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146 Possible Causes for IMP, activity, oxidoreductase

  • Trypanosoma Brucei

    Polyether ionophores have been shown to display anti-cancer, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic activity.[] In the classical hydroxyethyl disulfide assay, Grx1-deficient bloodstream cells display 50-60% of the activity of wildtype cells indicating that the cytosolic oxidoreductase[] The K i values for GMP and IMP are 30.5 μM and 77 μM, respectively.[]

  • Isosorbide

    We compared the effect of isosorbide mononitrate or placebo on daily activity in such patients.[] OBJECTIVES: This study was designed to determine whether xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) is involved in Isosorbide- 5-mononitrate (IS-5-MN) metabolism, and to elucidate the[] C (EP): ISOSORBIDE 5-NITRATE MM(CRM STANDARD),Isosorbide Dinitrate 40% EU or BP,ISOSORBIDE DINITRATE, USP23 50%,ISOSORBIDE DINITRATE IMP.[]

  • Mercaptopurine

    PT activity before treatment was normal in all nine tested patients.[] Xanthine dehydrogenase (XDH), which belongs to the family of xanthine oxidoreductases and preferentially reduces nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD( )), was shown to contribute[] […] of IMP to adenylic acid (AMP) by means of adenylosuccinate (SAMP).[]

  • Clomipramine

    Paired t-test comparisons for each condition between medicated and unmedicated states showed, to negative valence paradigms, decrease in brain activity in the amygdala when[] .* (oxidoreductase acting on sulfur group of donors, NAD or NADP as acceptor) inhibitor that interferes with the action of trypanothione-disulfide reductase (EC[] A fast and robust LC-MS/MS method was developed and analytically validated for simultaneous determination of ATP, NTP, IMP, DSP, CMP, and DCMP in DBS.[]

  • MELAS Syndrome

    The activity of NADH:Q oxidoreductase (complex I) is often decreased and lactic acidosis is a typical clinical finding.[] Abstract We report a novel point mutation in the gene for the mitochondrially encoded ND6 subunit of the NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I of the respiratory chain[] IMP SPECT may be useful in the diagnosis and assessment of the progress of the MELAS syndrome.[]

  • Phenelzine

    There were significant reductions in platelet MAO activity, urinary MHPG excretion, and depressive symptoms in all of the patients.[] […] classification [BR: br08302 ] Antidepressants Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors Phenelzine D00505 Phenelzine sulfate (USP) Target-based classification of drugs [BR: br08310 ] Enzymes Oxidoreductases[] ], Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory), psychoticism (Schizotypal Symptom Inventory, SCL-90, IMPS), impulsivity (Ward Scale, Barratt Impulsiveness Scale, Self-Report Test of[]

  • Allopurinol

    The anticancer activity of 4 was comparable to that of Tanespimycin (17-N-allylamino-17-demethoxy geldanamycin, 17-AAG) that inhibited the growth of BEL-7402 and SMMC-7221[] The purpose of this pilot study was to compare the effect of the xanthine oxidoreductase inhibitors allopurinol and febuxostat on urinary 2,8-dihydroxyadenine (DHA) excretion[] […] acid Pemetrexed Pralatrexate Many others Others Precursors: Adenine Adenosine AMP ADP ATP Cytosine Cytidine CMP CDP CTP Guanine Guanosine GMP GDP GTP Hypoxanthine Inosine IMP[]

  • Curcumin

    These results preliminarily show that the important role of ROS mediated activation of ASK1/MAPK signaling pathways by this title compound.[] Inhibitor of NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1), disrupting the binding of NQO1 to wild type p53 inducing ubiquitin-independent degradation of p53 and inhibits p53-mediated[] In cell, tissue, and animal assays, it falls into the category of “Invalid/Improbable Metabolic Panacea” (IMP), a term that’s been used for natural products that seem to have[]

  • Xanthinuria

    Xanthine oxidase activity was virtually absent in the patients' duodenal mucosa, a finding that established the diagnosis of hereditary xanthinuria.[] Abstract Xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) catalyzes the conversion of hypoxanthine to xanthine and xanthine to uric acid with concomitant reduction of either NAD or O(2).[] […] acid Pemetrexed Pralatrexate Many others Others Precursors: Adenine Adenosine AMP ADP ATP Cytosine Cytidine CMP CDP CTP Guanine Guanosine GMP GDP GTP Hypoxanthine Inosine IMP[]

  • Psoralen

    The aim of this study is to evaluate COMT activity in moderate/severe psoriasis and assess whether PUVA therapy modifies this activity.[] This message will disappear when the data is sorted. ( )-marmesin,NADPH:oxygen oxidoreductase This microsomal cytochrome P-450-dependent enzyme is specific for ( )-marmesin[] The reactions to 5-MOP and imp also were positive, while that to TMP awas negative.[]