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87 Possible Causes for Glycome

  • Influenza

    We thank the Consortium for Functional Glycomics for providing biotinylated glycans and v5.1 glycan microarrays.[] (TIF) Acknowledgments We acknowledge the Consortium for Functional Glycomics for glycan array analysis and synthetic glycans used for crystallization. We thank Dr.[] Glycans for the arrays were provided by the Consortium for Functional Glycomics funded by NIH grants GM062116 and GM098791.[]

  • Thanatophoric Dysplasia

    We show that synthesis of TDII-FGFR3 presents two phosphorylated forms: the immature non-glycosylated 98-kDa peptides and the intermediate 120-kDa glycomers.[]

  • Esophageal Disease

    We have demonstrated that comparative glycomic profiling of EAC reveals a subset of glycans that can be selected as candidate biomarkers.[] Glycomic profiling of blood serum, in which cancer cell proteins or their fragments with altered glycosylation patterns are shed, could reveal the altered glycosylation.[] We performed glycomic profiling of serum from patients with no known disease (N 18), patients with high grade dysplasia (HGD, N 11) and Barrett's esophagus (N 5), and patients[]

  • Exfoliation Syndrome

    Author information 1 *Tumor Glycome Laboratory, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Division of Thoracic Surgery and Thoracic Oncology, NYU School of Medicine, New York,[]

  • Coxiella Burnetii

    Recent achievements in glycomics and proteomics are guiding development of enhanced detection schemes for the bacterium in addition to shedding light on the host immune response[]

  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

    KEYWORDS: CSF N-glycome; GM2 gangliosidosis; MALDI-TOF MS; Tay Sachs Disease; autism spectrum disorders[] We studied the N-glycome profile of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in a 14 year-old patient with GM2-gangliosidosis (LOTSD).[]

  • Pancreatic Cyst

    To aid in the development of a molecular screening system for early detection of the disease, we have performed glycomic and glycoproteomic profiling experiments on 21 pancreatic[]

  • Muscle-Eye-Brain Disease Type A14

    Issue title: The Promise of Glycomics for Discovery of New Biomarkers Guest editors: Pamela A.[]

  • Moraxella Catarrhalis

    Glycomics and [email protected][] Author information 1 1Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. 2 2School of Medical Science, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland[] Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 4 Institute for Glycomics and School of Medical Science, Griffith University, Southport, Queensland, Australia; 5 Institute for[]

  • Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation Type 2

    Callewaert N, Van Vlieberghe, H, Van Hecke A, Laroy W, Delanghe J, Contreras R (2004) Noninvasive diagnosis of liver cirrhosis using DNA sequencer-based total serum protein glycomics[] Genetic defects in the human glycome.[]

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