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221 Possible Causes for Inulin, clearance, decreased

Did you mean: insulin, clearance, decreased

  • Lactobacillus Casei

    After 1 mo consumption, patients in the LcS group exhibited decreased pneumonia and increased recovery of pulmonary functions, in terms of FEV, FVC, and NIP, compared to the[] […] present study was to assess whether probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus casei (4 10(8) CFU) influences the antioxidant properties of human plasma when combined with prebiotic Inulin[] In eight of 15 patients with myeloid metaplasia, the serum folate clearance was rapid; in 5 of these patients the serum folate clearance was consistent with marked folic acid[]

  • Practolol

    Abstract Furosemide was shown to decrease inulin clearance in 20 of 27 normal subjects.[] Heart rate decreased in all patients after practolol (avg., --9/min, p less than 0.02).[] Absorption Not Available Volume of distribution Not Available Protein binding Not Available Metabolism Not Available Route of elimination Not Available Half life Not Available Clearance[]

  • High Carbohydrate Diet

    , and theophylline, a low-clearance drug.[] RESULTS: When compared with those before the high-CHO diet, body mass index (BMI) decreased in the male and female Met72 allele carriers.[] None of the adipose tissue messenger RNA concentrations changed significantly after inulin ingestion.[]

  • Diatrizoate

    In G3 a modest reversible decrease of BC plasma activity (5.4%) was observed.[] Simultaneous determinations of GFR by use of DTZ based on multiple-sample plasma disappearance curves and inulin correlate highly.[] […] urea clearance ratio fell. 3.[]

  • Pentobarbital

    Twenty-seven (40%) of the patients had a "partial ICP response," with ICP decreasing but still remaining above 20 mm Hg after the loading dose of pentobarbital.[] INCOMPATIBILITIES Solution/additive: Chlorpheniramine, codeine, ephedrine, hydrocortisone, hydroxyzine, inulin, levorphanol, methadone, norepinephrine, tetracyclines , penicillin[] The mean hemodialysis clearance of pentobarbital was 22.3 ml/min.[]

  • Sorbitol

    Furthermore, ZAC1 expression significantly increased in the papilla of mice following 36 h of fluid restriction and decreased in polyuric mice consuming sucrose in water.[] Lactic acid is produced actively without liberation of gas from glucose, fructose, mannose, sucrose, maltose, trehalose, raffinose, inulin, mannitol, sorbitol and alpha-methyl[] Hepatic D-sorbitol clearance may be especially useful for assessing the functional aspect of liver perfusion.[]

  • Low Protein Diet

    CONCLUSIONS: These findings suggest that consuming standard low-protein diet decreased serum FGF23 levels in patients with CKD.[] RESULTS: During the study period, glomerular filtration rate measured as inulin clearance decreased slightly (from 26.2 /- 3.4 to 23.4 /- 4.1 mL/min in group I), 27.4 /- 4.8[] Total systemic clearance, unbound clearance, and intrinsic hepatic clearance fell dramatically. Theophylline elimination half-life rose from 8.4 to 17.1 h.[]

  • Probenecid

    Kim Patients with gout who were treated with probenecid had a modestly decreased risk for cardiovascular events including myocardial infarction, stroke and heart failure exacerbation[] Probenecid reduced the average ratio furosemide clearance/inulin clearance from 0.92 to 0.44.[] OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of cimetidine and probenecid on the renal clearance of pilsicainide in healthy subjects.[]

  • Hypovolemia

    Renal perfusion and glomerular permeability were assessed by measuring clearance of para-aminohippurate and inulin.[] We showed that the subarachnoid space is decreased in patients with CSF hypovolemia and the usefulness of this finding.[] Lactated Ringer's infusate should not be given in patients with severe metabolic alkalosis, lactic acidosis with decreased lactate clearance, or severe hyperkalemia, and in[]

  • Eczema

    Decreases in EASI scores between baseline and 2 weeks of follow-up in each group (under-amount, proper amount, over-amount) were 1.64, 4.65 and 4.21, respectively.[] , CT), and control infants ( n 92) received 325 mg of inulin alone.[] Anecdotal reports and our experience suggest that tacrolimus taper with alternative systemic antirejection immunosuppressant may lead to skin clearance.[]