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140 Possible Causes for Hematoma, Putaminal

  • Intracerebral Hematoma

    Fourteen patients with medium-sized putaminal hemorrhage (29.4 /- 13.2 ml) without hematoma enlargement were included in this study.[] PURPOSE: To investigate the performance of hematoma shape, hematoma size, Glasgow coma scale (GCS) score, and intracerebral hematoma (ICH) score in predicting the 30-day mortality[] We have performed this procedure in 82 patients with intracerebral or intraventricular hemorrhage (44 with putaminal hemorrhage, 12 with thalamic hemorrhage, 8 with subcortical[]

  • Basal Ganglia Hemorrhage

    Case 1 was a 33-year-old man with right putaminal hematoma. Case 2 was a 51-year-old man with left putaminal hematoma.[] A number of ICH patients experienced penumbra around hematoma.[] Using the BrainPath endoport system (NICO, Indianapolis, IN, USA), the putaminal hematoma was successfully evacuated, resulting in an 87% postoperative reduction in ICH volume[]

  • Cerebral Hemorrhage

    Here we describe a putaminal hemorrhage with extravasation during angiography that developed immediately after carotid artery stenting.[] KEYWORDS: hematoma expansion; hypertensive; intracranial hemorrhage; matrix metalloproteinase-9[] Massive Right Putaminal Hemorrhage 15. Subcortical White Matter ICH 16. Pontine Hemorrhage 17. Thalamic Hemorrhage 18. Right Cerebellar Hemorrhage 19.[]

  • Hemorrhage

    Abstract It is not clear whether the fornix and cingulum are involved in cognition after putaminal hemorrhage (PH).[] KEYWORDS: Hematoma expansion; basal ganglia; grading system; intracerebral hemorrhage; noncontrast computed tomography [Indexed for MEDLINE] Free full text[] The patient underwent surgical removal of a right medullary hematoma for the treatment of daytime respiratory depression and nocturnal apnea while in the half-sitting position[]

  • Intracranial Hemorrhage

    RESULTS: Two patients with ESRD presented with acute ICH (one with putaminal hematoma, the other with bilateral subdural hematomas) and developed fatal/near-fatal herniation[] Subdural hematomas are formed when blood is extravasated into the subdural space between the arachnoid and the pia mater.[] Potential risk factors for worsening hematoma in this group are the presence of subdural hematoma and lower admission Glasgow coma scale. Copyright 2018 Elsevier Ltd.[]

  • Intracranial Hematoma

    Failure of surgery to improve outcome in hypertensive putaminal hemorrhage: a prospective randomized trial. Arch Neurol . 1990; 47 : 1103–1106.[] CONCLUSIONS: Rapid natural resolution of acute epidural hematoma is mostly found in teenagers and the resolution is correlated with cranial fracture at the hematoma site.[] […] patients with no postoperative hematomas (p 0.0004).[]

  • Chronic Hemorrhage

    Because of hypertension, ICH most commonly involves the lenticulostriate arterial branches of the middle cerebral artery, leading to putaminal or caudate hemorrhage. [27][] Abstract The MRI appearance of hematomas is variable and depends on the age of the hematoma.[] Therefore, we believe that surgical treatment may not be necessary in elderly patients with a large venous hematoma because when compared to arterial hematomas, venous hematomas[]

  • Ventricular Hemorrhage

    Zentralbl Neurochirurgie 39:135–144 Google Scholar Niizuma H, Shimizu Y, Yonemitsu T et al. (1989) Results of stereotactic aspiration in 175 cases of putaminal hemorrhage.[] Abstract Intraventricular hemorrhage following intraparenchymatous hematoma is thought to be a frequent and often fatal event.[] Hematomas were then imaged with cone beam CT (CB-CT), and the long axis of the hematoma defined.[]

  • Acute Hemorrhage

    Because of hypertension, ICH most commonly involves the lenticulostriate arterial branches of the middle cerebral artery, leading to putaminal or caudate hemorrhage. [27][] The patient underwent emergency surgical exploration with removal of hematoma, hemostasis, and partial pericardectomy.[] KEYWORDS: cellular schwannoma; hematoma; paraplegia; spinal cord compression[]

  • Thunderclap Headache

    PubMed View Article Google Scholar Ramnarayan R, Sriganesh J: Postpartum cerebral angiopathy mimicking hypertensive putaminal hematoma: a case report.[] (hematoma behind the clivus in the skull, usually due to physical trauma but sometimes spontaneous) Pituitary apoplexy (infarction or hemorrhage of the pituitary gland) Colloid[] Spontaneous retroclival hematoma presenting as a thunderclap headache. Case report. J Neurosurg. 2001;95(3):522–4. PubMed Google Scholar 125. Mokri B.[]

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