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1,805 Possible Causes for Hamid, Nocardia, africana, al, ET

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  • Pulmonary Nocardiosis

    Species identification and antibiotic susceptibility were obtained later, revealing a multidrug-resistant isolate of the Nocardia elegans/aobensis/africana complex.[] Nocardia thailandica is a rare pathogen related to Nocardia asteroides, Nocardia neocaledoniensis, and Nocardia caishijiensis that, since its original description in 2004,[] The presence of acid-fast branching filaments is always significant A Mahgoub, S A Gumaa, M R P Joseph, M S Saleh, A H A Elsheikh, A I Elkhalifa, E Elhaj, R R M Salih, M E Hamid[] Uchida K, Yanagisawa R, Kawamura T, et al.[] Hamid, ME, Maldonado, L, Sharaf Eldin, GS, Mohamed, MF, Saeed, NS, Golloe, M. 2001 Nocardia africana sp. nov., a new pathogen isolated from patients with pulmonary infections[]

  • Meningitis

    Autopsy revealed meningitis, ventriculitis and brain abscess, and Nocardia araoensis was detected in pus from the left lateral ventricle.[] ,et al, 2018 Seizures and Encephalitis in Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein IgG Disease vs Aquaporin 4 IgG Disease JAMA Neurol 75:65-71, Hamid, S.H.M.[] Fujimoto , M , Kira , J , Murai , H , et al.[] Ebbo M, Grados A, Guedj E, Gibert D, Colavolpe C, Zaidan M, et al.[] ,et al, 2017 Showing articles 0 to 50 of 1393 Next[]

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  • Insect Bite

    Analysis of the purulent exudate obtained from the nodule revealed Nocardia brasiliensis.[] Campbell RL, et al. Anaphylaxis: Emergency treatment. . Accessed Jan. 9, 2018. .[] ., Varga, E. et al. Allergen Immunotherapy for Insect Venom Allergy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis . Allergy . 2017. 72(3):342-365.[] ET The Ache: Insect bites can put an itchy and painful dent in summer fun.[] Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. 10: 281 – 282. 2012 Goodyer LI, Croft AM, Frances SP, et al. Expert review of the evidence base for arthropod bite avoidance.[]

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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    We report the first case of disseminated infection associated with urinary tract infection caused by Nocardia veterana.[] Hooton TM, et al. Acute uncomplicated cystitis and pyelonephritis in women. . Accessed June 30, 2017. Hooton TM, et al. Recurrent urinary tract infection in women. .[] Albuquerque, NM, 87108, USA. [email protected] Abstract Raoultella species are Gram-negative, non-motile bacilli primarily considered to be environmental bacteria (Bagley et al[] Electronic address: [email protected] 3 College of Medicine, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.[] Copyright 2016 Mediavilla et al.[]

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  • Microscopic Polyangiitis

    Abstract Nocardia pseudobrasiliensis is predominantly associated with invasive infections in immunocompromised patients.[] , Dubois A , Duhamel E , Neau D , Estève E , Fior R , Foullon P , TsouriaGaida , Galperine T , Garcin JM , Gil H , Gilson B , Girard T , Godeau B , Godmer P , Gueit I , Hamidou[] […] microscópica: respuesta al tratamiento en un paciente con severo compromiso renal title_full_unstemmed Poliangeítis microscópica: respuesta al tratamiento en un paciente[] Crickx E, Machelart I, Lazaro E, et al.[] Lavigne C , Gille T , Le Guenno G , Rieu V , André M , Goulenok T , Federici L , Szmania I , Bonnotte B , Vinzio S , Bezanahary H , Ly KH , Khouatra C , Lega JC , Dunand JF , Hamidou[]

