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383 Possible Causes for Enzyme, Reactivators, [MoA]

  • Polygonatum

    Targeting the inhibition of these enzymes has proved great clinical utility.[] Herein, we found that the treatment of A549 cells with PCL caused a remarkable generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and ROS scavenger N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) inhibited[] SAP homoisolflavonoids had a stronger inhibitory effect on 25 mM glucose transport (41.6 2.5, 50.5 7.6, 47.5 1.9, 42.6 2.4, and 45.7 4.1% for EA-1, EA-2, EA-3, MOA, and MOB[]

  • Nefazodone

    enzyme inhibitors were used to study these metabolic pathways.[] Although the mechanism of hepatotoxicity remains unknown, it is possible that reactive metabolites of nefazodone play a causative role.[] ), and MOAS-Self-Rated.[]

  • Levonorgestrel

    Fluorogenic Substrates Post-translational Modification All Enzyme Substrates Bioscience 7-TM Receptors DNA Cross Linkers Enzyme Modulators Ion Channels Nuclear Receptors[] 2 Year Member Joined: May 26, 2011 Messages: 75 Likes Received: 2 I am really confused about the oral contraceptives and their MOA.[] An interaction may exist between levonorgestrel and agents that induce the hepatic microsomal enzyme system.[]

  • Permethrin

    The present study evidences that PB and permethrin are metabolized by both human plasma and liver microsomal enzymes and that DEET is mainly metabolized by liver oxidase enzymes[] The reactivity of these metabolites with various amino acids, peptides, and albumin in human plasma has been studied.[] Studies were conducted to determine whether permethrin has mitogenic activity in Club cells in mouse lung as the basis for the mode of action (MOA) for the lung adenoma induction[]

  • Plethora

    […] specimens and consisted of 8 isolates of known serotypes, 16 of antigenically intermediate strains, and 11 of five new adenovirus types with distinct antigenic and restriction enzyme[] Serologic reactivity suggesting SIV infection was found in 13 of 16 primate species, including 4 not previously known to harbor SIV.[] This review discusses the MoA of these novel therapies and how a greater understanding of MoA may help to predict the range and type of side effects, develop combinations[]

  • Ethosuximide

    These parameters could not be measured for other enzymes, since metabolite concentrations formed were below the HPLC detection limits. 5.[] Histopathology report of the lymphnode biopsy showed marked reactive lymphnode hyperplasia.[] […] exclusivity data (new drug applications) None Bioactivity Summary: scroll-- Target Class Pharos UniProt Action Type Activity value (-log[M]) Mechanism action Bioact source MoA[]

  • Acamprosate

    . • Metabolic : Peripheral edema, weight gain, weight loss, hyperglycemia, increase in liver enzyme, gout, thirst, vitamin deficiency and excess bilirubin in blood. • Liver[] No effects of acamprosate on cue reactivity, or on the acute rewarding and sedating effects of the priming drink, were observed.[] Mechanism of Action Acamprosate’s mechanism of action (MOA), or the process it performs to treat alcohol dependency, is not fully understood.[]

  • Paclitaxel

    enzymes.[] Abstract BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to explore the role of SIX1 in paclitaxel (TAX) resistance of HepG2 cells via reactive oxygen species (ROS) and autophagy[] Abstract Paclitaxel (PTX)-loaded gold nanoparticles functionalized with mercaptooctanoic acid (MOA) and folic acid (FA) (AuMOA-FA) were encapsulated within pH-sensitive poly[]

  • Toxic Effect

    Cholesterol and 24(S)OH-C were found to compete for enzyme activity.[] ENPs exert antimicrobial properties through different mechanisms such as the formation of reactive oxygen species, disruption of physiological and metabolic processes.[] (MOA).[]

  • Parasite

    Six biosynthesis pathways contain holes (missing enzymes); similar patterns in taxonomically diverse bacteria suggest alternative enzymes that await discovery.[] In Immunoblotting assay, patient CC1 showed IgE, IgG 4 reactivity against Ani s 13-like and Ani s 7-like; patient CC2 revealed only IgG reactivity against Ani s 13-like and[] However, further medicinal development is largely restricted by a lack of insight into mechanism of action (MoA) in pathogenic kinetoplastids.[]