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2 Possible Causes for GPL X 1

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  • Young Syndrome

    IEMA-Solid Phase technology was used to measure the titre of antibodies. aCL titres were categorized into negative ( 60 MPL or 100 GPL units).1 Dilute Russell Viper venom[] […] time (dRVVT) selectively activates factor X to factor Xa which activates prothrombin II to thrombin II with phospholipids and factor V.[]

  • Factor XII Deficiency

    ) (table 1 and 2 ), fibrinogen and clotting factors V, VIII, IX, X, XI (table1), while a reduced plasmatic level of clotting factor XII was detected (65%, table 1 and 2 ).[] […] value of PT INR and prolonged aPTT (1.46, table 1 and 2 ), associated to normal levels of anticardiolipin antibodies (tested by an ELISA method; IgM 1.7 U/MPL and IgG 3.9 U/GPL[]

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