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  • Momordica Charantia

    Italian); balsamina longa, erva de lavaderia, melao de Sao Gaetano, melao de Sao Tano, melaozinho, pepino de Sae Gregoria (Portuguese); bálsamo, balsamina, balsamito, calabaza africana[] .; Ismail, A; Hamid, A. A. (2014). "Effectiveness of traditional Malaysian vegetables (ulam) in modulating blood glucose levels".[] Seventeen cucurbitane-type triterpenoids, 1-17, including six new compounds, (23E)-3β,25-dihydroxy-7β-methoxycucurbita-5,23-dien-19-al (1), (23S*)-3β-hydroxy-7β,23-dimethoxycucurbita[] Flore du Cambodge du Laos et du Viet-Nam. (F CambLVN) Aubréville, A. et al., eds. Flore du Cameroun. (F Cameroun) Balick, M. J. et al.[] ., Hamid TA.[]

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  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Abstract Nocardiosis is a subacute or chronic suppurative infection caused by Nocardia species.[] Orens JB, Estenne M, Arcasoy S, et al.[] Kizer JR, Zisman DA, Blumenthal NP et al (2004) Association between pulmonary fibrosis and coronary artery disease.[] Cao M, Swigris JJ, Wang X, Cao M, Qiu Y, Huang M et al (2016) Plasma leptin is elevated in acute exacerbation of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.[] Orens JB, Estenne M, Arcasoy S, et al.[]

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  • Bartonella Quintana

    […] skkuensis 1313 Neisseria subflava 1314 Neisseria wadsworthii 1315 Neisseria weaveri 1316 Neisseria zoodegmatis 1318 Nesterenkonia halobia 1319 Nocardia abscessus 1320 Nocardia africana[] Collection NCRR Contract Chain of Custody ATCC Isolation Human blood, blood of 55-year-old man with HIV infection, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States References Welch DF, et al[] Similar rates of B. quintana replication were observed in our study and the previous work by Seki, et al . [21] . Figure 7.[] Author information 1 Unité de Recherche sur les Maladies Infectieuses et Tropicales Emergentes (URMITE), Unité Mixte de Recherche (UMR)63, 7278 Centre National de la Recherche[] Nocardia carnea 1336 Nocardia cerradoensis 1337 Nocardia concava 1338 Nocardia cyriacigeorgica 1339 Nocardia elegans 1340 Nocardia exalbida 1341 Nocardia farcinica 1342 Nocardia[]

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  • Systemic Vasculitis

    In this report, we describe a 71-year-old man who developed disseminated Nocardia infection during treatment of his underlying microscopic polyangiitis.[] Comarmond C, Pagnoux C, Khellaf M, Cordier JF, Hamidou M, Viallard JF, et al.[] Guillevin L, Cohen P Mahr A, et al.[] 17 , Prévot G 18 , Hirschi S 19 , Gondouin A 20 , Dunogué B 10 , Chatté G 21 , Briault C 22 , Pagnoux C 23 , Jayne D 24 , Guillevin L 10 , Cordier JF 12 ; Groupe d’Etudes et[] Received: 26-Sep-2014 Final Revised: 06-Dec-2014 Accepted: 09-Jan-2015 Published: 23-Jan-2015 References Hervier B, Pagnoux C, Agard C, Haroche J, Amoura Z, Guillevin L and Hamidou[]

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  • Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis

    Nocardia coeliaca , Nocardia autotrophica , and the nocardin strain. Int J Syst Bacteriol 24, 54 –63. [CrossRef] [Google Scholar] Hamid, M. E., Minnikin, D.[] 1979 (2) 12/F Trunk Hyperpigmented area Maraschio et al., 1981 (3) 10/M Thighs Patchy pigmentation Maraschio et al., 1981 (3) 12/M Back Increased and reduced pigmentation[] Department of Dermatology, A Sygros Hospital, University of Athens, Athens, Greece. [email protected] Abstract A 13-year-old patient with typical findings of transgrediens et[] Cannavo SP, Guarneri C, Borgia F, et al.[] J Am Acad Dermatol . 2001;44:652-655. 11.Hudacek KD, Haque MS, Hochberg AL, et al.[]

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