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42 Possible Causes for Injury, automatic, by, due, Explosion, grenade, launchers, of, operations, own, to, unintentional, war

  • Tranquilizer

    Taxidermy Tool Emplacements Auto Turret ( Heavy ) • Ballista Turret • Catapult Turret • Minigun Turret • Plant Species X • Primitive Cannon • Rocket Turret • Tek Turret Explosives[] Tranquilizer guns use sedatives, paralytic agents, or anesthetic to temporarily sedate animals and humans without causing injury.[] Sleep aids have their own dangerous symptoms of use. Either used properly or abused, a person on these drugs may carry out actions they have no memory of later.[] . — Ian Duncan, , "Baltimore County man accused in 30 million dark web pain pill scheme," 23 June 2018 These example sentences are selected automatically[] OBJECTIVE: To examine characteristics of tranquilizer use in a cohort of Australian Vietnam War veterans.[] The finding of angina pectoris after coronary bypass operation may have special significance for the continuation of tranquilizer use.[] […] being said to make patients relax, do not do the job of a proper muscle relaxant, nor do they do anything to relieve pain Typically drugs are often called sedative/hypnotics due[] The risk of death by intentional or unintentional barbiturate overdose is amplified by combining them with other central nervous system depressants.[] Others are instructed not to disturb the substance, due to danger of exposure.[] .  The psychotic patient have difficulty in understanding reality and their own conditions, they live in a world of his own.  They experience hallucinations and delusions[]

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  • Nitroglycerin

    The molecule is explosive for three reasons: Nitroglycerin contains both oxidant and fuel.[] ," 22 Feb. 2018 Ohio law bans most automatic weapons, often called machine guns, by grouping them with other dangerous items such as explosives, grenades and nitroglycerin[] Contrast-medium extravasation injury was highly contemplated and a left stellate ganglion block was performed immediately for relief of symptoms.[] Clinical Slide Sets Terms of Use The In the Clinic slide sets are owned and copyrighted by the American College of Physicians (ACP).[] […] was used to fuel the war machines on both sides.[] Isometric vector guns room with handguns, m4a1 assault rifle, minigun, mp5 submachine gun, dynamite, grenades, mortar grenade launcher. Room with rack and weapons.[] We hypothesized that intra-operative intra-arterial injection of nitroglycerin would reverse vasospasm and improve renal perfusion.[] […] is cited among the side effects of topical application of nitroglycerin, in the majority of cases the reactions are caused by an irritant mechanism, and it is only rarely due[] This was an early, low-cost, flexible explosive.[] This transient occlusion may have resulted from a passive collapse of the distal portion of the artery, due to insufficient access of nitroglycerin across the stenotic region[]

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  • Poison

    […] senior Zanu PF officials in Masvingo are telling their supporters that Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa fell ill after eating ice-cream from the first family’s dairy, an explosive[] For example, the 14th-century Chinese text of the Huolongjing written by Jiao Yu outlined the use of a poisonous gunpowder mixture to fill cast iron grenade bombs. [21] Figurative[] […] consecutive saves — PZO9222 Spiny Eurpterid Poison injury 21 — 1/rd. for 6 rds 1d4 Con and 1d2 Dex 2 consecutive saves — PZO9037 Starving Nettle injury 15 ?[] Eighty-one percent of the exposures occurred at the patient's own residence, 11% in a public area, 2% at another residence, and 1% at school.[] As of 1 January 2015, 55 of the nation's poison centers (PCs) uploaded case data automatically to NPDS.[] At the end of the war, Paul Lebeau received the Legion d'Honneur medal for his contribution to war.[] Abstract A high incidence of cancer of the respiratory tract has been reported among former workers in a poison gas manufacturing plant which operated on Ohkunojima from 1927[] Abstract Acute allergic contact dermatitis due to poison ivy or poison oak is a common presenting complaint in the practices of many primary care physicians.[] Of these exposures, most involved ingestion, were unintentional, and involved patients who were male and aged 1 to 2 years.[] As of 1 January 2016, 55 of the nation's poison centers (PCs) uploaded case data automatically to NPDS.[]

