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10,783 Possible Causes for Failure,, Treatment

  • Hyperkalemia

    […] of hyperkalemia; and discusses the need for further research to optimally treat heart failure.[] We discuss the clinical manifestations of hyperkalemia and outline an approach to its diagnosis and treatment. Copyright 2017 Cleveland Clinic.[] Sodium polystyrene sulfonate (SPS), an ion-exchange resin designed to bind potassium in the colon, was approved in 1958 as a treatment for hyperkalemia by the US Food and[]

  • Heart Failure

    Heart failure is common in adults, accounting for substantial morbidity and mortality worldwide.[] The devices may be used as a primary treatment or as a bridge to heart transplant in adults.[] To find out more about managing the symptoms of heart failure, visit our living with heart failure page. What causes heart failure?[]

  • Tumor Lysis Syndrome

    Subsequently, the patient developed congestive heart failure and was switched to single-agent actinomycin-D.[] The syndrome typically occurs in patients with lymphoproliferative malignancies, most often after initiation of treatment.[] Rasburicase is an expensive but effective treatment option in the prevention and treatment of tumour lysis syndrome.[]

  • Central Sleep Apnea

    Objectives: To determine the therapeutic efficacy of acetazolamide on central sleep apnea associated with heart failure.[] Under such circumstances, diagnosis and treatment of central sleep apnea may improve quality of life, morbidity, and mortality.[] If present, treatment of the underlying disorder often improves central sleep apnea.[]

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    In congestive heart failure, appropriate management of circulatory failure and use of an aldosterone antagonist in the diuretic regimen are integral to treatment.[] Congestive heart failure (CHF) or congestive cardiac failure (CCF) refers to chronic, usually biventricular failure of the heart.[] Other treatments.[]

  • Orthostatic Hypotension

    OH is a common comorbidity among patients with heart failure (HF).[] Emerging evidence with low-dose atomoxetine is promising, especially in those with central autonomic failure, and may prove to be a viable alternative treatment option.[] None of the subjects had other symptoms of autonomic failure.[]

  • Pulmonary Edema

    […] heart failure with acute coronary syndrome isolated right heart failure worsening chronic heart failure and, finally, ACPOE.[] CONCLUSION: Endovascular treatment for ruptured aneurysm and placement of lumbar spinal drainage is an excellent treatment option for severe SAH with NPE.[] […] of this chapter is to outline the causes, physiology, pathophysiology, and management strategies for hydrostatic and permeability pulmonary edema and hypoxic respiratory failure[]

  • Hypertension

    The goals of treatment are to reduce blood pressure to at least below 140/90 mmHg (systolic/diastolic), and to lower values if tolerated.[] The therapy is approved for use in heart failure patients having an ejection fraction 35% and a New York Heart Failure Classification of III without restriction on QRS duration[] Calcium channel blocker- or diuretic-based drug treatment is recommended.[]

  • Acute Kidney Failure

    This seminar covers the most recent information on definition, epidemiology, and clinical causes of acute renal failure.[] Surgical treatment such as a urinary stent or kidney stone removal.[] Your doctor can help you figure out which treatment is best for you. Learn more about the treatment options for kidney failure .[]

  • Hepatorenal Syndrome

    Abstract Hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) is a severe complication of liver failure with high mortality.[] Nevertheless, some crucial unsolved issues still exist, in particular: (a) how to predict nonresponse to treatment, (b) how to manage nonresponse to treatment and (c) how[] Abstract Hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) is a unique type of kidney failure that occurs in advanced cirrhosis.[]

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