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42 Possible Causes for E2F4, Factor, Transcription

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  • Promyelocytic Leukemia

    transcripts.[] Based on retrospective assessments, several potential risk factors for hemorrhagic morbidity and mortality have emerged.[] Isoform PML-1 , isoform PML-2 , isoform PML-3 , isoform PML-4 and isoform PML-5 interact with MAGEA2, RBL2, PER2 and E2F4. Isoform PML-2 interacts with CIITA.[]

  • Diffuse Gastric Cancer

    […] a key tumor suppressor, whose oncosuppressive activity has mainly been attributed to its ability to negatively regulate cell cycle by interacting with the E2F4 and E2F5 transcription[] GSTT1-null genotype was identified as a protective factor, with OR 0.48 (95% CI 0.22-0.99, p 0.04).[] Primers flanking the region of the mutation detected 3 distinct transcripts.[]

  • Epithelioid Cell Sarcoma

    Transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms induce cyclin-D1 over-expression in B-chronic lymphoproliferative disorders . Int J Cancer 1999; 83 :230–234. 25.[] Kuhnen Edina Tolnay Hans Ulrich Steinau Bruno Voss Klaus-Michael Müller Abstract Overexpression of c-Met receptor/hepatocyte growth factor (scatter factor) system (c-Met/HGF[] Ohtani N, Brennan P, Gaubatz S, Sanij E, Hertzog P, Wolvetang E, Ghysdael J, Rowe M, Hara E: Epstein-Barr virus LMP1 blocks p16INK4a-RB pathway by promoting nuclear export of E2F4[]

  • Lymph Node Metastasis

    Expression of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) is significantly associated with tumor formation, migration, and invasion in various cancers.[] The relationship between clinicopathological factors and CLNM were analyzed by univariate and multivariate logistic regression.[] The top upstream regulators of our genes of interest are PTGER2, ERBB2, E2F4 , and TGFB1 ( Supplementary Table 3 ).[]

  • Metabolic Syndrome

    Sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 1 (SREBP1c) has been found as a pro-adipogenic basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor which activates peroxisome[] Hypoadiponectinemia and insulin resistance represent independent risk factors for metabolic syndrome development.[] Metabolic syndrome is a risk factor for neurological disorders such as stroke, depression and Alzheimer's disease.[]

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

    […] multiplex reverse transcription (RT)-PCR using HemaVision kit.[] CONCLUSION: Our study demonstrates variations in the utilization of HCT based on socioeconomic and health system factors.[] The following monoclonal antibodies were used: anti-NPM1, -RNA pol II-CTD, -E2F4, -E2F6, -GADD34, -RBBP5, -NFκB/p65, -Ash2L, -WDR5, -CBP, -RING1, -RING2, -HCFC2, -HIP2, -HEXIM1[]

  • Burkitt Lymphoma

    Isoforms RNA, Messenger STAT1 Transcription Factor STAT1 protein, human STAT2 Transcription Factor STAT2 protein, human STAT4 Transcription Factor STAT4 protein, human Receptor[] The accumulated p107 protein is then able to interact with E2F4 and E2F5, which have been released from pRb2/p130, and associate with cyclin A (cyc A)/cdk2.[] Although they are listed within a unique entity in the current WHO Classification, recent evidence indicated genetic and transcriptional differences among the three sub-groups[]

  • Osteosarcoma

    The cellular levels of the transcription factors p53 and Sp1 affect the expression of cellular pathways that lead to apoptosis.[] The role of other host factors was also explored.[] Of interest also the convolution between the upregulated hsa-miR-138 and MYC through target genes CDK2, CTNNB1, NFKB1, E2F4, and ITGA6 implicated in cellular processes related[]

  • Arsenic Trioxide

    Also, ATO suppresses endogenous Hedgehog (Hh) signaling, as it significantly reduces Gli1 transcriptional activity and expression levels of several Hh target genes.[] The vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) promotes blood vessel regeneration which might play important roles in development and progression of neoplasia.[] Isoform PML-4 also: acts as a transcriptional repressor of TBX2 during cellular senescence and the repression is dependent on a functional RBL2/E2F4 repressor complex, regulates[]

  • Liver Metastasis

    KNG1 and COX5B), transcription factors (e.g.[] Preoperative risk factors associated with UR after UFS were analyzed.[] Fine needle aspiration cytology of the liver lesion supplemented with immunohistochemical analysis using thyroid transcription factor 1 confirmed the lesion as being an isolated[]