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  • Mediastinitis

    All rights reserved.[] Gastrointestinal fluoroscopy conducted on the 30 th postoperative day showed disappearance of the leakage and on the 35 th postoperative day extubation became possible.[] Thoracotomy with drainage of the mediastinal spaces and multiple procedures for the sternoclavicular joint infection were successful.[] […] mediastinitis occur in this space. [4] Other sources Mediastinitis may also result from direct extension from an adjacent source of infection, including osteomyelitis of the sternoclavicular[] Amplification-based DNA analysis in the diagnosis of prosthetic joint infection. J Mol Diagn. 2008;10:537-543. Arosio M, Nozza F, Rizzi M, et al.[]

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  • Chondromyxoid Fibroma

    Clinically, there was noted proptosis, tenderness to palpation, and slight limitation to right abduction.[] It was managed by fluoroscopy-guided RFA only. Six-year follow-up demonstrated complete healing without damage to the adjacent distal fibular growth plate.[] CONCLUSIONS: Our experience indicated that the individual-specific plate may not be suitable for reconstructing both the anterior chest wall as well as the sternoclavicular[] Histologic examination revealed an unusual chondromyxoid fibroma with joint involvement.[] All rights reserved.[]

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  • Stress Fracture

    Examination was significant only for mild-to-moderate tenderness to palpation over the right pectoral muscle and sternoclavicular joint.[] Due to the limited sensitivity of radiographs, magnetic resonance imaging of the right hip was obtained, which revealed a stress fracture of the right distal femoral neck.J[] However, anatomic reduction and fixation of the navicular can be difficult despite direct visualization and intraoperative fluoroscopy.[] Mechanical sacroiliac joint disease is common in patients with low back pain but often misdiagnosed by practitioners.[] A radiograph of the right foot demonstrated a stress fracture at the base of the second metatarsal.[]

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  • Synovitis

    Radiographs of her right knee ordered by her PCP prior to physical therapy evaluation were noncontributory.[] If the diagnosis is not clear from the history, physical examination, and radiography hip aspiration should performed, preferably with fluoroscopy or ultrasonography guidance[] KEYWORDS: Power Doppler; SAPHO syndrome; Sternoclavicular joints; Ultrasonography[] The bones of the knee joint are protected by a special liquid filled membrane that lines the bones and encapsulates the joint.[] PATIENT CONCERNS: A 68-year-old Chinese male, without history of tuberculosis (TB), had complained of pain and swelling in right palm and little finger for 3 months.[]

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  • Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis

    Keywords : TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint); CCG (Costochondral Graft); SCG (Sternoclavicular Graft); DO (Distraction Osteogenesis).[] All rights reserved.[] […] instruments of support required to manage a difficult airway like fiberoptic laryngoscope, retrograde intubation instruments are unavailable in a rural setting, whereas C-arm fluoroscopy[] AIM: Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis is a joint disorder which refers to bone or fibrous adhesion of the anatomic joint components and the ensuing loss of function[] Gap arthroplasty was carried out in 20 joints while 11 joints had interposition arthroplasty.[]

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  • Osteitis

    Abstract Osteitis condensans of the sternoclavicular joint was first described by Brower et al in 1974.[] Plain radiography demonstrated hyperostosis with subperiosteal erosions in the right tibia.[] Therefore, injection under fluoroscopy is a precious technique, which has no reported complications.[] An inflammation of the pubic joint that regularly affects athletes i.e. football players or marathon runners The occurrence of an inflammation of the pubic joint ( osteitis[] When the groups were compared to one another, there were significant differences in both the right and left agger nasi walls and the frontal sinus wall.[]

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  • Congenital Emphysema

    Perfusion scan in right posterior oblique (RPO) projection shows virtually no perfusion of the right middle lobe.[] The use of fluoroscopy can improve the success of this technique.[] "Imaging Appearances of the Sternum and Sternoclavicular Joints". RadioGraphics . 29 (3): 839–859. doi : 10.1148/rg.293055136 .[] Right middle lobe was found emphysematous [Figure 4] and right middle lobectomy was done. There was no episode of desaturation during the operation.[] […] times as it evolves (Figure 2). 1 Additional studies that may prove useful in diagnosis and management include a lateral decubitus chest film, a CT scan (Figures 3 and 4), fluoroscopy[]

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  • Humerus Fracture

    These bones form three joints: the glenohumeral joint, sternoclavicular joint, and acromioclavicular joint.[] After three months of conservative treatment without any obvious improvement, an operative exploration of the right radial nerve was conducted.[] RESULTS: In six patients (18.2%), humeral head screws were changed due to primary PS (n 2) or nPS (n 4) after the intra-operative 3D fluoroscopy.[] The humeral shaft is the middle portion of the bone with the shoulder joint at the top end and the elbow joint at the bottom.[] A dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint interrupts the connection between the clavicle and the breastbone (sternum).[]

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  • Joint Dislocation

    We aimed to determine the efficacy of a novel sternoclavicular hook plate for treatment of unstable sternoclavicular joint dislocation or fracture.[] He presented with right shoulder pain, right upper limb functional impairment and right sternoclavicular joint depression. Standard chest radiographs were normal.[] The most predominant joint dislocation is that of the glenohumeral, or shoulder joint as a result of its high range of motion.[] Non-surgical treatment failed, and the patient could willingly dislocate the right clavicle while abduction and external rotation of the arm.[] Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Goztepe Research and Training Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. [email protected] Abstract A 17-year-old man fell from a height of 10 m onto his right[]

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  • Coxa Vara

    right hip, pelvic obliquity, Trendelenburg-Duchenne gait, limitation of hip abduction, lower-extremity length discrepancy with 3.0 cm of shortening of right femur, and walking[] Rotate the affected hip under fluoroscopy to compensate for hip (femoral head) version, defining the maximal varus deformity.[] Capital Femoral Epiphysis 431 Chapter 208 Spinal Embryology 434 Chapter 209 Spinal Stenosis 435 Chapter 210 Spondylolisthesis 438 Chapter 211 Statistics 441 Chapter 212 Sternoclavicular[] KEYWORDS: Axial joints affection; Camptodactyly, arthropathy, coxa vara, pericarditis (CACP) syndrome; Facet joint ankylosis; Facet joint arthropathy[] Joint subluxation, as measured by the center edge angle, migration index, and medial joint space, showed little difference from that of control subjects.[]

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