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  • Jejunal Diverticulosis

    The patient had a known hiatus hernia and, in addition, took two tablets daily of a buffered aspirin preparation (Bufferin).[] Jejunal diverticulosis, a form of acquired false diverticula, is considered to be a rare clinical entity, which is mostly asymptomatic.[] A 66-year-old female, who had been taking low dose aspirin for approximately 6 months, was admitted to hospital with severe gastrointestinal bleeding.[] […] tabes dorsalis or coma, stercoral ulceration, physiological pneumoperitoneum in women due to exercise in the knee-elbow position, and vaginal douches with a bulb syringe or effervescent[]

  • Ranitidine

    All GR tablets containing PVP-CP combinations achieved more prolonged floating ( 24 h) than CP tablets (5.2 h).[] CB[7] was found to react with the probe to form a stable complex. The fluorescence intensity of the complex was also enhanced greatly.[] Median t (max) and t (½) for the 100 mg dose were about 1 and 7 h, respectively, and the pharmacokinetics were dose-proportional.[] We hypothesized that a combination of an effervescent antacid and ranitidine could allow immediate and long-lasting increase intragastric acidity.[]

  • Cefuroxime

    The subjects received 1 Zednad Tablet (500 mg/ tablet) and 1 Zinnat Tablet (500 mg/tablet) in a randomized, two-way crossover design fashion on 2 treatment days, after an[] The cost of parenteral prophylaxis was US 7.58, while that of the oral form was US 3.92.[] Continuous infusion of higher than normal doses after a loading dose is more likely to achieve pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic targets.[] The floating tablets were developed using polymers like HPMC K4M and HPMC K100M alone, and polymer combination of HPMC K4M and Polyox WSR 303 by effervescent technique.[]

  • Piroxicam

    T(lag) with freeze-dried tablet was three times shorter than with capsule (21.6 min versus 59.4 min).[] […] containing piroxicam in the free acid form are reviewed.[] 20 mg (Group P) given IM alone--single dose in 150 patients who had elective cesarean delivery.[] Effervescent tablets Besides piroxicam, each effervescent tablet contains lactose, sodium glycine carbonate, fumaric acid, aspartame, macrogol 6000 and lemon flavor.[]

  • Zolmitriptan

    tablet in 218 patients with significant migraine disability.[] Bioadhesive nasal dosage forms are an attractive method for overcoming rapid mucociliary clearance transport in the nose and for delivering the drug directly to brain.[] Volunteers generally reported fewer adverse events during the multiple-dose phase than after the single-dose phase.[] Healthcare Coloufree Childrens Paracetamol, Soul Pattinson Paracetamol, API Healthcare Colourfree Childrens Paracetamol Double Strength, Soul Pattinson Paracetamol Clear Effervescent[]

  • Paresthesia

    Eleven healthy adults ingested 1.6 g of a pure βA reference solution (REF), 1.6 g in slow-release βA tablets (TAB) or a placebo (PLA) after an overnight fast.[] We delineated the brachial plexus on 3-dimensional dose-planning computerized tomography.[] You feel like your head and/or brain has an effervescent feeling. It feels as though the top of your head is tingling.[] As breast cancer survivors are benefiting increasingly from advanced forms of therapy, the side effects of locoregional treatment in the adjuvant setting are becoming more[]

  • Glipizide

    This is the first report to describe the delayed onset of hypoglycemia in a child after ingestion of one tablet of glipizide.[] […] reliable relationship between in vitro drug release and in vivo absorption is highly desired for rational development, optimization, and evaluation of controlled-release dosage forms[] For the colesevelam coadministration periods, 3,750 mg once daily was dosed throughout the pharmacokinetic sampling period.[] Buoyancy was achieved by adding an effervescent mixture of sodium bicarbonate and anhydrous citric acid.[]

  • Flutamide

    You should take your Cytomid tablets 250mg with a glass of water three times a day (one tablet approximately every 8 hours), preferably with food.[] […] that react with GSH to form GSH adducts FLU-G5-7, respectively.[] Very low dose of flutamide was successful and safe and in the treatment of hyperandrogenism in adolescence.[] The mixture was kept aside for 30 min and at the end of 30 min sodium bicarbonate was added to neutralize the above solution, till the effervescence subside and made up to[]

  • Montelukast

    The 10 mg tablets contain lactose; the 5 mg and 4 mg chewable tablets do not.[] Our results indicate on positive role of montelukast - leukotrien inhibitor in the treatment of severe and mild forms of asthma.[] […] for all-dose and for ultra-high-dose ( 50 mg) exposures.[] Extra Super Viagra Extra Super Cialis Extra Super Levitra Malegra FXT Malegra DXT Viagra Professional Cialis Professional Viagra Super Active Cialis Super Active Kamagra Effervescent[]

  • Dihydrocodeine

    (32.5 mg)/paracetamol (325 mg) tablets (2 tablets 3-times daily to 2 tablets 4-times daily) for a period of 2 weeks.[] Dihydrocodeine (DHC) is a semi-synthetic analogue of codeine, which was formed by the hydrogenation of the double tie in the main chain of the codeine molecule - instead of[] RE: codeine dose v dihydrocodeine dose??[] Existing packs of greater than 32 effervescent tablets and marked for dispensing purposes should be supplied only in accordance with RPSGB guidance.[]