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694 Possible Causes for Intrusion,, Tooth

  • Asphyxia

    These included type of accident, crash severity, seat belt use, containment status, extent of occupant compartment intrusion, height, weight, and injury pattern.[] Presented is a choking death after tooth aspiration whereby the forensic autopsy provided specific anatomic correlation to the clinical clues not recognized before death and[]

  • Scuba Diving

    Hematology (Blood) Infectious Diseases Marine Life Bright Colors & Predator Provocation Territorial intrusion and tethered fish may attract a shark, but can bright colors[] The dental exam, however, highlighted a tooth fracture due to the in-diving use of an inappropriate mouth regulator which yielded excessive occlusal pressure on a tooth with[] […] middle ear barotrauma, respectively), neuropathy, trigeminal (CN V) or facial (CN VII) nerve baroparesis (pressure-induced palsy), dental barotrauma (barometric-related tooth[]

  • Sinusitis

    […] team of scientists from the South China Normal University (Guangzhou, China) and the Lund University (Sweden) led by Sune Svanberg now presents a new approach for a non-intrusive[] If an infected tooth is the cause of maxillary sinusitis, the tooth can be repelled through a sinusotomy site created with a trephine.[] Medical conditions, such as an upper respiratory infection, allergies, asthma, or cystic fibrosis Dental infections or procedures, such as gum infections, tooth decay, or[]

  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome

    However, intrusions and arousal persisted and were therefore subsequently treated with prolonged imaginary exposure that also included narrative writing assignments and a[] Thus, the molar tooth sign can effectively distinguish between Joubert and Dandy-Walker syndromes.[] ., generalized microdontia, conical tooth, transposition, and congenitally missing teeth) were observed.[]

  • Phenobarbital

    […] dosages, to control maladaptive behaviors, (3) failure of neuroleptic gradual minimal effective dose attempts, and (4) possible presence of behavioral procedures, especially intrusive[] A 12-year-old male epileptic child with phenobarbital-induced SJS was referred for the management of severe pain in relation to extensively decayed molar tooth and oral mucosal[]

  • Carotid Artery Dissection

    A tear in the arterial wall causes intrusion of blood within its layers, producing intra-luminal stenosis, or aneurysmal dilatation. 3 Thrombo-embolism arising from this anatomic[] Complications are rarely reported but can include fracture, pin dislodgement, tooth bud damage, and temporomandibular joint ankylosis.[]

  • Hypodontia

    Orthodontic strategies and techniques, such as uprighting mechanics, extrusion/intrusion, delayed space opening, and orthodontic implant site-switching, can be used to create[] Statistically significant relations were found between detected variations and tooth sizes.[] OBJECTIVE: The associations seen clinically between variations in tooth number, size and shape reflect the repetitive genetic interactions occurring between the epithelium[]

  • Foreign-Body Reaction

    […] bod·y re·ac·tion ( fōrin bodē rē-akshŭn ) Protective response by the immune system to a foreign body; includes chronic inflammation and granulomatous formations around the intrusive[] Medicated dressings of various compositions are commonly placed for prevention or management of dry socket (or alveolar osteitis, a common postoperative complication of tooth[]

  • Odontoma

    At 18 months, the patient underwent intrusion of the right central primary incisor, which re-erupted several months later.[] At the one-year follow-up, the tooth was brought into the maxillary arch.[] Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany. [email protected] Abstract Odontomas account for the largest fraction of odontogenic tumors and are frequent causes of tooth[]

  • Piroxicam

    Abstract A novel real-time UV imaging approach for non-intrusive investigation of the diffusion and partitioning phenomena occurring during piroxicam release from medium chain[] They received (vo) Rheumazin or Feldene 30 min after tooth extraction and once daily for 4 consecutive days.[]

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