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1,207 Possible Causes for HCT

  • Multiple Myeloma

    CONCLUSION: [ 18 F]FDG-PET/CT before and shortly after allogeneic HCT is a powerful predictor for progression-free and overall survival in MM patients.[] METHODS: In this retrospective analysis, we evaluated [ 18 F]FDG-PET/CT-scans of 45 heavily pre-treated MM patients before and 27 patients after scheduled allo-HCT.[] […] tomography (PET/CT) using 18 F-2'-deoxy-2'-fluorodeoxyglucose ([ 18 F]FDG) in MM patients shortly before and 100 days after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (allo-HCT[]

  • Leukemia

    KEYWORDS: ALL; AML; HCT; Relapse[] At time of second HCT, 48% of patients were in complete remission (CR).[] We identified 40 patients (AML, n  29; ALL, n  11) that received a second allogeneic HCT at our institution.[]

  • Reserpine

    […] high blood pressure (BP) unresponsive to HCT monotherapy.[] Patients were kept on HCT 25 mg daily throughout the trial.[] OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness of the combination of hydrochlorothiazide (HCT) plus sustained-release nifedipine with the combination of HCT plus reserpine in lowering[]

  • Sexually Active

    […] one general HCT clinic.[] There were 1661 non-pregnant and 7886 pregnant participants largely enrolled from the general and antenatal HCT clinics, respectively.[] The study enrolled individuals who tested negative on rapid HIV tests performed at five HIV counseling and testing (HCT) clinics, which included four antenatal clinics and[]

  • Solanum

    KEYWORDS: Colon cancer; HCT 116 cells; Solanum incanum; herbs; ultrastructure[] In conclusion, TEM was able to verify cytotoxicity of SI aqueous extract against HCT 116 colon cancer cells.[] […] present study was carried out to investigate ultrastructural changes induced by the aqueous extract of Solanum incanum (SI) fruit on human colorectal carcinoma cell line (HCT[]

  • Sorbitol

    The induction of Sfp fimbriae in SF E. coli O157:NM strains correlates with increased adherence to Caco-2 and HCT-8 cells.[]

  • Trimethoprim

    Outpatient follow-up indicated Hgb of 11.0 g/dL and Hct of 32.7%, 41 days after hospital discharge.[] Laboratory testing demonstrated significant anemia with red blood cells (RBCs) of 1.99, hemoglobin (Hgb) of 6.3 g/dL, and hematocrit (Hct) of 18.1%.[]

  • Thiouracil

    Nineteen compounds were screened in vitro for their anti-proliferative activities toward HePG-2, MCF-7, HCT-116, and PC-3 cell lines.[]

  • Teucrium

    Treatments caused typical apoptotic morphological changes in HCT-116 cells and showed a high percentage of apoptotic cells.[] After 72 h, methanolic extract of T. arduini appeared to have the best cytotoxic activity on HCT-116, with IC(50) values of 0.37 μg/mL.[] […] phenolic content, antiproliferative and proapoptotic activity of methanolic extracts from different Teucrium species and the effect on the prooxidant/antioxidant status in HCT[]

  • Viremia

    Allogeneic HCT recipients with adenovirus viremia were randomized 1:1:1 to receive oral BCV 100 mg (2 mg/kg if 3 versus 300 cells/mm 3 ).[] Adenovirus infection in immunocompromised patients contributes to significant morbidity and mortality, especially after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT)[] This randomized placebo-controlled phase II trial evaluated pre-emptive treatment with BCV for the prevention of adenovirus disease in pediatric and adult allogeneic HCT recipients[]

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