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3,026 Possible Causes for Hemodialysis, Procedures

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    ABCG2 dysfunction markedly increased serum uric acid (SUA) levels in 106 hemodialysis patients (P   1.1   10(-4)), which demonstrated the physiological role of ABCG2 for intestinal[] Sporting federations have opened disciplinary procedures against athletes based on ABP results.[] Two patients required placement of a nephrostomy tube and the remaining 21 patients were discharged without invasive procedures.[]

  • Sinusitis

    *AUGMENTIN XR is contraindicated in patients with a creatinine clearance of 30 mL/min. and in hemodialysis patients Cefpodoxime (Vantin) 200mg twice daily x 10-14 days OR[] The procedure is covered by insurance, but patients with polyps in the nose or a severe deviated septum are not candidates for the procedure.[] The question is: how wide and how durable is the dilation of drainage pathways in patients in long-term observations after this procedure?[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    Abstract The objective of the present study is to demonstrate that hemodialysis (HD) is a possible causal factor for patulous Eustachian tube (ET).[] The transposition or transection procedure can be used as a routine procedure for correction of patulous tubes. Good results can be expected in about 70% of cases.[] A report of fluctuating patulous symptoms in hemodialysis patients describing relief of symptoms during fluid retention and exacerbation after excretion showed the close connection[]

  • Surgical Procedure

    BACKGROUND: The incidence of superior vena cava syndrome has been increasing in hemodialysis patients with the widespread use of dialysis catheters.[] To discuss effective surgical procedures for refractory CSDH, we analyzed our surgical procedures and outcomes for refractory CSDH.[] Laser iridotomies increased 281% over the study period while cyclodestructive procedures increased 207%.[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    KEYWORDS: Adrenal insufficiency; corticosteroid therapy; hypotension; nocturnal home hemodialysis[] […] the procedure.[] The use of intranasal steroid drops for nasal obstruction in infants is common practice and can prevent more invasive surgical procedures; however, it is not without complication[]

  • Ethosuximide

    Abstract Clearance of ethosuximide by hemodialysis was studied.[] Results by this procedure and the EMIT procedure for theophylline and ethosuximide in patient and control sera correlated well (r 0.944 and 0.968, respectively).[] Abstract A rapid isocratic high-pressure liquid chromatography procedure for the analysis of ethosuximide, phenobarbitone, phenytoin, and carbamazepine in serum is described[]

  • Sucrose

    Abstract BACKGROUND Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a common disorder in hemodialysis (HD) patients that causes sleep disturbances and diminished quality of life.[] BACKGROUND: Administration of oral sucrose with and without non-nutritive sucking is the most frequently studied non-pharmacological intervention for procedural pain relief[] BACKGROUND: Controversy exists about any differences in longer-term safety across different intravenous iron formulations routinely used in hemodialysis (HD) patients.[]

  • Acute Kidney Injury

    The study assessed the impact of the introduction of hemodialysis (HD) on outcomes of patients with AKI in Rwanda.[] RESULTS: Ninety-five neonates underwent the Norwood procedure.[] Initiation of hemodialysis with the super high-flux filter Theralite (Gambro, cut-off 45 kDa, 2.1 m 2 ) resulted in the clearance of myoglobin from 61 to 71% after 3 hours[]

  • Tsutsugamushi Disease

    In one case with acute renal failure and another case with pneumonia , the patients ' condition aggravated in spite of doxycycline therapy, thus, hemodialysis and mechanical[] METHODS: Using the Japanese Diagnosis Procedure Combination inpatient database in Japan, we identified patients with Tsutsugamushi disease between July 1 and December 31 in[] Serologic tests are further carried out, as they constitute the primary diagnostic procedures.[]

  • Micropolyspora Faeni

    Minimum volumes for blood samples are included, useful when a client’s blood preservation is essential, as well as information on whether blood specimens can be drawn during hemodialysis[] Antigens prepared in Syn medium were compared to those produced by the double-dialysis procedure and found to contain adequate amounts of antigenic material of sufficient[] Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures, 6th Edition covers more tests than any other reference of its kind, with over 900 lab tests and diagnostic procedures in all.[]

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