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208 Possible Causes for Echinops, orientalis

  • Osteoporosis

    Echinops induced ERα and ERβ in both bone specimens and BMSCs.[] Mongolian medicine echinops prevents osteoporosis, but its mechanism remains unclear.[] Rats were treated to Echinops (16.26, 32.5, or 65 mg/kg/day) by oral gavage for 3 months.[]

    Missing: orientalis
  • Sigesbeckia

    Reference Sigesbeckia orientalis L. Sigesbeckia orientalis L. ent-Pimarane-Type Diterpenoids from Siegesbeckia orientalis L.[] Name Identification Sigesbeckia orientalis L. [family ASTERACEAE ] Flora Entry for SIGESBECKIA abyssinica O. & H.[] Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family) Synonyms: Siegesbeckia orientalis, Minyranthes heterophylla St Paul's Wort is a small annual herb, growing up to 2-4 ft tall.[]

    Missing: Echinops
  • Storax

    In this study, Siğla (Liquidambar orientalis Mill.) storax (styrax) was investigated for antibacterial activity against Aeromonas hydrophila, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, B[] FD styrax (liquidambar orientalis) odor: storax flavor: storax FD styrax (liquidambar styraciflua) odor: storax flavor: storax FL/FR styrax absolute (liquidambar orientalis[] Storax ( Latin : storax ; Greek : στύραξ, stúrax ), [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] often commercially sold as styrax, is a natural resin isolated from the wounded bark of Liquidambar orientalis[]

    Missing: Echinops
  • Thuja

    BACKGROUND: Thuja orientalis has been traditionally used to treat patients who suffer from baldness and hair loss in East Asia.[] A phytochemical investigation on the essential oil of Thuja orientalis resulted in the isolation and identification of three new sesquiterpenes, 3α-methoxy-4α-epoxythujopsane[] N-butoxypinusolidic acid (2), and 15,16-dihydro-15,16-dimethoxylambertianic acid (3), along with twelve known compounds (4-15) were isolated from MeOH extracts of leaves of Thuja orientalis[]

    Missing: Echinops
  • Aristolochia Petersiana

    Hugonia orientalis Engl.[] ;Kasonsosonso;;;/ COMPOSITAE;Melanthera;scandens subsp. madagascariensis;Likyagala;;;/ COMPOSITAE;Echinops;amplexicaulis;Linkugala;;;/ COMPOSITAE;Bidens;grantii;Lisanda (1[] Rourea orientalis Baill. ( Byrsocarpus orientalis (Baill.) Baker) Rourea thomsonii (Baker) Jongkind ( Jaundea pinnata (P.Beauv.) G.Schellenb.) Agelaea pentagyna (Lam.)[]

  • Orobanche

    Phelipanche orientalis (Beck) Soják Phelipanche oxyloba (Reut.) Soják Phelipanche portoilicitana (A. Pujadas & M. B. Crespo) Carlón & al. Phelipanche pseudorosmarina (A.[] Lewisia oppositifolia , Ornithostaphylos oppositifolia ) -ops/-opsis: indicates a resemblance, as for example Coreopsis , "resembling a bug," or " Echinops ," resembling a[] Schultz species Orobanche nana Noë - Nodding Broomrape species Orobanche ombrochares Hance species Orobanche orientalis Beck species Orobanche owerini (Beck) Beck species[]

  • Eclipta

    […] thin-walled cells in almost all of the species studied here, but the cellular collapse is more pronounced in seeds of Eclipta alba, Emilia sonchifolia (Figure 3A) and Sigiesbeckia orientalis[] The genus Echinops was published by Carl Linnaeus in 1753.[] […] cat. et herb. n. 323), ... in Indiae orientalis humidis legerunt cl. Heyne et Wight . Hic etiam pertinere videtur E. prostrata D et E Wall.![]

  • Euonymus Europaeus

    Conspectus florae orientalis.[] The genus Echinops was published by Carl Linnaeus in 1753.[] (ref. genus Echinops ) echinosper'mum: with spiny seeds. echinospor'a: with spiny spores or seeds. echinula'ta: with very small prickles or spines. (ref.[]

  • Euphorbia

    , CacumenCe Bai Ye10 g.90072Biota SeedPlatycladus orientalis, SemenBai Zi Ren10 g.90073BletillaBletilla striata, RhizomaBai Ji10 g.90074Blue Citrus (Citrus Viride)Citrius[] Medicinal cyathula 10 g Daphne genkwa Yuan Hua Lilac daphne 3 g Datura metel Bai Man Tuo Lou Hindu Datura 0,3 g Dichroa febrifuga Huang Chang Shan Antifebrile Dichroa 10 g Echinops[] Giganteus 巨大蓝刺头 Ju Da Lan Ci Tou Grand Globethistle Echinops Grijsii 华东蓝刺头 Hua Dong Lan Ci Tou East China Globethistle Echinops Ritro 新疆蓝刺头 Xin Jiang Lan Ci Tou Sinkiang[]

  • Mullein

    Plantae Vasculares Orientalis Extremi Sovietici 5: 1-388. Nauka, Leningrad. Chukavina, A.P. (ed.) (1984). Flora Tadzhikskoi SSR 7: 1-562.[] Trautvetter'ia: after Ernst Rudolf von Trautvetter (1809-1889), a Baltic-German or Russian botanist who specialized in the flora of the Caucasus and central Asia and was author of De Echinope[] Canada thistle BW L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I), GL (I), SPM (I) CIVU Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten. bull thistle BW L48 (I), AK (I), HI (I), CAN (I), SPM (I) CLOR Clematis orientalis[]

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