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  • Solvent

    [ Blue Vitriol ] , 5x [ Green Vitriol ] None - 2 Common Rank 2 Experimentation Requires: [ Apothecary ] Consumes: [ Blue Vitriol ] , [ Green Vitriol ] , 2x [ Solvent ] None[] It is possible for a solvent to be well stabilised but in overall poor condition and potentially corrosive.[] Abstract Toxic myocardial injury can be misdiagnosed as a myocardial infarction, resulting in the patient undergoing standard treatment for cardiac rehabilitation.[] Histologic findings from these patients' ovaries were similar to those observed in ovarian failure caused by radiation or chemotherapy, i.e., reduced number and developmental[] Mineral spirits, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers, and fluorinated or chlorinated organic solvents are all caustic chemicals that can be detrimental to[] Public Health Statement Summary about a hazardous substance taken from Chapter One of its respective ATSDR Toxicological Profile.[] Although the ratio of deaths to nonfatal inhalation escapades is extremely low, volatile solvent abuse carries the risk of sudden death due to cardiac arrest after a dysrhythmia[] The purpose of wool wax is to waterproof and protect the wool. Chemically, wool wax is a complex mixture of esters, fatty acids, and alcohols.[] […] plasma (SDP) is a pathogen-inactivated blood plasma, which in comparison to frozen plasma is associated with lower rates of allergic reaction, transfusion-associated lung injury[] STUDY OBJECTIVE: to characterize an outbreak of liver disease among workers in a fabric coating factory; and to determine the outbreak's cause and natural history and strategies[]

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  • Acid Ingestion

    Battery acid poisoning; Hydrogen sulfate poisoning; Oil of vitriol poisoning; Matting acid poisoning; Vitriol brown oil poisoning Bope ET, Kellerman RD.[] We present a 14-year-old girl who developed a gastrocolic fistula following accidental corrosive acid ingestion.[] Due to the corrosive properties of these substances, tissue injury caused by oral exposure can lead to severe esophageal and gastrointestinal burns.[] Harpic (Hydrochloric acid) ingestion causing 'isolated ' gastric fundus perforation Rodrigues, Gabriel and Prabhu, Raghunath (2014) Harpic (Hydrochloric acid) ingestion causing[] […] by , last update January 13, 2019 Toilet bowl cleaners in the United States tend to be acidic in nature so I chose the ‘Ty-D-Bol Man’ as our victim for this Caustic Ingestion[] Near the body no objects or substances. A caustic substance was then found inside his car. Autopsy and chemical investigations were performed.[] We report the death of an unattended toddler, who ingested sulfuric acid drain cleaner in his home.[] PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine the role of branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation during recovery from intense eccentric exercise.[] We hypothesize that acute caustic myocarditis, by direct contact between necrotic upper gastrointestinal tract and pericardium may induce the ECG findings.[] The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the influence of liquid carbohydrate (CHO) and essential amino acid (EAA) ingestion during resistance exercise and[]

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  • Ipecac

    ‘A viscous residue in the bottom of each and a foul smell that denoted combinations of alum with white vitriol, sulphate of iron, and of acetate of lead with opium and ipecac[] Ipecac should not be administered to a patient who has a decreased level or impending loss of consciousness or who has ingested a corrosive substance or hydrocarbon with high[] In injuries Calendula cannot be ignored, in cuts with laceration, surface or open injuries.[] OBJECTIVE: To present a case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy caused by ipecac poisoning to increase the awareness of their warning signs and symptoms so that they may be recognized[] But it was never meant for every swallowed poison — anything caustic or that could be aspirated into the lungs isn't supposed to be thrown up.[] Among children, the most common contraindication was the ingestion of a nontoxic substance or amount of substance.[] A prolonged course of vomiting (more than 24 hours) eventually resulted in gastric rupture and death.[] If used regularly for this purpose, serious heart problems or even death may occur.[] Administration of IPECAC is particularly dangerous if the suspected poison is corrosive, a petroleum distillate or a rapidly-acting convulsant.[] .; American Academy Of Pediatrics Committee On Injury, Violence (2007), "Office-Based Counseling for Unintentional Injury Prevention", Pediatrics , 119 (1): 202–6, doi : 10.1542[]