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  • Acoustic Trauma

    2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 388.11 Acoustic trauma (explosive) to ear Short description: Acoustic trauma.[] The causes included firework explosions, anti-tank rocket launchers, vehicle tyre bursting, rock concerts, hand-gun shots, sub-machine gun fire, hand grenade explosion, exploding[] We will review the injuries that you have sustained and determine whether you should file a catastrophic injury claim.[] "As a dad, I used to say to my own kids, 'If I can hear it, it's too loud.'" Find more hearing loss prevention tips here .[] Both patients used a particular type of telephone which had the ringing device located in the ear receiver and no automatic gain control in the circuit.[] […] remembered voices and voiceover narration are hallmarks of the psychoanalytically influenced film noir, often used to construct a tormented male subjectivity in the post-World War[] […] being transmitted into the ear of the operator.[] Abstract Seventy-two young males suffering from acute acoustic trauma with tinnitus due to gunshots were included prospectively in the study.[] Abstract The present study investigates the prediction of how successfully hearing returns to normal after an acute acoustic trauma caused by a firearm shot, an explosion[] OBJECTIVES: We evaluated the effectiveness of various pharmaceutical therapeutic schemes in the treatment of tinnitus due to acute acoustic trauma.[]

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    TBI resulting from blast injury occurs rather frequently in the military engaged in active combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. How severe is a TBI?[] […] and TBI Veterans returning from combat may have a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by direct or indirect involvement with an improvised explosive device (IED), mortars, grenades[] Typically traumatic brain injury involves a combination of primary injury, injury occurring at time of insult, and secondary injury, which happens over time.[] CONCLUSION: Teachers fill their knowledge gaps about TBI with their own personal experiences and prior information about working with students with disabilities.[] CPPopt was determined using an automatic curve fitting procedure of the relationship between pressure reactivity index (PRx) and CPP using a 4-h window, as previously described[] Veterans Use Greek Tragedy to Tell Us About War A dozen military veterans recited Sophocles’ poetry and explained their feelings about war and coming home.[] BACKGROUND: The decompressive hemicraniectomy operation is highly effective in relieving refractory intracranial hypertension.[] Although TBI-mediated CMBs are likely distinct from those due to cerebral amyloid angiopathy or other neurodegenerative diseases, the effects of these 2 CMB types on brain[] El artículo titulado “ Symptoms from repeated intentional and unintentional head impact in soccer players ” publicado en la revista Neurology, recoge una encuesta realizada[] It can be difficult to handle the effects of TBI on your own, so talking to your family and friends can be a first step.[]

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  • Chloral Hydrate

    (NTP, 1992) Physical Properties Chemical Formula: C2H3Cl3O2 Flash Point: data unavailable Lower Explosive Limit (LEL): data unavailable Upper Explosive Limit (UEL): data unavailable[] A great alternative to smoke grenades , but easily incites lynch mobs.[] Keep NBM until corrosive GI injury ruled out.[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: It was a randomized and double-blind study, with each individual being his/her own control within each protocol.[] The possible mechanism for the arrhythmias may be an enhanced automaticity of supraventricular and ventricular pacemaker cells caused by metabolites of chloral hydrate.[] Entsprechend war auch die gesamte Aufenthaltsdauer in der Clonidingruppe deutlich kürzer (Median: 32 d vs. 44 d).[] Using the operator and monitor success scale, 63% of regimen A and 56% of regimen B sedations were successful.[] Cardiac arrhythmias due to chloral hydrate appear to be responsive to beta blocker therapy.[] PATIENT AND METHODS: A 3-month-old girl was admitted after an unintentional administration of a 10-fold dose of chloral hydrate (667 mg/kg).[] DCA inhibits its own metabolism through depletion/inactivation of GSTZ1/MAAI with repeated exposure, resulting in lower plasma clearance of the drug and the accumulation of[]

