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256 Possible Causes for Guanethidine

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  • Guanethidine

    Guanethidine (INN) Target-based classification of drugs [BR: br08310 ] Transporters Solute carrier family SLC6 SLC6A2 (NAT1) D08030 Guanethidine (INN) Other DBs CAS: 55-65[] Guanethidine was conjugated covalently to human serum albumin by two procedures, and the degree of conjugation was determined using tracer amounts of 3H-guanethidine.[] English guanethidine chemical compound Ismelin SU-5864 N-(2-Perhydroazocin-1-ylethyl)guanidine Heptamethylenimine, 1-(2-guanidinoethyl)- Guanidine, (2-(hexahydro-1(2H)-azocinyl[]

  • Guanadrel

    The frequencies of morning orthostatic faintness, other orthostatic faintness, and diarrhea were twice as high in eight patients treated with guanethidine as in ten patients[] […] central nervous system side effects than methyldopa and less orthostatic dizziness and diarrhoea than guanethidine.[] Adrenergic blockade by guanethidine results in post-synaptic supersensitivity.[]

  • Diethylpropion

    Blocks guanethidine. Adverse reaction with alcohol. Arrhythmias may occur with general anesthetics. Antagonized by phenothiazines.[]

  • Phenmetrazine

    : Phenmetrazine may decrease the effect of guanethidine.[] Guanethidine - phenmetrazine inhibits the antihypertensive response to guanethidine.[] […] hours drug interactions Chlorpromazine : Decreased anorexic effect, may increase psychotic symptoms Fluphenazine : Decreased anorexic effect, may increase psychotic symptoms Guanethidine[]

  • Phendimetrazine

    May decrease hypotensive effect of guanethidine, adrenergic neuron blocking drugs. Concomitant alcohol may result in adverse drug reaction.[] Phendimetrazine may reduce the effects of guanethidine (Ismelin). This could lead to an increase in blood pressure. Tell your doctor if you are taking guanethidine.[] Guanethidine, an antihypertensive drug may become ineffective when given along with Phendimetrazine.[]

  • Minoxidil

    Interactions: Avoid guanethidine (hospitalize until stable if used).[] […] myocardial workload Usually given with a diuretic (typically loop diuretic) to prevent serious fluid accumulation Patients with malignant hypertension and those already receiving guanethidine[]

  • Phenelzine

    (Aldomet); meperidine (Demerol, Mepergan); furazolidone (Furoxone); procarbazine (Matulane); buspirone (BuSpar); bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban); dexfenfluramine (Redux); guanethidine[] MAO inhibitors, including Nardil, are contraindicated in patients receiving guanethidine.[]

  • Ludiomil

    Maprotiline may block the effects of guanethidine Phenothiazines / Risk of seizures Thyroid hormones / Risk of CV toxicity How Supplied: Tablet: 25 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg Dosage[] Maprotiline should be used with caution in patients receiving guanethidine or similar sympatholytic antihypertensive agents (bethanidine, reserpine, alpha-methyldopa, clonidine[] […] drugs / Additive atropine-like side effects Diazepam / Additive effect on impairment of motor skills Ethanol / Additive effect on impairment of cognitive and motor skills Guanethidine[]

  • Cyclobenzaprine

    May antagonize guanethidine, clonidine. Tramadol increases seizure risk.[]

  • Clonidine Poisoning

    Guanabenz is structurally similar to guanethidine, a ganglionic blocker.[] […] overdose • Accidental guanethidine poisoning • Accidental hydralazine overdose • Accidental hydralazine poisoning • Accidental poisoning by angiotensin-converting-enzyme[] […] overdose Accidental guanethidine poisoning Accidental hydralazine overdose Accidental hydralazine poisoning Accidental poisoning by angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors[]

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