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125 Possible Causes for Ilex, nipponica

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  • Valeriana Officinalis

    He was the author of Plants used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California , published in 1902 and "Ilex vomitoria as a Native Source of Caffeine," in the Journal of[] Synonym TRO 2012-04-18 Valeriana nipponica Nakai ex Kitag. Synonym TRO 2012-04-18 Valeriana officinalis var. alternifolia (Bunge) Ledeb.[] Briquet; V. coreana subsp. leiocarpa (Kitagawa) Voroschilov; V. dubia Bunge; V. fauriei Briquet; V. fauriei var. leiocarpa (Kitagawa) Kitagawa; V. leiocarpa Kitagawa; V. nipponica[]

  • Agrimonia Eupatoria

    In the 1700's the names Agrifolium and Aquifolium were apparently used interchangeably for a holly plant, possibly what eventually received the name Ilex aquifolia .[] Agrimonia incisa – Incised agrimony (North America) Agrimonia coreana – Korean agrimony (eastern Asia) Agrimonia microcarpa – Smallfruit agrimony (North America) Agrimonia nipponica[]

  • Prunus Avium

    Ranunculus aquatilis var. capillaceus ) aquifo'lium: the classical name for holly, now under the genus Ilex , but applied to the holly family as Aquifoliaceae . (ref.[] A cherry map from the inter-specific cross Prunus avium 'Napoleon' P. nipponica based on microsatellite, gene-specific and isoenzyme markers Tree Genet.[] Ilex aquifolium , also Berberis aquifolium var. repens ) Aquile'gia: from the Latin aquila , "an eagle," referring to the shape of the petals which is said to be like an eagle's[]

  • Euphorbia

    Beer Terrace Brockley 2016-12-02 100.0 I look after a large garden which has a large banked area, planted up with Euonymous, cornus, buddleia, philadelphus and quercus ilex[] Meat Eleutherine Americana 小红蒜 Xiao Hong Suan American Eleutherine Elsholtzia Bodinieri 凤尾茶 Feng Wei Cha Elsholtzia Ciliata 半边苏 Ban Bian Su Common Elsholtzia Elsholtzia Nipponica[] CortexFu Ling Pi10 g.90215Hoelen Red (Poria Red)Poria cocos rubra, SclerotiumChi Fu Ling10 g.90217HouttuyniaHouttuynia cordata, HerbaYu Xing Cao10 g.90221Ilex Pubescentis Ilex[]

  • Orobanche

    꽝꽝나무 Ilex integra Thunb. 감탕나무 Ilex rotunda Thunb. 먼나무 말피기목 편집 제비꽃과 편집 제비꽃속 Viola albida Palib. 태백제비꽃 Viola biflora L.[] Unresolved WCSP (in review) 2012-03-23 Orobanche nipponica Makino Synonym TRO 2012-04-18 Orobanche noeana Nyman Unresolved WCSP (in review) 2012-03-23 Orobanche nowackiana[] 오대산새밥 Luzula sudetica var. nipponica Satake 두메꿩의밥 Luzula rufescens Fisch. ex E.Mey. 새밥 사초과 편집 사초속 Carex blepharicarpa Franch. 여우꼬리사초 Carex chordorrhiza L.f.[]

  • Dalbergiae Odoriferae

    Gan Cao (Zhi) Chinese Licorice (root & rhizome, cured) Glycyrrhiza uralensis Gan Jiang Ginger (dried rhizome) Zingiber officinale Gang Mei Gen Ilicis Asprella (rhizome) Ilex[] A New Furostanol Saponin from the Water-extract of Dioscorea nipponica Mak.,the Raw Material of the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Wei Ao Xin.[]

  • Caltha Palustris

    Kotschy) Hegi (1911) [ modifica ] Caltha palustris ssp. palustris [ modifica ] Varietas [ modifica ] Caltha palustris var. himalensis [ modifica ] Caltha palustris var. nipponica[] . laeta (Schott, Nyman & Kotschy) Hegi (1911) [ 編集 ] Caltha palustris ssp. palustris [ 編集 ] Varietas [ 編集 ] Caltha palustris var. himalensis [ 編集 ] Caltha palustris var. nipponica[] – C. p . subsp. renifolia – C. p . subsp. sibirica – C. p . subsp. violacea Varietates: C. p . var. enkoso – C. p . var. himalaica – C. p . var. himalensis – C. p . var. nipponica[]

    Missing: Ilex
  • Gnathostomiasis

    Abstract Five confirmed human cases of gnathostomiasis nipponica exhibiting creeping eruption and itching were found sporadically from the autumn of 1991 to the winter of[]

    Missing: Ilex
  • Gastrodia

    . & S.N.Hedge Gastrodia molloyi Lehnebach & J.R.Rolfe Gastrodia nantoensis T.C.Hsu & C.M.Kuo ex T.P.Lin Gastrodia nipponica (Honda) Tuyama Gastrodia nipponicoides Suetsugu[] . & S.N.Hegde Gastrodia molloyi Lehneback & J.R.Rolfe - New Zealand Gastrodia nantoensis T.C.Hsu, C.M.Kuo ex T.P.Lin Gastrodia nipponica Honda) Tuyama - Taiwan, Japan, Ryukyu[] . & S.N.Hedge Accepted WCSP 2012-03-23 Gastrodia nipponica (Honda) Tuyama Accepted WCSP 2012-03-23 Gastrodia orobanchoides F.Muell.[]

    Missing: Ilex
  • Lyonia Mariana

    […] works well with Vaccinium corymbosum , Rhododendron viscosum , Eubotrys racemosa , Chamaedaphne calyculata , Itea virginica , Gaylussacia frondosa , Magnolia virginiana , Ilex[] […] controlled burning decrease distribution of roots Downer sand Ecology entire profile feet Forestry Gaylussacia gravel horizon contains horizon extended Hudsonia ericoides Ilex[] Winterberry, Common Ilex verticillata (L.) A. Gray June - July Winterberry, Smooth Ilex laevigata (Pursh) A.[]

    Missing: nipponica

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