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  • Fracture

    When Briggs throws a tectonic grenade on a level battlefield, the ground blasts upward to provide access to an otherwise unreachable area.[] This is the first report of traumatic C1-2 posterolateral dislocation associated with multiple C2 injuries and noncontiguous subaxial cervical injury.[] Each ship has its own strengths and weakness, and a carefully selected crew can make all the difference in battle.[] Only includes the fracturing toolset: voronoi, split planes, splintering, automatic UV mapping and displacement of fragments.[] Notably, there were no differences for thromboembolic events, return to the operating theatre or readmission within 30 days between the groups.[] For delayed hypoglossal nerve paralysis due to swelling within the canal, methylprednisolone was started, and a complete cure was attained in about 10 days.[] […] situations: In any elderly person (age greater than 65) In a person with cancer In anyone whose pain is exactly the same at rest as it is during activity In a person with unintentional[] The club fractured into warring factions after the big fight. simple fracture, closed fracture n noun : Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.[] Due to the disruption of the entire vertebrae column, the fracture-dislocation of the thoracolumbar spine is almost invariably associated with neurological injury.[] Certain details that can help the physician determine whether a fracture was caused by abuse rather than unintentional injury include the history, the child’s age and developmental[]

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  • Hypovolemia

    […] sound for distant echoes.( Distant concrete can be heard being slapped, instead of sounding like it's happening next to you ) All new vox from being incapacitated, hit by explosives[] OBJECTIVES: Experimentally evaluate the effect of hypovolemia in acute traumatic spinal cord injury.[] I can tell the symptoms and signs of spontaneous pneumothorax from my own experience. I had a spontaneous pneumothorax on the left side when I was 23 (I'm male).[] The results suggest that the proposed features and algorithm are suitable for the automatic discrimination between hypovolemia and euvolemia, and can be beneficial and applicable[] Crystalloids and blood were used extensively during World War II for the treatment of patients in unstable conditions.[] ( m79, m32, xm25, gm94, neopup etc ), Rocket Launchers and variety of prototype weapons created from reverse engineered alien technology.[] Whole blood phlebotomy is an under-reported technique, distinct from acute normovolemic hemodilution, the goal of which is to minimize blood loss in liver operation.[] However, the mechanisms and pathology of deterioration after surgery for CSDH due to CSF hypovolemia remain obscure.[] This content is owned by the AAFP.[] First the patient was in a reclining position with an automatic blood pressure mechanism attached to their arm.[]

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  • Head Injury

    Cause Falls, vehicular accidents, armed conflict, sports injury and blast injuries are common causes.[] It's completely customisable to your own specific interests - Download it today by clicking here for iPhone and here for Android .[] Level 7-- Automatic-Appropriate: Person can go through daily routine with minimal to no confusion.[] […] wounds of the war in Afghanistan.[] One BIG 2 patient required a non-emergent operation and another was readmitted with a worsened injury.[] […] reported angioedema from hereditary angioedema during dental procedures and maxillofacial surgery, but there have not been any cases of first-time angioedema or anaphylaxis due[] Being dependent on caretakers for their safety, children under the age of 3 years are particularly vulnerable to unintentional injury.[] Most skull fractures heal on their own and don’t require surgery, but children with these injuries may need to be observed in the hospital for a short time.[] If a child sustains a head injury, don’t automatically have them x-rayed.[] Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis clearly showed that S100B protein levels differed between patients with and without cranial injury at 3 hours after[]

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  • Hydrophobia

    A massive population explosion has forced civilization into crafting ships the size of entire cities to house the overflow of people unable to be supported on land.[] Hide for long enough, and it will just pitch grenades everywhere , thus ensuring that if it could not see you before, it probably will when the grenades blast you out from[] The optimal timing of initiating renal replacement therapy in the presence of acute kidney injury is not clearly established ( 60–62 ).[] The Hydrophobia cover has its own strap lugs and its own carry strap with which to hold your camera.[] There are 6 rounds in a magazine, and Kate will automatically reload.[] Will Be Nominated: The Favourite , First Reformed , Green Book , Roma , and Vice Closest Runners-Up: Cold War , Eighth Grade , and Sorry to Bother You Should Be Nominated:[] Sleeves on either side of the cover so you can get both arms in and fully operate your camera and lens even with the cover in use.[] Abstract A search for differences due to ANS staining (hydrophobia), Con A and PNA binding capacity, and birefringence was carried out on stratified epithelia of rat skin[] Causes of Hydrophobia Hydrophobia as it is commonly known is caused either due to individual experiences or due to biological factors.[] […] having any idea what to expect going in, I was actually pleasantly surprised when I found out that a fair chunk of the game revolves around using the environment to wage war[]

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