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251 Possible Causes for Entire, postauricular, region

  • Otitis Media

    Overall, regional differences were minor and consensual management was obtained on several important issues.[] […] case in which a 28-year-old woman presented with a long-standing history of ear discharge, hearing loss, facial weakness with ipsilateral facial swelling and cellulitis, a postauricular[] If the entire 12 month period expires and a final assessment has not been submitted, The Benchmarque Group reserves the right to deem the assessment Not Competent and remove[]

  • Keloid

    We report the case of an 81 -year -old man with unexpected spontaneous keloid lesion in the right postauricular region.[] A large resection was made to include the entire mass and the lower fascia. The defect area was repaired with a Limberg flap.[] DNA methylation of the CDC2L1 gene promoter region or healthy normal skin-tissues.[]

  • Eosinophilic Granuloma

    The patients' presenting symptoms were external ear canal mass in 10 patients (83.3%), postauricular swelling in 8 patients (66.7%), and persistent otorrhea in 4 patients[] A computed tomography scan revealed a shadow of soft tissues in the left occipital site involving the entire thickness of the calvaria, which was indicative of marked destruction[] There was a painless, hard, tender mass arising from the left side of the molar region. Panoramic radiographs showed a radiolucent area at the molar region.[]

  • Osteoblastoma

    Abstract Osteoblastoma occurring in the region of the hip is very rare, and vague symptoms with uncharacteristic radiographic features often lead to misdiagnosis.[] The patient had been well without facial palsy, until 2012 when she complained of right postauricular pain again.[] Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed lytic and osteoblastic bone lesions involving the entire C2 vertebra.[]

  • Paresis

    RESULTS: Neuroimaging studies indicated posttraumatic contusion of the thalamic-mesencephalic region in all nine patients who corresponded to the artery of Percheron region[] At the onset, 136 patients presented postauricular pain, 114 were affected by dry eye, and 94 reported dysgeusia.[] […] vergence, showing a right hyperdeviation that increases in upgaze and adduction of the higher, right eye (also interpretable as extorsion and elevation of the right eye's entire[]

  • Dermoid Cyst

    Epidermoid cysts are relatively less common in the head and neck region, hence are likely to be misdiagnosed.[] The treatment of postauricular dermoid cyst is complete surgical excision of the cyst wall.[] The tumor wall was continuously attached to the dura, although the tumor itself was entirely extradural in location.[]

  • Lamellar Ichthyosis

    The ABCA12 gene is located in a region of chromosome 2q34 that harbors the genes for lamellar ichthyosis, polymorphic congenital cataract, and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus[] She was successfully treated with postauricular skin grafts and horizontal lid shortenings.[] The patient, a 33-year-old woman, showed thick, lamellar scales on the entire body surface.[]

  • Ectropion

    […] flap was harvested with a supra-auricular incision down to the non-hair-bearing side skin of the postauricular region.[] Evaluation 10 weeks after surgery found that ectropion had been minimized or prevented entirely.[] Examination evidenced important scarring of lower eyelid and malar region with secondary ectropion.[]

  • Atelectasis

    Abstract Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a non-invasive, radiation-free tool to monitor regional changes in ventilation.[] INTERVENTIONS: Underlay myringoplasty with temporalis fascia or tragal perichondrium by transcanal or postauricular approach under general anesthesia.[] Chest fluoroscopy was done immediately after procedure and showed expansion of entire left lung with no pneumothorax. The procedure was well tolerated.[]

  • Otitis Externa

    […] study was conducted of patients suffering from external auditory canal cholesteatoma and benign necrotising otitis externa admitted to tertiary hospitals, in the Capital Region[] IMPORTANCE: In the limited number of Crohn disease cases involving the head and neck, there is a predilection for mucosal surfaces and rare reports of involvement in the postauricular[] External otitis may manifest as a localized furuncle or as a diffuse infection of the entire canal (acute diffuse external otitis).[]