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  • Potassium Permanganate

    Abstract We report a case of corrosive burns to the mouth, oesophagus and trachea in a three-year-old boy who ingested potassium permanganate crystals.[] AIM: Acute kidney injury (AKI) is common following deliberate self-poisoning with a combination washing powder containing oxalic acid (H 2 C 2 O 4 ) and potassium permanganate[] INTRODUCTION: Chronic overexposure to manganese (Mn) may cause neuronal degeneration. Manganese intoxication is well known to induce parkinsonism.[] Manganese (Mn) is recognized an essential nutrient, permanganate (MnO4 (-)) and manganous (Mn( 2)) ions are caustic, and the acute toxicity of KMnO(4) is defined by its oxidant[] […] selenium–mercury catalyst with the usual potassium sulphate; but even in this case some doubt always existed as to when the conversion of all the combined nitrogen of the substances[] Abstract Severe potassium permanganate poisoning (more than 10 g of potassium permanganate) is invariably associated with massive systemic upset and death.[] The species identification of fly eggs is particularly important, and previously, scanning electron microscope has been used for this purpose.[] Poisoning with potassium permanganate can be fatal when a significant amount is ingested, as shown by a patient who suffered both the corrosive and systemic toxic effects[] We discuss the pathogenesis of the systemic toxicity of KMnO4 and postulate that it is due to oxidative injury from free radicals generated by the absorbed permanganate ion[] Crystals, powders and concentrated solutions are caustic and can burn the skin. Wear gloves! Too much PotPerm can cause poisoning if ingested.[]

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  • Acute Kidney Injury

    CONCLUSIONS: Acute kidney injury is a potential treatable complication of plate developer poisoning other than its complications related to corrosive effects.[] Abstract Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common and serious condition frequently encountered in hospitalized patients.[] DIAGNOSES: Unilateral ureteral obstruction caused by a radio-opaque calculus in the right upper ureter and a secondary renal dysfunction.[] This study aimed to investigate the clinical characteristics of and risk factors for death from AKI in the elderly and help improve prognosis.[] PURPOSE: To determine whether preoperative renin-angiotensin system (RAS) inhibitor use within 7 days of noncardiac surgery is associated with a lower incidence of postoperative[] PURPOSE: The optimal timing for measurement of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) level to predict acute kidney injury (AKI) and prognosis in cardiac arrest[] The laboratory staff were vigilant about this potential interfering substance so repeated the analysis of the creatinine using an enzymatic method that showed a markedly lower[] […] describing a 51-year-old man who suffered from rhabdomyolysis, acute kidney injury, severe hypocalcemia, respiratory failure, ventricular tachycardia, cardiogenic shock, and death[] There have been several case reports of acute kidney injury (AKI) in burn patients after povidone-iodine irrigation and in patients receiving the substance as a sclerotherapy[] Patients from LLMIC and UMIC had a 57-fold and 11 fold higher adjusted risk of death, respectively, compared to patients from HIC.[]

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  • Boric Acid

    The results indicate significant corrosion only for the low-alloy steel and no corrosion for Alloy 600 or 308 stainless steel cladding.[] Report as self injury? We remove posts encouraging or promoting self injury, which includes suicide, cutting and eating disorders.[] The biochemical essentiality of boron element is caused by boric acid because it affects the activity of several enzymes involved in the metabolism.[] .}, abstractNote {A new solvent system is being evaluated for use in the Modular Caustic-Side Solvent Extraction Unit (MCU) and in the Salt Waste Processing Facility (SWPF[] Boric acid EC No. 233-139-2 and EC No. 234-343-4 EC No. : - CAS No. : - Help This group of substance has the following member substances:[] Studies using DU-145 cells showed that boric acid induced a cell death-independent proliferative inhibition, with little effect on cell cycle stage distribution and mitochondrial[] Finally, Biotrue multi-purpose solution demonstrated good ocular biocompatibility both in vitro and in vivo.[] While the majority of documented borate-related deaths have occurred in infants, the toddler population is currently at risk due to possible exposure to these household products[] Recent epidemiologic studies indicate that non-albicans Candida spp. are more resistant to conventional antifungal treatment with azoles and are considered as causative pathogens[] The autopsy report listed boron toxicity as the cause of death.[]

