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4 Possible Causes for Glup

Did you mean: gout

  • Azotobacter Vinelandii

    The presence of the gluP ::Sp mutation and the absence of wild type gluP alleles were confirmed by PCR amplification patterns using primer pairs gluP-F and gluP-R.[] The sequences of the primer pairs used for the genes gluP (gluP qPCR Fw and gluP qPCR Rv) and 16 s (16 S Fw and 16 S Rv) are listed in Table S4 .[] Genetic complementation of AHI30 mutant with a wild type copy of gluP was conducted. To this end, gluP was cloned in the vector pSRK-Km, producing plasmid pSRK-gluP.[]

  • Vibrio

    This suggests several genes that might be used in an MLSA of the Vibrionaceae , including Alpha, DnaN, and YidC from Chromosome 1 and ParA2 and GluP from Chromosome 2.[] B C F X ThdF B C N X YidC A C N X RnpA A C N - RpmH U P U n/a ABC1 A P N X ABC2 A P N - ABC3 A P N - DnaA A C N - DnaN A C N - RecF B C F X GyrB B C F - C2 MetC A P F X GluP[] Chromosomal DNA replication initiator AA DnaN DNA Polymerase III, beta chain AA RecF Recombination Protein F DNA GyrB DNA Gyrase DNA C2 MetC methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein AA GluP[]

  • Helicobacter Pylori

    Jihui Jia and Yundong Sun , Bifunctional Enzyme SpoT Is Involved in Biofilm Formation of Helicobacter pylori with Multidrug Resistance by Upregulating Efflux Pump Hp1174 ( gluP[] Numerous permeases (ovals) with specificity for amino acids ( recE , proP , dagA , gltS , putP and sdaC ) or carbohydrates ( SODiTl , gluP , lactP , cduA , kgtP ) import organic[]

  • Mepazine

    [932042-57-4] PMX 610 [872726-44-8] VK-II-36 [955371-66-1] VK3-9 [72775-91-8] T5975164 [949860-27-9] BrSAH [1428254-21-0] RO2959 hydrochloride [1219927-22-6] Boc-Phe-Leu-GluP[]

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