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2,022 Possible Causes for ICH

  • Sunburn

    Beispielsätze German Und ich bekam einen schlimmen Sonnenbrand und war überzeugt, dass ich wirklich nicht von dort stammte. more_vert Doznałem poważnych poparzeń słonecznych[] German Innerhalb von 12 Stunden hatte ich einen schrecklichen Sonnenbrand , genau wie Richard Dreyfuss im Film. more_vert W ciągu 12 godzin słońce poparzyło mnie, jak Richarda[]

  • Warfarin

    RESULTS: Out of 400 consecutive patients with ICH, 15 patients were DOAC-ICH and 24 patients were warfarin-ICH.[] Of the 136 patients studied, 79 were on warfarin and 57 were on a DOAC at the time of their presentation for a traumatic ICH.[] Patients 18 years old were eligible for inclusion based on three criteria: confirmed diagnosis of ICH; confirmed warfarin use; and INR 2.[]

  • Intracranial Hypertension

    Post-traumatic intracranial hypertension (ICH) further complicates the care of patients.[] […] signs of ICH in MD patients managed medically to those managed surgically.[] […] in·tra·cra·ni·al hy·per·ten·sion (ICH) ( in'tră-krā'nē-ăl hī'pĕr-ten'shŭn ) Increased pressure within the skull due to tumor, disease, or trauma. intracranial hypertension[]

  • Intracranial Hemorrhage

    We investigated the frequency and characteristics of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH), the factors associated with the risk of ICH, and outcomes post-ICH overall and by randomized[] Adverse clinical outcomes were greater in patients with HCAMV and ICH than in patients with ICH alone (83% vs. 30%; P 0.001).[] RESULTS: Sixty-five patients developed an ICH during ECMO treatment. 30-day mortality was 74% (n 48), and was significantly associated with low level of consciousness at ICH[]

  • Factor IX

    Abstract Intracranial (ICH) and extracranial (ECH) haemorrhages are potentially life-threatening events that may occur comorbidly in neonates with haemophilia.[]

  • Statin

    RESULTS: Avoiding statins was favored over a wide range of values for many clinical parameters, particularly in survivors of lobar ICH who are at highest risk of ICH recurrence[] BACKGROUND: The association between pre-intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) statin use and clinical outcomes after intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is still conflicting.[] OBJECTIVE: To address the following clinical question: Given a history of prior ICH, should statin therapy be avoided?[]

  • Communicating Hydrocephalus

    METHODS: Three consecutive patients with ICH and severe IVH were treated with EVD immediately after admission due to acute obstructive hydrocephalus.[] METHODS: Patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH, n 21) or spontaneous ganglionic hemorrhage (ICH, n 22) with ventricular involvement and the need for external ventricular[] […] factors can damage the CSF system and trigger communicating hydrocephalus, including tumor surgery and hydrocephalus neurological diseases, such as brain trauma, infection, ICH[]

  • Congenital Cortical Hyperostoses

    […] from Australia and Canada with an autosomal dominant form of ICH.[] Predominant orbital and facial involvement in ICH. Pediatr Radiol 1977; 6:103-106. Temperley IJ, Douglas SJ, Rees JP.[] But the reason why some ICH patients also develop acute bone lesions at a specific age is not clear.[]

  • Metronidazole

    Ich is among the most common infections of fish, and is entirely treatable with diligence and attention to water quality.[] Velvet is less common than Ich, but the treatment is almost identical. We see it more often in saltwater than freshwater.[] Piscinoodinium (freshwater) / Amyloodinium (saltwater) Similar to Ich, but smaller and grey-gold. Most often seen in saltwater, but can occur in freshwater as well.[]

  • Meropenem

    BACKGROUND: Nosocomial pneumonia (NP) is a frequent complication among patients with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH).[] METHODS: A total of 11 patients with a diagnosis of ICH complicated with NP were selected in the emergency internal medicine and treated with a 1-g/2-hours extended infusion[]

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