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  • Ammonium Chloride

    Description of Damage Ammonium chloride corrosion is characterized by general or localized corrosion, often pitting, normally occurring under ammonium chloride or amine salt[] An emergent endoscopy demonstrated a Grade 2b caustic injury in the esophagus and a Grade 3b injury in the stomach.[] Therefore, we concluded here that lysosomal protease leakage caused by hydrogen peroxide in T cells was prevented by preincubation with ammonium chloride (NH(4)Cl).[] Natural Sources: For synthetic or nature-identical substances the Encyclopedia provides a list of foods in which a substance is naturally found. When?[] Abstract The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effect of ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) and sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) ingestion on the physical working capacity[] Chemicals also include ammonium persulphate, barium carbonate, bicarbonate of soda, blackening compounds, boric acid, cadmium brightener, calcium carbonate, caustic potash[] BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Melanogenesis can be induced in vitro in melanoma cells and melanocytes by adding substances able to neutralize intracellular acidic organelles like melanosomes[] When C6-glioma cells were exposed to 15 mM ammonium chloride, we observed major cell death (only 32% cell survival relative to control) within 72 h.[] Site Use The information contained on this Web Site is provided for informational purposes only.[] RESULTS: In rabbits, no side effects were seen with 0.1% NCT plus 0.1% NH(4)Cl, while higher concentrations sometimes caused short-time and minimal conjunctival injection[]

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  • Sucralfate

    CONCLUSIONS: Intensive sucralfate therapy may decrease the frequency of stricture formation in patients with advanced corrosive esophagitis.[] Endoscopy under general anaesthetic has been the preferred method to assess the injury after caustic ingestion.[] PURPOSE: To determine if sucralfate causes malabsorption of L-thyroxine.[] Sucralfate did not significantly affect the risk of death (RR 0.95; 95% CI 0.82, 1.10; P 0.51; I 2 0%; high quality evidence), or duration of ICU stay in days (mean difference[] BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Evidence on which to base decisions about the management of radiation skin reactions is lacking.[] In the acidic conditions of the duodenum and stomach, the drug forms a viscous, impenetrable layer over the surface of active ulcer sites and protects them from corrosive[] In addition, nadolol was administered during the course of the study or until death.[] PURPOSE: Oral and topical sucralfate is regularly used in ulcers of gastrointestinal tract, vaginal and perianal excoriations, and radiation burns.[] Prevention of stricture formation—Sucralfate has an inhibitory effect on stricture formation in experimental corrosive burns and can be used in the treatment of corrosive[] It forms a viscous substance that covers the ulcer and protects it from acid and pepsin. What is the dosage of sucralfate (Carafate)?[]

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  • Hypermetabolism

    […] with prognosis after corrosive burn injury are rarely discussed.[] BACKGROUND: The use of propranolol has been proposed to reduce the hypermetabolic response of patients with burn injuries.[] Abstract Hypermetabolism of phenytoin is not frequently recognized as a cause of treatment failure.[] A PET scan involves injection of a radioactive substance into a patient’s vein.[] Consecutive evaluations of resting energy expenditure (REE) were performed from diagnosis to the proximity of death in 44 ALS patients.[] PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To update the healthcare providers on the potential contribution of increased basal metabolic rate, hypermetabolism, and low testosterone in the development[] PURPOSE: Detection of hyperperfusion by I-123 N-isopropyl-p-iodoamphetamine single photon emission computed tomography can be helpful to diagnose dementia with Lewy bodies[] Based on our results, it was unclear if elevated temperature, the presence of extracranial injury, or the severity of injury further exacerbate hypermetabolism.[] Hypermetabolism Causes: Hypermetabolism occurs whenever there is an injury, burn or trauma.[] The scan is performed by injecting a radioactive substance into the patient’s vein.[]

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  • Chemical Burn

    A chemical burn occurs when living tissue is exposed to a corrosive substance such as a strong acid or base .[] […] acid injuries are rarely seen in routine clinical practice.[] Wet cement is a poorly recognized cause of chemical burn.[] […] hydrofluoric acid, or other highly caustic substance.[] There were no deaths.[] PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the incidence of glaucoma in eyes with severe chemical burn, before and after keratoprosthesis.[] Death from a chemical injury, although rare, can occur.[] More FIRST AID ONLY First Aid Kit, Kit, Metal Case Material, General Purpose, 25 People Served Per Kit General Purpose Kit, 11-25 People Served These first aid kits contain[] Household bleach has a pH around 11 and is much less corrosive.[] This case report highlights a rare cause of a chemical burn that may become more common with increasing use of traditional remedies worldwide.[]

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