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3,007 Possible Causes for Hepatic, vasculature

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  • Tuberculosis

    Prototypical early granulomas formed that involved the retinal vasculature and retinal pigment epithelium-choroid complex; characteristic locations for human ocular TB.[] CT-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy of the hepatic lesion was carried out and the cytological examination revealed hepatic tuberculosis.[] KEYWORDS: hepatitis and other GI infections; infectious diseases[]

  • Sinusitis

    Mucormycosis grows rapidly and can invade vasculature causing ischemia.[] Hepatitis C virus (HCV): All patients with HIV should be screened for HCV at initial evaluation, and CDC recommends that HCV screening with HCV antibody assays be considered[] CDC recommended that all patients be educated on primary STD prevention measures, such as pre-exposure vaccination (e.g., HPV, hepatitis A and B series); awareness of HIV[]

  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    All of these cause repetitive micro-injury to the lung tissue and vasculature, which triggers a cascade of inflammatory response and fibrosis.[] Department of Respiratory Medicine, Hereford County Hospital, UK. [email protected] Abstract This is the first report of familial idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis associated with hepatic[] These alterations derive from a complex disease process affecting all compartments of the lower respiratory system, from the conducting airways to the lung vasculature.[]

  • Digitalis

    Abstract Digitalis constricts the peripheral vasculature.[] The interaction of digoxin, digitoxin, and ouabain with hepatic uptake transporters has been studied before.[] It can be caused by factors leading to splanchnic hypoperfusion, which can be of cardiac, renal or hepatic origin.[]

  • Hydralazine

    Abstract This study sought: (1) to clarify the effects of hydralazine on both the pulmonary vasculature and respiratory control in euoxia and hypoxia in healthy humans; and[] Abstract Three patients developed hepatic injury two months, ten months and two years, respectively, after hydralazine therapy for hypertension.[] On day 4, renal function, cardiac, and hepatic enzymes improved significantly.[]

  • Enterobius Vermicularis

    Final pathology revealed Enterobius vermicularis within the myometrium and adnexal vasculature.[] This is the fourth reported case of hepatic oxyuriasis and the second case reported in North America.[] Hepatic and biliary ascariasis . J Glob Infect Dis 2014 ; 6 : 65 – 72 . 4 . Appendiceal Enterobius vermicularis infestation in adults .[]

  • Septo-Optic Dysplasia

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to report the association of septo-optic dysplasia, persistent fetal vasculature, retinal detachment, and gastroschisis in a preterm[] Abstract This article reports a 7-year-old female with septo-optic dysplasia and congenital hepatic fibrosis. She manifested nystagmus and severe hepatosplenomegaly.[] Homolateral absence of the sylvian vasculature, small medullary pyramids, a low position of the fornix, and thinning of the corpus callosum are findings related to absent[]

  • Polycystic Liver Disease

    RESULTS: Ten patients with PCLD received screening studies of the cerebral vasculature during a 10 1/2-year period.[] Abstract Hepatic lymphangiomatosis is a rare disorder characterized by cystic dilatation of the lymphatic vessels in the hepatic parenchyma.[] […] in small hepatic vein tributaries.[]

  • Thoracic Surgery

    Immediately afterwards, video-assisted thoracic surgery with the single-incision approach allowed us to successfully obtain hemostasis and eradication of abnormal vasculature[] The postoperative course was uneventful and there had no recurrence of extra-hepatic metastases and tumor markers are within normal limits at 18 months after second VATS.[] […] contrast to transcatheter arterial embolization, video-assisted thoracic surgery could simultaneously achieve hemostasis for prevention of mortality, eradication of abnormal vasculature[]

  • Ureteral Obstruction

    […] this patient's papillary necrosis was likely due to a combination of hypovolemia, systemic acidosis from the ingestion, and direct toxicity of the substance on the renal vasculature[] We describe an unusual case of simultaneous vertebral osteomyelitis and ureteral obstruction caused by A. flavus in a hepatic transplant recipient, who was successfully treated[]

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