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76 Possible Causes for KSY1, Lactococcus, lactis, phage

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  • Streptococcus Lactis

    One of them: LLnc147 was shown to be involved carbon uptake and metabolism. [22] Cheese production [ edit ] L. lactis subsp. lactis (formerly Streptococcus lactis ) [23] is[] One knockout mutant lacking gene llmg_0219 showed resistance to phage p2 due to a deficiency in phage adsorption.[] Abstract SL-diet was prepared using commercial pellets supplemented with 1% pulverized Streptococcus lactis (SL).[] -like phages.[]

    Missing: KSY1
  • Lactococcus Lactis

    Here we show that lactose fermentation by Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis inhibits the motility of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium.[] One knockout mutant lacking gene llmg_0219 showed resistance to phage p2 due to a deficiency in phage adsorption.[] Abstract Lactococcus lactis is a gram-positive bacterium, commonly used in the dairy industry.[] Lactococcus lactis . This microbe is a member of the lactic acid bacteria and produces lactic acid from sugars.[]

    Missing: KSY1
  • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

    Antibody activity against S. lactis was present already before the ingestion of filmjölk began, and the activity was not altered during the period of ingestion.[] Integration of the group c phage JCL1032 of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis and complex phage resistance of the host .[] In Lactococcus lactis MG1363, the expression of pyk was increased 3.3-fold after acid treatment 8 .[] […] flora stabiliser, Probiotic LACTINA , micro-organisms, lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus helveticus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus lactis[]

    Missing: KSY1
  • Bordetella Parapertussis

    (ssp.cremoris) 936 158 1358 582 KSY1 IE-16 Lactococcus lactis (ssp.diacetylactis) P008 , P270 , P369 F7/2A Lactococcus lactis (ssp.lactis) 1483 111 Leuconostoc mesenteroides[] Improved M13 phage cloning vectors and host strains: nucleotide sequences of the M13mp18 and pUC19 vectors.[] Region C indicates the phage encoding gene families that are only present in RB50. This figure was created using the Circos software [ 21 ].[] Lactobacillaceae Lactobacillus Paralactobacillus Pediococcus Sharpea Family Leuconostocaceae Convivina Fructobacillus Leuconostoc Oenococcus Weissella Family Streptococcaceae Lactococcus[]

  • Escherichia Coli

    Furthermore, the fusion fragment were cloned into pNZ8148 vector and transformed into L. lactis NZ3900.[] Of 36 phages isolated, seven were positive for Group 1 of bla CTX-M .[] Recently, it was demonstrated that artificial chromosome inversions can significantly modulate the fitness of Lactococcus lactis ( 43 ).[] (NC_002655), Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. nucleatum ATCC 25586 (NC_003454) , Haemophilus influenzae Rd (NC_000907), Helicobacter pylori 26695 (NC_000915), Lactococcus lactis[]

    Missing: KSY1
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus

    METHODS: Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 (B. lactis) and Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 (L. acidophilus) were cultivated on MRS broth.[] Genes required for phage invasion, including attL (ORF1), phage integrase (ORF6), and attR (ORF15), were found in the inserted region.[] Probiotic, lactic starter (Lactococcus lactis and Streptococcus thermophilus), and contaminant (coliforms, yeasts, and molds) organisms were counted at 0, 30, and 60 d of[] Fate and efficacy of lacticin 3147-producing Lactococcus lactis in the mammalian gastrointestinal tract. FEMS Microbiol Ecol 2011;76:602–14.[]

    Missing: KSY1
  • Lactobacillus Casei

    In the second step, mice treated, or not, with TNBS inoculation, were treated with PB (Lactobacillus Casei, Bifidobacterum Lactis) for 1, 2 or 3 weeks, on a daily basis.[] Compared with the established allergy-protective strain Lactococcus lactis G121, these isolates induced release of similar amounts of IL-12, a potent inducer of T helper 1[] , no RNA stage; Caudovirales; Siphoviridae; unclassified Siphoviridae; Lactobacillus phage Lc-Nu RefSeq NC_005893 Lactobacillus phage phiAT3, complete genome.[] Probiotic, lactic starter (Lactococcus lactis and Streptococcus thermophilus), and contaminant (coliforms, yeasts, and molds) organisms were counted at 0, 30, and 60 d of[]

    Missing: KSY1
  • Streptococcus

    Familia: Streptococcaceae Genus: Streptococcus Species: S. agalactiae - S. avium - S. bovis - S . constellatus – S. cremoris - S. durans - S . dysgalactiae – S. faecalis - S. lactis[] Rousseau GM, Moineau S (2009) Evolution of Lactococcus lactis Phages within a Cheese Factory.[] This phage lysed nine other dairy Lactobacillus strains tested.[] Among the lactic species, S. lactis and S. cremoris are used in commercial starters for the production of butter , cultured buttermilk , and certain cheese s.[]

    Missing: KSY1
  • Pseudomonas

    Driessen , LmrCD is a major multidrug resistance transporter in Lactococcus lactis , Molecular Microbiology , 61 , 3 , (771-781) , (2006) .[] phage D3.[] […] and dairy products Bacillus cereus § [ 19 , 51 - 54 ] Pseudomonas aureofaciens § Pseudomonas fluorescens § Staphylococcus aureus § Candida pseudotropicalis § Kluyveromyces lactis[] phage (i.e., mutant strain DSM 50090 R ).[]

    Missing: KSY1
  • Streptococcus Pyogenes

    Using a gain of function experiment in Lactococcus lactis, we further demonstrated S. pyogenes immunity function is encoded downstream of spbN.[] Its closest relative was prophage NIH1.1 from an M3 serotype S. pyogenes strain, followed by S. pneumoniae phage MM1 and Lactobacillus phage phig1e, Listeria phage A118, and[] Recombinant S5nA significantly increased the survival of the non-pathogenic bacterium Lactococcus lactis during a human whole blood killing assay in a dose-dependent manner[] The genetic organizations of both of these operons resemble that of the lantibiotic nisin produced by L. lactis ( 38 ) and the cytolysin of Enterococcus faecalis ( 39 ).[]

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