female presented in 2006 with a 1-year history of constant sharp pain in the gingiva surrounding the maxillary left second premolar and second molar rated as[] If it is determined you are a candidate for ketamine infusion, your physician will utilize the information from your examination to determine the proper ketamine dose, infusion[] In met carriers ( n 14), corrected left and right thalamic volume negatively correlated with antidepressant response to ketamine.[] Abstract INTRODUCTION: To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case report of successful treatment for bipolar II disorder using a combined ketamine and transcranial[] Hypnotics and Sedatives/administration & dosage* Ketamine/administration & dosage* Midazolam/administration & dosage* Opioid-Related Disorders Oxycodone/adverse effects Tooth[] AIMS: Here we report on a patient who had CRPS affecting mainly the right side of her body who underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans prior to and in[] Overall, it is the first report on a fluorescence genosensor for detecting ketamine directly in blood.[]

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  • Enterococcus Faecalis

    The crowns were removed to obtain a standard root length of 15 mm. The included mesial roots had an angulation of 10 -40 and canals with independent foramina.[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study was conducted on freshly extracted maxillary incisors. After biomechanical preparation, root canals were injected with E. faecalis.[] Despite being well-recognized in the literature, this condition is often not recognized by healthcare practitioners, leading to a delay in the proper diagnosis and treatment[] Abstract A 63-year-old female patient was admitted to the department of neurology following an acute ischemic infarction of the right medial cerebral artery.[] This article reports the first case of beta-lactamase positive VRE in Australia.[] Five milliliters test tubes were chosen for the colonization of tooth specimens.[] As a result, healthcare professionals regularly stress the importance of employing proper hand-washing techniques in the fight against its spread.[] This is the first case in Japan of infectious endocarditis due to E. faecalis small-colony variants.[]

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  • Esophageal Atresia

    Finally, a fixed prosthesis was positioned in the upper arch, and cemented through orthodontic bands adapted to both crowned second molars.[] CONCLUSION: Current evidence on short- and long-term outcomes of ER in LGEA patients was limited, and proper prospective comparative studies were lacking.[] Abstract The management of neonates with esophageal atresia (EA) associated with right-sided aortic arch (RAA) is often difficult technically.[] PPIs did not affect the frequency of dilations during the first year of life.[] After proper pre-operative preparation and stabilization, 27 cases were treated by oesophago-oesophageal anastomosis using single layer of interrupted 5/0 polyglactin suture[] The patient was placed in a modified prone position and three 5-mm ports were inserted into the right thorax.[] EA/TEF repair is performed to correct these defects, ensuring the survival of affected infants and their proper breathing and digestion.[] All rights reserved.[]

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  • Naproxen

    December 06, 2017 Article Touted as a promising alternative energy source for decades, solar panels crown rooftops and roadside signs, and help keep spacecraft powered.[] Exclusion Criteria: Presence of caries lesions, restorations and/or endodontic treatment at any maxillary anterior teeth.[] Proper Use Drug information provided by: Micromedex For safe and effective use of this medicine, do not take more of it, do not take it more often, and do not take it for[] All rights reserved.[] The primary outcome measure was pain score at the first postoperative hour assessed by the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS).[] CONCLUSIONS: Preemptive use of naproxen only reduced tooth sensitivity reported by patients immediately after the second session of bleaching.[] […] randomized crossover design, this study aimed to evaluate acute postoperative pain management, swelling and trismus in 46 volunteers undergoing extractions of the two lower third molars[] Researchers speculated that the naproxen the mother was taking blocked the hormone necessary for proper fetal lung development.[]

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  • Supernumerary Teeth

    Tooth crown size of the upper central incisor was affected more than that of the upper lateral incisor, supporting a local field effect.[] The total number of impacted maxillary anterior supernumerary teeth was 51.[] A sequential approach of surgical removal of the supernumerary teeth with 2 stages of surgical exposure and orthodontic traction of the impacted teeth resulted in proper incisor[] CASE REPORT: The present case report describes the clinical management of two impacted supernumerary teeth, which impeded the eruption of the maxillary right central incisor[] In the first step, we removed teeth 53s and 63s.[] The treatment of a supernumerary tooth is removal. Then, it is determined if orthodontic treatment is needed to help the impacted tooth to erupt.[] Abstract This report describes the orthodontic treatment of a 14-year-old boy who had 3 impacted maxillary teeth (right canine, left central incisor, and left second molar[] PURPOSE: The aim of the present investigation was to compare the prevalence of taurodontism in the permanent mandibular first molars of nonsyndromic children with hypodontia[]

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