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693 Possible Causes for Distortions,, Perceptual

  • Dementia

    Other areas that may be affected include language, perceptual skills, reasoning, and personality.[] Gradually the patient may progress to a state in which he/she complains of tremors, balance and coordination problems, decline of thinking and planning capacity, delusions, distorted[]

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

    Abstract Affective dysregulation, impulsivity and cognitive-perceptual difficulties are the psychopathological nuclear dimensions of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).[] Abstract Thought-shape fusion (TSF) is a cognitive distortion associated with eating disorders (ED).[] More specifically, symptoms in patients with BPD often occur within the context of disruptions in attachment and related distortions in cognitive-affective processing of the[]

  • Capsaicin

    A numerical rating scale (NRS) and a template matching procedure were used to quantify the perceptual distortions.[] A numerical rating scale (NRS) and a template matching procedure were used to quantify the perceptual distortions.[] OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to examine reports of perceptual distortion evoked by transient deafferentation and burning pain as models of aspects of burning mouth[]

  • Toxic Encephalopathy

    Thus, their reduced performance in this task was mainly related to the reduction in the number of items which could be processed during a single eye fixation (perceptual span[] The scores in the distorted speech test were significantly lower and the CRA latencies were significantly longer in the solvent group than in the control group.[] […] suspicion of solvent-induced chronic toxic encephalopathy (CTE), were investigated with pure-tone audiometry, determination of speech recognition of monosyllabic words and distorted[]

  • Acute Mountain Sickness

    […] directly associated with the drug or if perhaps there was some selection bias with individuals taking ACZ more likely to have symptoms or if there may have been more of perceptual[] Distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) can be used to monitor the intracranial pressure (ICP) noninvasively with a level decrease at the frequencies f2 1 and 1.5[] At 5085 m, RPE during a fixed workload step test (RPE fixed ) and step rate during perceptually regulated exercise (STEP RPE35 ) were recorded.[]

  • Sinus Arrhythmia

    Cognitive control induced inhibition of RSA whereas perceptual attention generally did not.[] Abstract The estimates of heart rate variability (HRV) low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) components with constant frequency bands may distort when the frequency of[] As long as VT was constant, severe chest wall distortion (protocol c) did not modify RSA.[]

  • Solvent

    He also showed impaired performance on tests of auditory memory, perceptual speed, visual scanning, and manual dexterity, as well as electromyographic evidence of prolongation[] […] content in the binary reaction solvent system increases the extent of cross-linking of gelatin nanofibers, but simultaneously promotes the effect of biopolymer swelling and distortion[] Spray painters with four or more neurobehavioural symptoms also performed more poorly on Digit Symbol (perceptual speed) compared with those with less number of symptoms.[]

  • Parosmia

    Psychology Terms OLFACTORY NERVE COSMIC IDENTIFICATION CUTANEOUS SENSE ZWAARDEMAKER SMELL SYSTEM PITRES' RULE WORD SALAD OLFACTORY EROTICISM PHANTOSMIA TROPOSMIA TACTILE PERCEPTUAL[] Parosmia describes a perceived distortion when there is an odorant stimulus present.[] A parosmia score could be established that distinguishes between patients with or without odor distortions.[]

  • Distractibility

    The critical finding, however, was that this relationship was confined to task conditions of low perceptual load: High perceptual load reduced distractor interference for[] See Also: Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Service Order distinguishing distomatosis distort distorted distortion distr. distract distracted distractibility distracting[] KEYWORDS: ADHD; attention; distraction; perceptual load; personality traits[]

  • Astigmatism

    Abstract This study assessed the effect of two perceptually matched mental tasks with different levels of mental demand on ocular aberrations in a group of young adults.[] This causes light to focus in more than one point on the retina, resulting in blurry and distorted vision.[] When the shape of your lens is distorted, you have lenticular astigmatism. In either case, your vision for both near and far objects is blurry or distorted.[]

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