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13 Possible Causes for GDS ASSOCIATED, PROTEIN, smg

Did you mean: GDS ASSOCIATED, proteus, smg

  • Eikenella Corrodens

    Short Communication 60 Downloads 13 Citations Abstract Interactions between the ‘ Streptococcus milleri -group’ organisms (SMG; S. intermedius, S. constellatus and S. anginosus[] A 100-fold excess (by weight) of the purified IgG to E. corrodens protein specifically cross-precipitated an 80-kDa antigen plus a nonantigenic 16-kDa protein, presumably[] Consequently, a 65-kDa protein with hemolytic activity was obtained, suggesting that this protein might be a hemolysin.[]

  • Turner Syndrome

    […] information 1 Department of Pediatrics, Seoul National University Children's Hospital, 101 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-744, South Korea. 2 Department of Pediatrics, SMG-SNU[] Both OEs and TDEs reduced low-density lipo-protein cholesterol (LDL-C) and increased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), with OEs providing a more favorable effect[] Furthermore, TS girls seem to have an increased risk of switching over time from HT to GD.[]

  • Late-onset Depression

    FC between the cerebellum and the right ventromedial frontal cortex (vmPFC), supplementary motor area (SMA), middle temporal gyrus (MTG), bilateral supramarginal gyrus (SMG[] The identification of a novel AKT1-binding protein (AKTIP) was pointed as an important new target.[] No association was found for an interaction between plasma Aβ42 levels and GDS.[]

  • Erdheim-Chester Disease

    Boramae Medical Center, Seoul, Korea. 5 Department of Laboratory Medicine, SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center, Seoul, Korea.[] […] regulated kinase (MAPK-ERK) pathway with most notable variant being a valine to a glutamic acid substitution at amino acid 600 in the B-rapidly accelerated fibrosarcoma protein[] Resnick D, Greenway GD, Bardwick PA, Zvaifler NJ, Gill GN, Newman DR .[]

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment

    […] of Korea. 3 Department of Psychiatry, SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center, Seoul 07061, Republic of Korea; Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Research Institute, Seoul[] A total of 746 reliable proteins and 158 differentially expressed proteins were identified.[] Test (VAT) [ 74 ]; Memory Impairment Screen (MIS) [ 75 ]; Trail Making Test, parts A and B [ 76 , 77 ]; Frontal Assessment Battery [ 78 ]; and Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS[]

  • Buprenorphine

    […] addiction. [2] Austria: Buprenorphine is legal for medical use under the AMG (Arzneimittelgesetz Österreich) and illegal when sold or possessed without a prescription under the SMG[] Buprenorphine, a partial mu and ORL-1-receptor agonist, kappa-delta receptor antagonist, interacts with different G proteins than potent mu agonists and hence is not cross-tolerant[] Hemauer SJ, Patrikeeva SL, Nanovskaya TN, Hankins GD, Ahmed MS.[]

  • Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

    […] of Neurology published an article that states “the Wernicke area has come to be synonymous with the left posterior superior temporal gyrus (pSTG) and supramarginal gyrus (SMG[] Study. ( 26705268 ) Hargrave D.D....Baade L.E. 2015 20 Spatial cognitive deficits in an animal model of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome are related to changes in thalamic VDAC protein[] Handler CEPerkins GD Anorexia nervosa and Wernicke's encephalopathy: an underdiagnosed association. Lancet. 1982;2771- 772 Google Scholar Crossref 14.[]

  • Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis

    Nothing to Disclose: SMG, KLB, ESN, MSI[] […] identification of differentially expressed genes, which underwent bioinformatic analysis using the Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) and proteinprotein[] Josephson GD, Sclafani AP, Stern J. Benign symmetric lipomatosis (Madelung's disease). Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1996;115:170-1. [ PUBMED ] [ FULLTEXT ] 4.[]

  • Endometrial Carcinoma

    Comparisons of 66 SMGs between traditional histological subtypes are provided ( Supplementary Methods 3 ), and SMGs across other subcohorts can be found in Supplementary Data[] Expression and phosphorylation of 66 proteins were evaluated by Reverse-Phase-Protein-Array (RPPA) in 6 EC cell lines to identify signalling changes in these pathways in response[] Features associated with survival and disease-free survival in early endometrial cancer. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1989;160:1385-91. [ Links ] 39.[]

  • IgG4-Related Aortitis

    SMG fibroblasts were derived from patients with or without IgG4-RD and were cultured in vitro.[] Subjective symptoms were scanty, and only a small proportion had elevated serum C-reactive protein levels.[] Thrombocytopenia CoumarinInduced Skin Necrosis and Venous Limb New Antithrombotic Drugs Antiplatelet Therapy Foundations of Thrombolytic Therapy Anticoagulant and Procoagulant Proteins[]